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Like many young Americans, I took college a bit for granted. The education I received was top-notch, but aside from the pedigree of my degree, I didn’t gain nearly as much as I could have. I didn’t take advantage of the mentors I had access to or the opportunities to learn on-the-job skills as well as some of my classmates. I thought that my “real” education would come in my professional experiences. However, in the three years of working after graduation – at my family business, at one of the largest banks in the country, and at a late-stage startup – I was still feeling unfulfilled in my career. I was frustrated with the pace of post-grad life and felt as though my learning was not complete. I wanted more; more skills, more responsibility, more experiences, more connections… just more everything.

So in late Spring of this year, I sought out to change my career path and I applied to Boston Startup School. During the six weeks of intense skill development, networking, and personal growth, I finally felt like I was in my element – but I still didn’t feel like I was done learning. With job opportunities weighing on my mind, I met up with Jesse Bardo, VP of Alumni Engagement at EverTrue – a Techstars graduate. Jesse listened to every option I had at that time and then asked the question that would change my life: “Have you thought about being an Associate at Techstars?”

The next day, I sat down to talk about this possibility with Shaun Johnson, a former Techstars associate and Boston Startup School co-founder, and my interest was piqued. Aaron O’Hearn and Shaun then introduced me to Lizzie McGlinchey and one conversation later, I knew that this was the opportunity that I had been waiting for and it was now or never. The collective Techstars experiences of Shaun, Aaron, and John Capecelatro combined with the leadership of Katie Rae and Reed Sturtevant that I had come to know during my Boston Startup School experience were all it took to convince me to join the Techstars family. Time to dust off the notebooks and book-bag again.

From my first day as an Associate, Techstars became much more than a job – it became my support system. The week before the program started, I unexpectedly lost my grandfather. From the understanding emails I received while I was home to the positivity and excitement brought by the program kick-off, Techstars became my therapy and everyone there helped me through a very difficult time in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for that.

Over the three months of the program, I made a conscious effort to take everything in and I was determined not to let the Techstars experience slip by me like college had. From sitting in on mentor meetings with David Cohen and getting to know people like Tuan Pham better to playing flip cup with Nicole Stata and Katie Rae, I was constantly awed by the position I was in. Am I really here with these 13 incredible companies? Are Dave Balter and Jen Lum really playing foursquare in our lounge? Am I really in Chinatown with Bill Warner right now? Yes, yes, and yes. Wow.

As I bask in the afterglow of Techstars and transition into my next role, I am only beginning to understand the true value of this experience. My role as an Associate will certainly give me a competitive advantage when I apply as a company in the future and also help me to make the most of the program having been through it before. I sought to keep learning and now I am part of a network that will challenge me intellectually for the rest of my career.

Through Techstars, I’ve learned that work-life balance isn’t about the amount of time spent at each, but actually about finding colleagues who care about your life as much as your work. I’ve learned that if you have a good idea with great people, you can make magic happen. I’ve learned that if you put 70 people in a co-working space for 14 hours a day for three months, things get a little weird. Most importantly, I’ve learned that Techstars is a community that believes in who you are and what you do and will always, always have your back.

So, what will Techstars help you learn?

Techstars Boston is now accepting applications from startups, Associates and HackStars for the Spring 2013 session. Apply here and register to attend one of our upcoming informations sessions here. The early application deadline is December 3rd. Final application deadline is December 17th, one second before midnight, PST.

Kelly McDonald

  • 1265350918

    Great to hear this story Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

  • 1265350918

    Great to hear this story Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

  • 1265350918

    Great to hear this story Kelly! Thanks for sharing!

  • 10502661

    Awesome! There are just so many life changing stories coming out of Techstars!

  • 4201221

    Kelly this is a fantastic piece! It has been wonderful to see your progression from our initial conversations up to today. Congratulations on all your success.

  • 1001007792

    Interesting perspective. I’ve never actually believed in the notion of work/life balance. If you have to think about this, you are probably in the wrong job. Good article.

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