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Goran Stojanović is an associate professor at the Faculty of Technical Sciences (FTS), University of Novi Sad (UNS). He received a BSc degree from the FTS-UNS in 1996, an MSc degree from the FTS-UNS in 2003, and a PhD degree from the FTS-UNS in 2005, all in electrical engineering. He is an author or co-author of 130 scientific papers, including 35 articles in leading international peer-reviewed journals (with impact factors). He is an author of two books: ”Materials in Electrical Engineering”, and “Nanoelectronics and application of nanomaterials”. He was a member of Jury at the Competition for the Best Technological Innovation. He also has experience in coordination of the whole consortium or team from the FTN-UNS in several international projects. Goran Stojanović excels in teaching activities, where he received the highest scores for his work (he got 9.8 grade on students pool for the best teacher). Because of that, on the FTN day in 2008 (18th May) he won the award for best professor assessed by students.


SW: What is your job and what do you do? Tell us briefly about yourself and your career.

GS: I graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, at Department of Electrical Engineering and all my life I wanted to work as a teacher. That wish becomes truth, and I started my professional career at the Department of Electronics on FTN, first as a scholar of the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and then I went through all academic levels until I became a professor on October 21st, 2015. At the Department of Electronics, I teach several courses such as Introduction to Electronics, Medical Electronics, Electrical Materials, Nanotechnology, Organic Electronic. In the field of science, my field of research are sensors realized on a flexible basis (such as foil). And in the third branch of my interests are writing, implementation and management of international projects. In this segment I had a lot of success in FP7, and we continue in the H2020.

SW: You graduated in 1996, 2005 you become a docent and 2010 you became an Associate Professor in the scientific field of electronics. How difficult was that path for you?

GS: When someone loves his job, nothing is too difficult. Sometimes it is hard, it requires a lot of sacrifices, but it isn’t that difficult when a person has a vision and giving whole self in what he does and what he believes in.

SW: In 2007, you won the award “Zoran Djindjić” for the best young research scientists. How the award affected your career?

GS: That is the most beautiful and the most memorable event in my entire career. It was a crown of all previous efforts. I think I will always remember that moment when I went on stage and received the award from Ružica Djindjić, the wife of the man who I appreciate a lot. From that point on I was even more motivated and agile for work. As a result, I started coordinating international projects that are worth a few million dollars.

SW: What do you think about the event such as Startup Weekend?

GS: From the point of last year’s experience as a jury member, I must say that there are few events that carry so much good and positive energy and inventive spirit. I fully support this manifestation of youth, enthusiasm, and creativity.

SW: If you would have an entrepreneurial idea that you want to launch, would Startup Weekend be a place where you could present that idea?

GS: Of course. If I would have an idea, this event and good teams that you can meet here would truly be an inspiration for me.

SW: What is your advice for all young people who want to start their own business? What do you think, what is the key to success?

GS: The key to success is believing in what you are doing, and then focus and persistence. There is no giving up when it is difficult and when you don’t see the light. The goal is near and what follows at the end of that road is worth of all sacrifices.