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We would like to tip our hat to Techstars NYC graduate Shelby TV for their clever SxSW Interactive event, Project GOATS, an acronym for (FAKE) GRIMLOCK Obliterates Austin Texas (with) Shelby. In addition to goats wearing Shelby TV shirts around the convention center to the wonderment of everyone who saw them, the founders surprised the who’s who of the tech world with an interview with a surprise celebrity host, FAKE GRIMLOCK.

Check out the hilarious footage with some Techstars folks:

David Cohen, founder & CEO of Techstars
David Tisch, Managing Director of Techstars in New York City
Erika Trautman, co-founder of FlixMaster, Techstars alum
Dave Bisceglia, co-founder of The Tap Lap, Techstars alum
Angela Kim, co-founder of Veri, Techstars alum
Ben Huh, Cheezburger and Techstars mentor
Gary Vaynerchuck, Vayner Media and Techstars mentor

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Well done, Shelby. Well done.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars