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imageWith the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator, powered by Techstars kicking off in Kansas City on March 10, 2014, we can finally unveil the Managing Director who will be steering the ship: John Fein. John has served as Senior Project Manager at a director level for the OptumRx unit of UnitedHealth Group since 2005, directing the largest strategic programs at OptumRx. He has a wealth of experience managing large, cross-functional teams and has been involved in four different startups. Having worked deeply in both worlds, John’s the perfect fit.

In his own blog post today, John writes…

The numbers are sobering. U.S. spending on healthcare costs is forecast to reach $4.4 trillion by 2018, and 75% of that is on preventable chronic diseases. Only 15-20% of prescription medications are taken as prescribed. The stats go on and on.

But it’s much more than numbers. It’s about helping people live healthier, happier lives. Have you ever known someone who significantly improved their health? They become sunnier, more energetic, and look and feel younger. If technology can help millions undergo this change, it would be truly transformative for society.

I’m psyched to play a small role in making the world a better place. And I’m even more excited that we’re doing this from the heart of Silicon Prairie. Kansas City has a strong and growing entrepreneurial community supported by world class infrastructure and companies. Techstars and Sprint recognized this and decided to take it to another level. The momentum will only continue to build.

We’re happy to have him on board. Any tech-powered start-up who has an innovative idea for a product and/or service that will propel mobile health forward should consider applying. We’re looking for focused, well-rounded companies with strong, thoughtful ideas and an ability to execute.You can still apply to the Sprint Accelerator until January 6, 2014. Applicants will be notified about their status by January 15. Hop to it.

David Cohen
(@davidcohen) Founder & Managing Partner of Techstars, previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at DavidGCohen.com