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When you become a Techstars founder, you gain access to a powerful network of 7,000 mentors, founders, and investors. Additionally, we work hard to connect you with key clients, partners, and potential acquirers. While this is an ongoing effort, we hold specific events called BizDevDay, where we match Techstars companies with some of the largest technology companies in the world.

Our last BizDevDay, held at FounderCon in Boulder, offered an incredible opportunity for founders to meet with representatives of over 40 companies (Google, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Autodesk, Stripe, GoPro, Microsoft, Pandora, VMWare, NBCUniversal, GroupM, Yahoo, Target, etc.) to talk about potential partnerships.

In 2016, we’ll be doing more of these events in different cities – so stay tuned!

To get a sense of what happens at BizDevDay, check out this short video: 

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Don Loeb