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For the second alumni spotlight, I had a chat with Phillipa from Hatch. After a small relaunch earlier this year and big plans for the coming year Hatch is one to watch in Dunedin.

Hatch is for the kids, it’s fun hands-on tech learning. Offering a range of programmes from 3D Design to Animation and Programming to fill in afterschool hours and holidays.

What is Hatch and how are you involved?

I have founded Hatch to create a space which empowers learners to be innovative and creative citizens who contribute to a positive future. The emphasis is on design thinking using 21st Century skills and technology. It is also a space designed to support teachers and schools helping youth to be digital creators rather than digital consumers. Enabling New Zealand to be at the forefront of innovative technological development.

What are your plans for hatch over the coming year?

Hatch is yet to officially open so, for the first year, I want to see a growing client base. I’m really excited about tapping into the talent in the youth of Dunedin. I have already found some fabulous young people who can offer a wide range of exciting learning opportunities, and I look forward to meeting more. Within the year, I would love to see some young entrepreneurs coming out of the Hatch space who have innovative ideas to solve problems in the local and global community.

What did you take away from Startup Weekend 2015 that has helped your business over the last year?

I was a newbie at the Startup Weekend in 2015 and didn’t know what to expect. I ended up with a team of awesome and experienced people who I have continued to keep in touch with. None of us are currently working on the business idea we developed that weekend but I know that, for myself, I have applied a lot of what I learned that weekend to setting my own business up. It was also great to connect with vibrant and passionate people from Dunedin’s business community. The experienced mentors at the weekend were open and supportive and you could tell they were all there because they believed in the start-up philosophy.

If people are sitting on the fence about attending this year, what would you say to them?

Go! The most you will lose is a bit of sleep! I took part in the weekend in the early stages of thinking about setting up my own business and I constantly referred back to the weekend as I went through the set-up process. The networking was great, the sense of community was awesome and the food on supply really hit the spot!

Jack Harris