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 Blog Submitted by: Ross Collicutt

So you’re a developer. What will you be doing at Startup Weekend?

As a developer, you’re an important part of Startup Weekend. No one can make a new technical product without the assistance of a technical person. That’s you.

Friday you can make a pitch if you want. I’m sure as a developer, you’ve had no shortage of ideas for new products you could make.

A team will join you if your idea is good or you’ll join another team. There’s not much time so you’ll need to work fast and reduce your concepts to the absolute minimum to get the idea across. By Sunday evening, you’ll be pitching a demoable idea to the judges. You won’t have time to implement every feature. Keep it small.

Even if your idea doesn’t go anywhere after the weekend or you join another team to work, the experience will be invaluable. Ideas and projects don’t exist in vacuums so collaborating with designers and non-technical folks will be required at some point. Practice while you can.

Time is extremely restricted on a Startup Weekend. You’ll have to make quick decisions about what you can and can’t get completed by Sunday. Ruthless focus on what’s most important will serve you on the weekend as well as any future projects like building a business or the next feature in a mobile app.

The experience of leading a team can be the toughest but most rewarding parts of the weekend. You might find your idea doesn’t go any farther than Sunday night but you could also find yourself in the company of co-founders working on the next big app. Many small Startup Weekend ideas have grown into successful companies. Yours could be next.

Yvette McKay