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The idea behind Startup Weekend is for people with an idea and people with the skills to make that idea into a reality get together over the course of a weekend to start a new business.

Here are 5 reasons you should join Startup Weekend Byron Bay this weekend.

1.  You will learn about entrepreneurship.

During Startup Weekend Byron Bay you will be immersed in all aspects of building a start-up – from validating, designing and developing your idea to marketing and pitching it.  You will develop new skills and learn from your fellow participants, coaches and judges while creating something tangible.

2.  You will meet the right people

People who are willing to give up their weekend to attend Startup Weekends are smart, motivated and skilled – just the sort of people you need on your team when launching and building a business.  In 54 hours you will work together to achieve much more than you would believe possible in just a weekend – real businesses come out of Startup Weekends.

3.  You will connect with the local community

Starting a business can be both hard and lonely.  Startup Weekend is a great way to meet a wide range of other people who are going through or have already been through same process.  You will also meet the local ideas, design and development people who are interested in making things happen.  Its a great way to get hooked into the entrepreneurial community in Northern Rivers and discover new networks and resources.

4.  You will receive access to great resources and the chance to win fantastic prizes

Startup Weekends have fantastic sponsors.  At Startup Weekend Byron Bay participants enjoy

  • a free .co domain registration
  • $300 credit on google cloud platform to build your web or mobile app
  • 6 months free access to the LawPath website giving you access to legal and commercial documents needed to start and run your business
  • 3 years access to the uBegin collaboration platform along with setup assistance and follow-up support and a myriad of additional perks and discounts especially for Startup Weekend participants.

The overall winner at Startup Weekend Byron Bay will receive company registration and 20% off legal services from LawPath.

5.  You will be part of a global celebration of entrepreneurism with the opportunity to compete globally for prizes

Global Startup Battle 2015 is happening in over 250 cities as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. You have the opportunity to continue on after Startup Weekend Byron Bay finishes on Sunday and compete in an online pitch video competition for fantastic prizes.
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But the biggest prize comes from who you meet and what you learn over the weekend – so by joining Startup Weekend Byron Bay you’re already a winner.

For more information check out byron-bay.up.co

What are you waiting for? Get your ticket today!

Lisa Ludvigson