Announcing the Boston Class of 2017

I’m excited to announce the thirteen awesome companies participating in the 2017 Techstars accelerator in Boston. Our program begins today and culminates in a May 3rd Demo Day at 9am at the House of Blues.

We picked these companies out of applicants from around the world primarily for having the most passionate, talented, and driven founding teams. Ten of the companies in this year’s program are from the Boston area, one is from Italy, one from Canada, and one from New York City.

This is our eleventh program in Boston, and also my fourth and final one as Managing Director. I’m thrilled with the continuing growth and impact of our alumni companies, humbled by our supportive and growing mentor community, extremely excited about the new class, and especially proud of the fact that our continued efforts to increase diversity across the Techstars network are beginning to bear fruit, with six out of these 13 companies being led by female CEOs.

Below are the 13 Techstars Boston 2017 companies, in alphabetical order:

Alice’s Table: Alice’s Table provides women a scalable platform to build flexible businesses through flower arranging events.

BrainSpec: BrainSpec is a health-tech company that enables the accurate, efficient and non-invasive diagnosis of brain disorders.

Brizi: Remote-control Augmented Reality Camera Systems. Brizi helps to automate and monetize fan content in sports stadiums.

CareAcademy: CareAcademy educates professional caregivers online to provide excellent care.

Evolve: Advice in love, powered by machine learning. Evolve helps you learn from your dating habits so you can make smarter decisions.

Lorem: Your personal web developer, ready on-demand in WordPress and Squarespace.

Nix: Nix is developing a single use hydration sensor that informs athletes’ hydration strategy: when to drink, what to drink, and how much to drink.

OffGridBox: OffGridBox is an innovative, all-in-one, renewable energy and clean water system that enables independent living in any environment.

RateGravity: RateGravity is redefining how consumers finance their home with technology that eliminates the need for the mortgage sales person and pairs consumers with the optimal local lender.

SeaMachines: Autonomous Self-Driving Technology for Commercial & Recreational Boats.

Solstice: Solstice radically expands access to clean energy by providing community-shared solar power to the 80 percent of Americans that cannot install a system on their rooftop.

Tive: Tive provides companies with enhanced supply chain visibility and analysis of in-transit goods, powered by wireless sensors and cloud software.

Voatz: Voatz is a mobile election voting platform, secured via smart biometrics, real time ID verification and the blockchain for irrefutability.


Announcing the Techstars Boston Spring 2016 Class

We are excited to announce the fourteen companies that will be joining Techstars for our Spring 2016 program in Boston. We kicked things off this week on February 22 and are looking forward to another fantastic program, capped off by Demo Day on May 25.  Save the date!

This is the 10th program in Boston, and we’re fortunate to have many of our alumni on the ground as well as over 100 incredible mentors. Thank you, mentors! We’re grateful for your support over the last 10 years and your continued time and guidance. We couldn’t do it without you.

We love this city and know 2016 is going to be an amazing year for both Techstars and Boston.

Here are the Techstars Boston Spring 2016 companies:

airfox-transparent (1)

AirFox: We dramatically reduce the cost of mobile service for carriers and consumers around the world


Daily Pnut: A daily email on international news that informs and entertains you


Danger!Awesome: Retail makerspaces bringing high tech tools and creative education to consumers


Grapevine: Our platform connects consumer brands with the most relevant and influential social media stars


Heddoko: The first smart compression suit that tracks full-body movement in 3D and gives you real-time feedback


Navut: Marketplace that connects people planning to relocate with local experts


Polis: Easy and scalable door-to-door outreach software for campaigns and organizations


Rare Pink: A bespoke engagement ring retailer helping clients across the globe design unique and meaningful engagement rings


RocketBook: Magical pen-and-paper notebooks designed for our digital world


Seed&Spark: Crowdfunding and distribution platform for indie films


Spoiler Alert: An online marketplace and brokerage tool for discounted food sales, food donations, and organic waste opportunities


Strobe: We build technology that enables event organizers to create live experiences for the 21st century


TapGlue: A platform that easily turns every app into a social network


YayPay: Fast invoice collections and accounts receivables management


Techstars Boston Demo Day 2014

I’m thrilled to present the 12 companies that are speaking today at my first Techstars Boston Demo Day as the Managing Director. It’s been an honor and a privilege working with these founders over the past few months, and I’m excited for them to show off all their progress.

One of the many awesome characteristics about this year’s Techstars Boston class will be that it is one of the most international classes out of Boston to date. With companies from Australia, Russia, France, Croatia, Hong Kong as well as Boston and San Francisco, this class brings a geographically diverse mix to the Boston startup scene. Techstars Boston is increasingly attracting international companies who are accelerating their success in this wonderful city.

Your Techstars Boston 2014 Demo Day Class:

Codeanywhere is a platform that enables developers to collaborate and run code together, no matter what editor they use. @codeanywhere
CoolChip has developed kinetic cooling technology that breaks through the thermal brick wall, allowing modern electronics to be cooled more effectively. @CoolChipTech
EdTrips consolidates the booking and payment of group trips online for educational venues, enhancing the lives of millions of students. @Ed_Trips
Fairwaves is a mobile network system that enables rural mobile operators to acquire another billion subscribers in developing countries. @fairwaves
Fortified Bicycle is building an urban bike brand that empowers city cyclists with invincible bike gear. @FORTIFIEDbike
Magnet is smart jewelry that brings digital touch to loved ones.
Helloblock is building a developer platform to simplify bitcoin transactions for merchants.
indico is building intelligent tools for data scientists, enabling a new generation of machine learning. @IndicoData
ROCKI develops products that allow you to stream the music you love to the speakers you already have. @MyRocki
Spitfire Athlete is building a movement of greatness and badassery for women, starting with a strength training app. @SpitfireAthlete 
mavrcklogo-no-background-black Mavrck (formerly Splashscore) powers premier brands with the most effective platform for converting sales on social media. @splashscore
Streamroot helps online broadcasters improve video streaming and cut bandwidth costs with peer-to-peer delivery technology. @StreamRoot

Announcing the Techstars Boston Class of 2014

We are thrilled to announce the next Techstars class in Boston! This will be the eighth Techstars program in Boston, and my first as Managing Director. Our session began this week, and will wrap up with a demo day on November 12th.

We continue to be blown away with the quality of applications and love the diversity of their businesses, some of which have come to Boston from as far away as Australia, Holland, Croatia, France, Russia, and even San Francisco. This session the program includes five hardware and seven software companies that range from bringing cellular connectivity to the next billion people in the developing world, to sparking a new generation of innovation in data science through a machine learning platform.

We are honored to have such strong support from our mentors, investors and sponsors in the Greater Boston community, and we couldn’t thank them enough.

And now, the Techstars Boston Fall 2014 class:

  • Codeanywhere is a cloud based code-editor, development, and collaboration platform.
  • CoolChip designs next-generation kinetic coolers for electronics enabling quieter, smaller and cooler product experiences.
  • EdTrips makes field trips easy and drives more visitors to educational destinations by consolidating the booking and payment of trips among multiple locations and services.
  • Fairwaves develops disruptive open-source mobile network equipment and software to bring cell phone service to the next billion people.
  • Fortified Bicycle is building an urban cycling brand with MIT-engineered hardware.
  • Headtalk‘s platform enables a new kind of nonverbal communication with wearable devices.
  • Helloblock‘s  API simplifies accepting online payments through Bitcoin.
  • indico is building the world’s first IDE for machine learning.
  • ROCKI is creating the standard for listening to the music you love on the speakers you already have.
  • Spitfire Athlete is building a brand that stands for strength and badassery among women, starting with a fitness app.
  • Streamroot cuts bandwidth costs for online broadcasters with native peer-to-peer video streaming technology.
  • Splashscore‘s influencer activation engine helps large consumer brands find and activate their most influential customers on social networks to drive more clicks, likes, leads, and sales.