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Extremely passionate about Gadget, Cars and Photography. And crazily in love with DIY for almost everything.

Founded a computer company that runs a cyber café and built at Penang-wide service network (by recruiting and training students to be on-site technicians) to fund college tuition fee during the studies. Later climbed the corporate leader in MNCs while starting up and running a few other non conflicting small businesses. Founded KakiDIY, a DIY community that brings Makers, Hobbyist and DIY enthusiasts together to encourage people to DIY.

“Being with the community, recharges my energy and makes me feel young!”

Come and meet Johnson to know more about his company and his passion in making things, this weekend, 16th – 18th October @ Wisma Yeap Chor Ee. See you there!

Yin Wai Wan