Taking a look back to Startup Weekend City

One weekend full of networking, teamwork, innovative approaches, and awesome pitches. The weekend full of awesomeness! Briefly we called it: Startup Weekend City.


Startup Weekend City followed the same basic model: Anyone was welcome to pitch their startup idea and receive feedback from their peers. We’re focusing on projects and innovations associated with the city in which we live. Projects should aim at improving the various sectors operating in an urban environment – infrastructure, education, social work, business, science, ecology, tourism, transport, logistics, communications, etc. Ten teams with ten ideas working hard for 54 hours in Varna city. 54-hour frenzy of business model creation, coding, designing and market validation. Highly motivated group of startup enthusiasts built their ideas together. The culminating point was presentations in front of entrepreneurial leaders with another opportunity for critical feedback. People left with more experience, insight, knowledge, friends, and resources then they came with. Some of them took even more – the prizes.


The winning team from a recent Startup Weekend City event in Varna city is working to make its project, a wireless network, a reality. MAREA.IO provide free and reliable connection to the most important information systems in your lovely city. As part of the concept “SMART City”, provides access to information on interesting projects in your city, upcoming social events, public transport, the local library, local business units and all public services that can benefit. MAREA.IO will be a key part of the city of the future, which will connect sensors, smart devices and services.


So far it was easier part for the team. Segments Accelerator provides in cooperation with Austrian Business Agency and Vienna Business Agency their commitment. The winners will continue work in Vienna.


Second place prize was won by Panther Run – free mobile application for iOS and Android that turns the ordinary running a unique experience. Using your headphones, Panther Run creates a new type of virtual reality and thereby transform your workout into action, horror or adventure game. So instead of choosing between sports and gaming, you can have both.


Third place went to the team Bin It Smart. The company is developing a radically new automated smart bin to aware people recycling, using the lost potential of their waste and also contribute to social initiatives.


Congratulations to all of you! We are extremely proud that so many awesome and innovative business ideas were born at this event!


In the end, remember the purpose of a Startup Weekend is not about winning a competition, but rather about the awesome experience through teamwork. The most important is growing beyond limits and turning ideas into reality. So, keep moving ahead and rock the world!



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