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What better way to show the impact of Startup Weekend than to have a company come out of the event and receive investment to continue on?

Philip Goggin of Farmington, Missouri, brought the winning concept to the Cape Girardeau Startup Weekend event March 13-15, 2015. The company uses laser technology to assist with providing safe landing zone for air medical helicopters.

On his experience, Goggin said, “This event allowed me to work with a team to validate a lot of the things that we thought make this a good product and make sure there is a need for this out there.”

After Startup Weekend, Philip was invited to pitch at 1 Million Cups at Codefi. A local investor was so intrigued with the presentation that he made an offer to fund the concept and help with getting a prototype made. With the financial and mentoring support from the investor and Codefi, the startup is now working with laser and crystal companies from Germany and Oregon to create the prototype that will be tested.

Goggin said, “I think the thing I took away from Startup Weekend is it really challenged my thought process – in the fact that when someone creates a solution they generally become very biased to that solution saying, “don’t mess with my idea.” With the input from the coaches and mentors asking what I thought about this and that it allowed me to get out of my biased bubble. And once I did that I realized there were areas to improve upon. So it potentially made it into a better product.”

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