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Techstars is the #1 startup accelerator in the world and comprised of some of the smartest mentors and founders on the planet. With all of the passion and energy that goes into accelerating a company, we decided to build Techstars TV.  It’s a place to be entertained, inspired, learn, and vicariously partake in some tech adventures.

Techstars TV contains a variety of video content and includes an award-winning documentary series called The Founders.  We’re currently filming our third season and we are on the hunt for music to feature in episodes this fall. Our current videos boast more than 70,000 views, offering vast exposure. We love to work with musicians and always provide credit in our video content. Additionally, we’re happy to return the favor by promoting your music in various ways. Some of our current featured bands are Harper BlynnCalvin Locklear, and Rosie and Me. If you’re interested in allowing us the use of your sweet melodies, please contact us.

The music in The Founders trailer above includes Harper Blynn, Hello Kavita, and The Poppies.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars