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The Kaplan EdTech Accelerator is a three month intensive, deep immersion program for ten education startups. The program is being held on-site in New York, NY and will run from June-September 2013. Startups will have access to top-notch industry mentors, resources and round-the-clock support as well as the chance to pitch to angel investors and venture capitalists at the end of the program. Meet the ten teams that were selected for the program:

Degreed — As educational opportunities explode with new online learning options, San Francisco-based Degreed wants to rethink what it means to earn credit. The startup, which aims to “jailbreak” the degree, provides an online service that tracks, scores and validates all of a user’s educational experiences.

Flinja — Flinja gives students a marketplace for listing services they can provide, which alumni and others in their college networks can then pay for through the site.

MentorMob — A crowdsourced learning site, MentorMob lets anyone create “playlists” of content on a wide range of topics.

ModernGuild — Through its online job prep program, ModernGuild helps college students connect with professionals for personalized, career coaching.

panOpen — Given the rise of Open Educational Resources (OER), panOpen wants to make it easier for educators and institutions to use free textbooks.

PlayPowerLabs — PlayPowerLabs makes engaging math games that are aligned to Common Core state standards for K-8 education.

Ranku — Online degrees you can be proud of from schools you trust.

Uvize — Uvize helps military veterans prepare for college with academic instruction, assessment and coaching.

Verificient Technologies — With the growth in online courses, Verificient plans to offer identity verification, proctoring and credential authentication services.

Whipsmart — Whipsmart offers teachers a literacy tool that enables kids to read nonfiction content adapted to fit their reading levels.

These teams were covered in more depth by Ki Mae Heussner last week over at GigaOM. Click on over to read the article.

Clare Tischer
Social Media and Content Manager, Techstars

  • 1403947452

    Pumped to be here! Congratulations to all teams!

  • 1403947452

    Pumped to be here! Congratulations to all teams!

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