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Creativity in Startup World

Do you have hard time coming up with a new business idea? I did. I even tried to take some Coursera courses to get inspired. Many nice examples, case studies, information, theory – and that´s it. But after some time it hit me – creativity is the key.


You want to get inspired? You need to get creative first. Let´s do some exercise. Just hold still for a moment and start to observe the world – the colours, the sounds, the energy. And then – change it! Imagine the world in whole new colours, in different universes, with new technologies and happier people.


Still being pessimistic? Luckily Košice is an awesome place to live with many creative people who are ready to bring the passion and the energy to you. Just check out the web pages of Košice 2013 and Creative Industry, the offspring of Košice – European Capital of Culture 2013. They have lots of events – all kinds of art, dance, music, even cooking. Events for kinds, for professionals, for public or small dedicated groups.


Meet new people, get to know their troubles and look for new ideas and inspiration in the least probable places. But certainly get to know Košice and its spirit. As it happens they are running for European City of Sport 2016. Any idea for a sports startup?


Ladislav Kužma