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We are very pleased to announce the new class of companies participating in the Techstars Cloud program here in San Antonio. We have a group of amazing founders from all over the world, including entrepreneurs from the United States, Ireland, Spain and Taiwan. The class is very well rounded and includes eleven companies working on a variety of technical and innovative businesses in the cloud space.

This is the fourth Techstars Cloud class, and my second as the Managing Director. The program started this week, and will end with the Demo Day on February 11th. The alumni companies from the first three Cloud programs have been making amazing progress (i.e. Distill and Cloudability) and I am excited to see this new group of companies join their ranks.

We had an overwhelming amount of high quality applicants and I want to personally say thank you to everyone who applied. I also want to thank all of the Techstars Cloud alumni companies as well as our 100+ mentors for their generous support of the program and the companies participating. You are a big part of the magic that makes Techstars special.

Without further ado, here are this year’s companies:

clyp-logo_blue Clyp (Austin, TX) – Clyp is a platform providing users a simple way to capture and share raw audio.
help-social-logo-horizontal (1) HelpSocial (San Antonio, TX) – HelpSocial allows large brands to efficiently perform customer service via social media.
HuDark@1x HuBoard (Austin, TX) – HuBoard is a project management solution for users of GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.
ilos signature ilos (St. Paul, MN) – ilos allows users to instantly record, share, and organize their videos online.
imagenii_5000 Imagenii (Malaga, Spain) – Imagenii helps developers make faster and smarter image centric apps.
download Joicaster (Orlando, FL) – Joicaster is a distribution and promotional platform for live streaming.
cube-square_1275 Jumble (Dublin, Ireland) – Jumble provides business customers simple end-to-end email encryption.
800x600_logo_on_blue Popily (Austin, TX) – Popily lets non-data scientists tell stories with data quickly and easily.
slashsensei_head_logo Slash Sensei (San Antonio, TX) – Slash Sensei is an online training platform that provides realtime guidance for students.
thalonet-id-final-12 Thalonet (Atlanta, GA) – Thalonet is a private network which provides users better performance from the Internet.
uxtesting_logo UXTesting (Taipei City, Taiwan) – UXTesting is a toolkit to improve mobile user experiences using data visualization.

Blake Yeager
Managing Director of Cloud @ Techstars. @blakeyeager