Startup Weekend Volos: Ioanna Elabd as a Mentor

Ioanna is the heart of Wabi & Sabi, Inc., a brand architecture and strategy consulting agency based in NYC. She is driven by her passion to help people turn their vision into market share and their potential into sustained profitable growth, splitting her time between NY and Greece.

A resourceful matchmaker and a planner by nature, she leverages a global network and her innate ability to reveal and unlock opportunity, to provide businesses the right tools, resources, and partners they need to succeed. Known for her hands-on approach, a holistic methodology, and novel solutions, she is a trendsetter with a knack for seeing and making connections others miss.

Ioanna started out as a Cornell University architecture graduate, but a twist of fate led her from building structures to building brands. Over the past 15+ years she has devised comprehensive marketing communications strategies and developed projects for clients ranging from individuals to fortune 500 companies. Her client list includes Noowit, Canela, Heliou, Filion, Ertuğrul Ateş, MotionX, Curtiss Wright, Ralph Lauren, NBC, the Travel Channel, SONY, IBM, MTV, VH1, Shiseido, Sara Lee, DOVE, Tag Heuer, Dolphin Capital Investors, and GEK – TERNA.

Her philosophy is simple ‘brands are people and people are brands’. Whether it’s a new and exciting startup, in need of launching and market penetration, an established SME looking to develop and expand, or even a municipality in need of reinventing itself, her projects tend to garner international press; such as The New York Times (Sunday Styles), Paper, WWD, NY Post (Page Six), Village Voice, Amsterdam News, India Times, E! Entertainment, Fashion TV, Rás2-Iceland, Search Engine Journal, LIFE, Epoch Times, Life & Style, Ozon magazine, Athens Voice, Kathimerini, Proto Thema to name a few.

Ioanna works only on projects and products she believes in, and is dedicated to promoting new talent every chance she gets. She insists that engagement and interactivity are key ―that optimism is vital― and that authenticity and collaboration are everything. Experience it all firsthand at

Startup Weekend Volos: Athina Chatzipetrou as a Mentor

athina chatzipetrou
Athina Chatzipetrou counts 25 years in the corporate space, with diverse experiences and successes in numerous assignments and in a number of sectors and environments, up to highest level of interactions with counter parties. 15 years as Head of Finance in multinational companies leading Finance IT, Legal and Logistics teams as well as Project Management.

She has strong operational know-how from different industries and Trade Sectors. She has a track record in Project Management – Business Processes, ERP’s, Business Restructuring, Change management and Policy Implementation projects – Advisor of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to the Greek Government providing strategic advice to decision makers in the relevant Ministries for the implementation of a holistic reform program in cooperation with senior officers of the Commission (DGTrade). Ability to communicate clearly and generate buy-in from internal clients, senior management and the Board, and ability to operate effectively across departments and deep understanding of project management, business processes, risk assessment and compliance issues.

Startup Weekend Volos: Angeliki Papagiannopoulou as a Mentor

angeliki papagiannopoulou

Angeliki is Head of Product in Offerial. Offerial is a company that increases hotels’ online direct bookings with personalization techniques. Angeliki holds two MSc degrees in Artificial Intelligence, one from the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and one from the National and Technical University of Athens. Her main interests focus on Machine Learning, Personalization and Recommender Systems, Data and Text Mining, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. Furthermore, she enjoys making sense out of analytics, defining and improving customer needs and delivering solutions to user experience and product design and fit. The above mentioned skills have been applied in working in various international projects. In specific, she has been dealing with RTD and commercial projects with research institutes, such as NCSR “Demokritos” and ILSP, with universities, such as the University of Leuven, the University of Antwerp and the University of Athens and companies, such as I-sieve, Grnet and Missum. In the consortia she has been involved with she has co-operated with large companies such as Google and Xerox. Moreover, she has been working on B2B online advertising projects as per sentiment analysis, business intelligence and analytics, social media analysis, buzz monitoring and insights driving for multinational companies such as Hyundai and Lenovo.

Developmental Centre of Thessaly (ΑΚΕΤΗ – DCT) is our Big Sponsor!

Developmental Centre of Thessaly (ΑΚΕΤΗ – DCT) is a non-profit organization and continuing vocational education & training provider, located in Trikala, Greece.

AKETH-DCT makes a constant effort to contribute substantially to equal access to knowledge, to promote sustainability, healthy behavior and to shape a better future for individuals. One of our main objectives is to promote entrepreneurship and personal initiative, as the main way to help people get through unemployment that strikes many countries in Europe and especially on the South.

AKETH-DCT operates in several areas. These include E.U. Programmes, National Programmes, Consultancy Services and Training of Unemployed People and Employees, Support and Consulting to SMEs.

Our mission is to provide high quality certified education & training opportunities, consulting & assistance under the National and European frameworks, creating added value to all parties involved.

Web site:
aketh blogging

Startup Weekend Volos: Vassilis Bourdakis as a Mentor

Bourdakis Vasslilis
Vassilis Bourdakis was born in Athens and studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens (1987). He completed his PhD at the University of Bath, UK (1994) in the subject of building evaluation and performance. He researched and taught at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Architecture (CASA) at the University of Bath until 1998. Since 1999, he is working at the University of Thessaly where he is a professor .
He has written a large number of articles and research papers dealing with subjects of 3d modelling and applications in large scale digital city models, use of computers in Architectural design, virtual reality focusing in communication of ideas / designs, development of interactive virtual environments and their use as a visualisation tool for urban planning and policy making and lately is also working in the field of Intelligent Environments and their implications/application in real life studies. His research has been sited extensively; currently over 200 international citations.
While in CASA, he was the prime investigator and developer of the first, worldwide, large scale digital architectural oriented model of the Georgian city of Bath as well as the London’s Map of the Future. Over the last decade in Greece he has participated in a series of research projects dealing with urban scale visualisations (Ag. Varvara Athens as part of the EU funded project Planning Inclusion of Clients through e-Training, Volos old town in cooperation with the Municipal Centre for Historical Research and Documentation, virtual museum applications and conceptual visualisations related to teaching at primary school level).
He has participated in international architectural and art competitions and his work has been awarded prizes. He is also practicing architecture on small scale developments. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece, Institute of the Greek Architects and member of the administrative council for Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe) Organisation.

Startup Weekend Volos: Aristotelis Chatziioannou as a Mentor

aristotelis chatziioannou

Aristotelis Chatziioannou received the Diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Metabolic Engineering and Biomedical Informatics from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) Greece, in 1996 and 2005, respectively. Since September 2005, he is member of Institute of Biology, Medicinal Chemistry & Biotechnology (IBMCB) at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF), where he currently serves as Research Associate Professor. He also holds the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at e-NIOS Applications Private Company, a spin-off SME originating from NHRF working in the intelligent analysis of high throughput molecular data. His research interests include bioinformatics, knowledge mining, genomic analysis and metabolic engineering.

Startup Weekend Volos: Ioannis Valavanis as a Mentor

Valavanis Ioannis
Ioannis Valavanis holds a Diploma (2003) and a Ph.D (2009) from the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NTUA and a MSc in Bioinformatics (University of Athens, 2006). His research includes the development of novel artificial intelligence and data mining techniques and their applications in biology. He has worked with the IBMCB/NHRF as post-doctoral research fellow and served as Adjunct Lecturer at the University in Greece. He is now with e-NIOS Applications Private Company working on biological data mining and knowledge discovery from complex data, and serving the role of Chief Marketing Officer.

Startup Weekend Volos: Fanis Koutouvelis as a Judge

Fanis Koutouvelis
Fanis studied Computer Engineering at the University of Thessaly from where he dropped-out during his final year of attendance in order to start i-kiosk.
Since then he has dedicated himself to this venture and aims to change the way that traditional retailers operate their stores and interact with the rest of the supply chain.
Recently i-kiosk was transformed into Intale, a fast-growing company backed up by international investors with $3Million in funding.
Along the course of his entrepreneurial journey, Fanis has won the 1st “i-bank Innovation & Technology” award in 2012, held by the National Bank of Greece, the 1st “E-nnovation” award in 2011, held by the Athens University of Economics and Business and “Best Innovation Award” during the Startup Forum 2013, held by SAP.
Last but not least, Fanis is a member of the World Economic Forum through his involvement in the Global Shapers Community where he was a founding member of the ReGeneration program. This is an initiative that aims to fight brain-drain by creating new job opportunities for young people in top-tier companies in Greece.

Startup Wekkend Volos: Nagia Stagkouraki as a Mentor

nagia stagkouraki

Nagia graduated from University of Piraeus, where she studied Computer Science. She also studied at the Carlos III University of Madrid as an Erasmus student. It was since her main studies, that she came to know about startups and participated in some of them. She is highly motivated, loves to learn and improve herself.

She has been working in Microsoft Greece since March 2015, as a Start-up-Community Specialist. She leads the BizSpark program in Greece, which is a global program that helps startups reach the next level. The program offers three-year access to current, full-featured software development tools and Azure cloud services. She is a member of Developer eXperience team in Microsoft Hellas, which provides technical and business guidance to developers of all ages from students to software companies. Nagia enjoys the interaction with startups and she works close to startups that are hosted on Microsoft Innovation Centre in Athens. Moreover, she develops and executes digital marketing plans focused on technical audiences and organizes events related to startups, developers and students.

Startup Weekend Volos: Konstantinos Tziortziotis as a Mentor

φωτο τζιωρτζιώτης

 Konstantinos Tziortziotis is currently the President & Managing Director (CEO) of VIOLANTA S.A since 2003, a company, among whose activities are production and distribution of Cookies, Biscuits and Snacks. Mr. Tziortziotis has also great management experience by being Founder and Managing director in “TZIORTZIOTIS K. – ADAMOS A. O.E “ , a company also related to the production and distribution of Biscuits and Sweets. He was also Founding partner and Technical Director in “K. TZIORTZIOTIS – G. FOLIAS O.E”, where the main activity of the company was the production of Antennas, PLL, Broadband, Linear Transmitters and Transponder Installations – Radio Signals. Mr. Tziortziotis has graduated from the Technical high school, Department of Economics & Administration and is a skilled Electronics Engineer and Automatic Control Systems Programmer.