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As we all are well aware, the practice of bullying has been going on for decades. Before the onset of the internet, bullying was limited within the walls of various educational institutions where a group of students took pleasure by harassing and intimidating others. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology, this heinous practice has been upgraded as well in the form of Cyberbullying and internet trolls and can be considered one of the greatest scourges of the modern world both for businesses and individuals.

One of the main problems with Cyberbullying is that it not only affects the business but is capable of upsetting a large percentage of individuals as well. This practice along with unavoidable internet trolling can effectively malign the reputation of a certain individual, entrepreneurs, and small business organizations that are yet to make their marks in the market with their services or products.

Very recently, some very reputed Brazilian magazines like Época have been extremely vocal about internet trolls. This practice is posing a serious problem in these parts of the world as well. Here, a few aspects of Cyberbullying and the role of online reputation management programs against such practice would be discussed.

So, what are the reasons?

Among the many reasons behind this abominable practice, the following are the most significant ones:

A lot about Power: People who feel powerless in their own reality sometimes tend to use the internet as a tool to exert their power over others. Making acerbic comments anonymously about a certain person or trolling them on various social networking sites provide them with an unbridled sense of power. Sometimes people who are bullied in real life take this virtual world as a means of revenge as well.

Social Status and Popularity: Posting hateful rumors is one of the most common methods of internet trolling and Cyberbullying. It has been observed in many cases that people behind these practices are often attention seekers. Posting such comments and spreading slanderous rumors are capable of grabbing an unbelievable amount of attention. As most people nowadays spend their time on the internet, these trolls can be an effective way to become popular and to gain social status.

It is often for entertainment and sadistic pleasure: There are several instances where people get involved in internet trolling simply for the sake of entertainment and personal pleasure. This group of people feels sadistic pleasure by bothering and harassing others and do not possess the sensitivity to figure out the consequences of their activities on others. These bullies can become even more invigorated if the victim responds in an aggressive manner.

Besides these reasons, Cyberbullying can also be a form of vigilantism where a certain individual makes the internet the tool to intimidate or punish a traditional bully or delinquent. However, this type of Cyberbullying is extremely rare.

This is where Online Reputation Management comes to use.

By the definition, Online reputation management refers to the process of controlling the internet materials that show up on your internet. The process involves eliminating any kind of damaging or slanderous contents that can potentially damage the website. Ethical hacker Fernando Azevedo explained the intricacies of online reputation management in his book Online Reputation Management Secrets. Fernando Azevedo also formed his brainchild ORM Company Silicon Minds, to help businesses keep the cyber-bullies away from denigrating your business.

Cover picture of Fernando Azevedo book
           Cover picture of Fernando Azevedo book

Why is Online Reputation Management the need of time?

  1. Gaining Trust: Choosing an online reputation management company can be an incredible way to acquire the trust of your potential customers. As most people nowadays rely on online reviews from various websites, selecting a reputed ORM company would help you put up good words about your company in various review websites by excluding slanderous remarks. With a decent amount of reputation, selling your products online would be much easier irrespective of the size of your business or brand recognition.
  1. Increasing Profitability: Better online reputation always attracts more potential customers or other business organizations to your company. When customers search for a service or product that you provide, they would come across many other companies who are the potential competitors of your company. With a reputed online reputation management company, your organization would mostly have positive reviews on various websites and would also rank higher than your competitors. Therefore, it is quite evident that ORM can be a great way to make your business more lucrative.

  2. Conflict Resolution: Managing your company’s online reputation can be a great way to provide a constructive response to baseless criticisms and negative reviews. Decent ORM companies would provide you with certain platforms that would notify you whenever a review is posted about your company presenting you the perfect opportunity for conflict resolution and maintaining the reputation of your company.
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