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You can’t start a fire without a spark or so the song goes. I can’t tell you how excited I am about Exeter Startup Weekend.  A weekend where with the helpful guidance of experienced mentors like Michelle Law you can help you take your idea and turn it into a business in a weekend!  Powered by Google and hosted at the Innovation Centre Exeter University, this is the place to meet great people, learn something new, and launch a business in a weekend.

Why should I go?

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you want to do something but don’t know how to begin? Ever had an innovative idea to not known what to do about it? Got a project up your sleeve but don’t know how to develop it? Need a team to help you move forward? Go to Exeter Startup weekend The clock is ticking. You may only ever get one opportunity as good as this, grab it!

I asked a business mentor recently what to do when you have a head full of ideas and can’t get them out?  He said do something! Well, now is your chance what are you waiting for?

Who will be there?

Lots of people like you! entrepreneurs, geeks, techies, brilliant minds, experts, inventors. You will be in your element and among your peers. There will be plenty of pitches and ideas. No one will consider your idea too off the wall. The collective talent in the room will be bristling to show what they can do to help your idea to fruition.

What will happen?

On Friday you’ll pitch your idea in a minute with the chance to collaborate and develop a team to work on it.  Throughout Saturday and Sunday you’ll develop an actual business or prototype a real product! On Sunday evening you will present your product and launch your business. In three easy leaps you’ll be ready to go! And there are prizes too!  Sign up now?

So why you?

Because this is for doers rather than consumers or curators.  Startup Weekend is the jewel in the crown of events. It’s about putting your money where your mouth is, throwing your idea out there, developing it with a team and watching it grow. Never in Exeter has so much talent and help from so many been available to entrepreneurs in one place at one time. It’s not that these support services and co creators don’t exist in Exeter; indeed the Innovation Centre itself contains many such brilliant people. It’s just that they are normally much less easy to access.

What here in Exeter?

Exeter is on fire at the moment, so many events. Last week I was at the pitching event where 20 new business startups pitched their ideas. This Thursday we had Exeter web meet up for anyone interested in all things web geek.  Also on Thursday, Friday, Saturday I was at ODI’s ‘Beyond The Smart City’ conference hosted by the Met Office. Next month there’s another Digital Exeter meetup. And what’s more, ExIST group are discussing big data at the new Exeter Science Park. I can hardly keep up! Even the City Council are getting on board with Chief Exec Karim Hassan announcing in Exeter Life (June 2015) that ‘Exeter is on the cusp of becoming a knowledge based economy’

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Natalie Collard Natalie Collard
Natalie works in the Business Support Team of the Innovation Centre at Exeter University, assisting Innovation Centre clients and working on projects such as Start-Up, Boot Camp and Accelerator programmes and entrepreneurial networks in the South West, Devon and Exeter.