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by Theo Berut

Have you got an idea that you think could have a huge impact on the startup world? Why not share it at Startup Weekend Byron Bay?

Be prepared to pitch it at 7:30pm on Friday, 20 November!

The upcoming Startup Weekend Byron Bay is an opportunity to learn some helpful tips on pitching and making people remember your ideas. As you may know, participants have no more than one minute to sell their idea to the audience.


1/ Make the audience remember you

“No one remembers the pitch, they remember what you’ve built.” Shane Mac, about Startup Weekend pitches

After seeing tens of pitches, most of the audience probably won’t remember your idea.  In order to avoid this awkward situation, try these two tips:

  • Firstly, put a name on your idea.  If you brand it, you are more likely to draw the attendee’s attention and get them interested in your idea.
  • Secondly, you have to be energetic. Make people feel that your idea is not only the best, but you are also the best person to achieve it. If you can’t make people remember your idea, make sure they remember you.


2/ Get to the point quickly

A survey conducted by Williams, J. R. in 1998 showed that a speech is recommended to be 150–160 words per minute maximum, as this is the range that people most comfortably hear and speak words.

Therefor, you have to choose the right words to explain your project and the problem it solves. A good way to do so is by using a story to explain your idea. Creating a context, or highlighting a problem everyone faces will help you reach the audience and convince them quickly.

You should also think about using a “High Level Concept”. By referring to a well-known concept it will be easier to explain your project’s specificities.


3/ Show why you are the right person to solve this problem

Once you have brought up the issue, not only will you have to explain why your idea could solve the problem, but you will also have to show that your background and knowledge makes you the right person to solve it.


4/ Ask for specific skill sets

Being specific in the profiles you are looking for has two main advantages:

  • Firstly, your project will appear to be thought out, as you know exactly what kind of people you want on your team.
  • Secondly, by targeting specific profiles you have a better chance to reach people in the audience, making them feel that they have a place in your project.


5/ Be yourself

You have to be yourself to convince the audience to join you, even if that means being nervous or whatever else. People in the audience are just as human as you are, they will understand if you are nervous. If you are trying to be someone else, people will probably see through you, making them less likely to join your project.



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