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Startup Weekend is only possible because of generous sponsorship from the Sacramento business community. Impact Venture Capital is our signature sponsor and is dedicated to helping to grow our startup ecosystem. Take a minute and get to know Impact VC and how your startup can work with them.6da0c374e46d492e9dd14edee2122de3

At Impact Venture Capital, we believe that talented human capital, mentored startups, and a strong ecosystem drives the innovation economy of Northern California. In past decades, the digital and mobile revolutions, started here in Northern California, radically transformed the way we live, work, and play. But, this economy is ready to change the world in a way never seen before. New technologies, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, driverless cars, and robotics, have the potential to solve some of the greatest challenges the world has ever seen.

As nearly a billion people grapple with hunger; as we waste almost $1 trillion in the healthcare system; and as we spew billions of tons of carbon into the air, vital industries are ripe for disruption. And that disruption will improve the lives of billions of people across the planet. We’re at the epicenter of that disruption here in the Northern California “Technology Triangle”, anchored by the San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento, and we are uniquely positioned to provide real solutions to these challenges.

At Impact Venture Capital, we focus on the information technology companies targeting industries best able to lead this disruption, including security & government; energy & transportation; agriculture & health; and education & media. We co-invest and partner with major corporations to resource these efforts and ensure our startups are funded and sustainable for the long haul. With investment offices in Sacramento and Silicon Valley, Impact will tap into the most exciting opportunities coming from Northern California’s best research labs or from its smallest garages. By investing and collaborating with us, you too will help find the solutions for tomorrow.

Jeff Bennett