Founders Come From All Over to be Part of Techstars Anywhere

One week ago, twenty-one startup founders made their way to San Diego, CA to spend a few days together working by the beach before the official start of the 2020 Techstars Anywhere accelerator today. They are nomads and remote workers, finance and management experts, farmers and manufacturers, men and women, some are under 30, some are over 30. But the thing they all have in common is that they’re building kick-ass companies.

Techstars Anywhere is a mostly remote accelerator. To participate, founders do not need to relocate their businesses. Instead, our class will meet up together in San Diego, Boulder, CO, and New York, NY over the course of the three months. The rest of the time, they’ll remotely tap into a group of world-class mentors and the rest of the Techstars worldwide network from places like Orlando, Washington, D.C., San Diego, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, Louisville, and even one company whose co-founders are nomadic #vanlifers who could theoretically be…anywhere.

Over the next 13 weeks the founders and their mentors will work together to build enduring, scalable startups. If you’re an investor who would like to follow the class’ progress along the way, or request access to our virtual demo day  in April, email me and I’ll get you connected.

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The Crafter’s Box

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Online financial forecasting to help CEOs confidently forecast cash flows.


Making it easier and more affordable to buy good food from good farmers.


AI-powered global remote network empowering top talent to work remotely anywhere in the world, enabling diversity and economic inclusion.


Symba is cultivating world-class internship experiences.

Tot Squad

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The Vanlife App by Sekr

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Applications for the Techstars Anywhere Class of 2020 are now open!

Techstars Anywhere is Techstars’ (mostly) virtual accelerator. Over the course of the past 13 years, Techstars has invested in over 1900 companies and met with thousands of founders. For many founders, relocating for an accelerator just isn’t feasible. Maybe they have customers. Maybe they have employees. Maybe they are building something and need to be in their lab. Maybe they have families. We believe that great founders can start anywhere and for founders who can’t (or shouldn’t) relocate, Techstars Anywhere is the best accelerator on the planet.

For the majority of the thirteen-week mentorship-driven accelerator program, founders work from their home,office, local co-working space, lab, or wherever they usually work from. Three times during the program we convene in cities across the United States. Previously we’ve met in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boulder, and New York. While we’re on the road, founders get to know and support each other, and immerse themselves in the local alumni, mentor, and investor networks.

While Techstars Anywhere is virtual, founders participate in workshops, mentor sessions, meetings, and discussions that are scheduled around the Mountain Time zone in the US. For that reason, Techstars Anywhere is best for companies working between Pacific and Eastern US time zones.

Techstars Anywhere invests in founders building companies across a variety of industries — consumer or enterprise software, security, impact companies, hardware, IoT, and robotics. All companies are welcome to apply. Past companies to have gone through Techstars Anywhere include Smallhold, Qeepsake, Goodr, Trust & Will, DNSFilter, Lynq, Flikshop, Bloominous, Civic Eagle, Speedwell & Yarrow, and Parabol.

This year, we’re especially interested to meet companies building in the future of work space. If you’re thinking about what work looks like in the future–distributed work, culture building, HR and benefits, nomadism, urbanism, VR, communication tools, management tools, or anything else that will shape the way people work (and live)–we’d like to meet you.

If you’d like to apply for an office hours meeting to talk about your company or ask questions about Techstars Anywhere, you can do that here. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of available slots and won’t be able to meet with everyone.

We will also be offering a series of online info sessions that are open to everyone. You can RSVP for our first one, scheduled for July 31st @ 2pm PDT, HERE

For more updates and information, check back here or follow @techstars on Twitter.

Great founders come from Anywhere. We’re excited to meet you!

Keep building!

Presenting the Culmination of 13 Weeks of Techstars Anywhere

Techstars Anywhere is our only virtual accelerator program. By not requiring founders to relocate to a new city or coworking space, Techstars Anywhere is one of the most accessible accelerators in the world. At Techstars we are proud to offer world class founders the opportunity to join the Techstars worldwide network regardless of their ability to relocate for an accelerator.

The 2019 class of Techstars Anywhere represented exactly that – driven and exceptional founders whose circumstances hindered their ability to relocate for a traditional 13-week Techstars accelerator program. Six of the 10 teams included at least one working parent-one of whom was even pregnant with twins. One company was a later stage solo founder with 15 employees. Another company was founded by military veterans, both with kids at home. Six of the companies are remote first organizations. Coincidentally, one company even makes software for remote team meetings that we used to run our program meetings.

Techstars Anywhere met in person three times over the course of this year’s program. We started the program in Los Angeles, then met mid-program in Boulder, CO, and for the final week of the program we were in Brooklyn, NY. In between, the founders were at home in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle, Columbus, OH, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Minneapolis, Denver, San Francisco, New York, and Newark, NJ.

I always say that there are two steps to a great pitch. Step 1: Build a great business. Step 2: Tell people about it. Over the past 13 weeks this class of 10 incredible companies have been perfecting that first step with the invaluable contributions of an incredible group of #givefirst mentors.

Today, I’m excited to share the 10 companies.  


Make big purchases with the CAKE Visa Card and pay them off in easy, fixed monthly payments with a super-low-rate.

Co-founder and CEO, Brad Matthews,

Civic Eagle

We use automation & workflow management to help organizations manage government policy. Customers include Comcast and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Co-founder and CEO, Damola Ogundipe,


Cloud platform for augmented reality (AR) apps that provides tools & server-side infrastructure to help developers and companies quickly build and deploy AR applications and content.

Co-founder and CEO, Alon Grinshpoon,


A lending platform connecting revenue-generating, women-led businesses with up to $250K in non-dilutive capital while fueling the growth of women-led businesses.

Founder and CEO, Dr. Roshawnna Novellus,

Event Hub

The first exhibitor management platform and sponsorship marketplace for organizers of live events like the Los Angeles Marathon.

Co-founder and CEO, Michael Bleau,


Next generation platforms and tools for gamers and gaming content creators. Introducing Streambeing, the first Voice Powered AI assistant for Twitch live streamers.

Co-founder and CEO, Taseen Peterson,


Enabling enterprises to operate teams across time zones by running incredible meetings, building a timeline of important decisions, and generating insightful reports for managers.

Co-founder and CEO, Jordan Husney,


Connecting homeowners to home service pros via live video for real time assistance with troubleshooting, bidding, quality assurance and DIY support from any mobile device.

Co-founder and CEO, Todd Forsman,

Speedwell & Yarrow

Speedwell & Yarrow helps companies retain top talent and increase diversity with a smart, scalable, family concierge to help high-potential talent manage the craziness of their lives.

Co-founder and CEO, Lindsey Michaelides,


Bloominous is the nation’s largest and fastest growing wedding floral brand. To view the Bloominous pitch video, please contact Richard directly.

Founder and CEO, Richard Lim,


Our founders are excited to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out to any of them directly. You can also email me at with any questions about Techstars Anywhere or any of the companies from our 2019 class.

Keep building!

Techstars Anywhere Accelerator Welcomes 2019 Class

One of the themes we’ve seen from 12 years of running Techstars mentorship-driven accelerators around the world is that there are a lot of founders who for whatever reason can’t—or shouldn’t—relocate for three months to participate in an accelerator. Sometimes they have families, sometimes they have employees, sometimes they have customers. We asked ourselves: Can we provide them with a world class Techstars accelerator experience without making them move?

Techstars Anywhere Accelerator is our (mostly) remote accelerator program, delivered using technology and a bit of travel so that founders can continue to build their businesses from anywhere without needing to relocate to join a Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program. The goal of the Techstars Anywhere Accelerator is to create an accessible Techstars accelerator experience for great founders—anywhere.

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of the third class of Techstars Anywhere Accelerator, Techstars Class 158. This year, our program is focused on consumer and B2B technology companies working in the United States.

We are extraordinarily proud to have a fantastic 2019 class with founders from diverse backgrounds and locations. While a few founders come from startup hubs like New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, we also have founders building businesses in Columbus, OH, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, San Diego, Denver, Newark, NJ, and Seattle, and six of our startups are remote-first companies with teams distributed across multiple cities. There’s also a great deal of diversity across the group with six of the companies having at least one co-founder from a historically underrepresented group in tech. Over a third of our founders are women, and over a third are African American. Two founders are Marine Corps veterans (Oorah!). And there are plenty of parents in the class, including a first time dad to a five month old baby girl and one co-founder currently pregnant with twins, due just after Demo Day. By providing broader accessibility to the Techstars network, Techstars Anywhere helps great entrepreneurs start and build great companies just about anywhere.

I’d like to give special thanks to our mentors and partners who make Techstars Anywhere Accelerator possible, and a shout out to our accelerator team, Program Manager Kendra Dixon, and Operations Associate Leandro Jaime.

By making Techstars more accessible, we’re proud to be able to create a world class accelerator experience for world class founders who may not otherwise have had the opportunity.

Here are the companies in Techstars Class 158:


Los Angeles

Bloominous is the first nationwide, full-service wedding floral brand that combines technology with curated designs from celebrity florists to deliver personalized styles for every wedding in every town.

Civic Eagle

Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC

Civic Eagle’s SaaS platform leverages artificial intelligence to help enterprises and non-profits identify, track, and analyze legislation and regulations.

New York

echoAR is the world’s only AR-first CMS + CDN. echoAR is a cloud platform for augmented reality that helps developers and companies quickly build and deploy AR apps and content.


Atlanta and Washington, DC

EnrichHER is a crowdfunded lending platform for women led businesses that makes it easy for investors to provide affordable and non-dilutive capital to women led ventures.

events locker
Los Angeles and Seattle

events locker is a cloud-based exhibitor management platform that streamlines operations for live event organizers, which ties into a first-of-its-kind lead generating sponsorship marketplace.


Newark, NJ

Gamefuly enables esports video game skill development through a peer-to-peer online marketplace connecting gamers who want to learn with esports experts who want to earn. Gamefuly is like Coursera, but for esports!


Los Angeles and Brooklyn

Parabol provides high-performance collaboration and retrospective meeting SaaS for remote and distributed teams that creates accountability, transparency, and autonomy while surfacing valuable employee engagement insights.


San Diego and Washington DC

QuickCarl connects homeowners to the home services pros with the expertise they need to troubleshoot and solve problems in the home—in real time from any mobile device.

Speedwell & Yarrow
Columbus, OH

Speedwell & Yarrow helps busy professionals make the most of life outside the office while offering employers an innovative way to support the next generation of leaders.

Denver and San Francisco

Summed gives you the convenience of shopping like a credit card, but with the benefit of repaying your balance like a low-rate installment loan. We offer APRs on average 50% lower than traditional credit cards.

Upcoming Online Info Sessions for Techstars Anywhere

This summer Techstars Anywhere has spent some time on the road meeting founders in Portland, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, and San Diego, and Washington DC. But we know that part of what makes Techstars Anywhere great is that you don’t have to be in any particular city to participate. So we’re hosting two upcoming online info sessions to provide an overview of the Techstars Anywhere Accelerator and answer any questions you may have about how Techstars’ only virtual accelerator works.

You can RSVP for the sessions here: Friday September 21, 10am PT or Thursday October 4, noon PT

Techstars Anywhere is our (mostly) virtual accelerator. We say (mostly) because we do get together in person three times during the program. The rest is done online using video conferencing and other tools to deliver a full world class accelerator experience. The program is built on the same platform as every Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program, features an amazing group of mentors, provides full access to the Techstars network, and has the same investment as all Techstars accelerators. Because of the nature of the program, Techstars Anywhere is best suited to teams working in time zones across the continental United States.

Techstars Anywhere is a great option for founders who are building great companies in markets where access to resources from outside their region could be a game changer, but they either can’t (or shouldn’t) move to a new city for 13 weeks. Maybe you’ve got a team of employees that you can’t leave. Maybe you’ve got customers that rely on you to be there for them. Maybe you’ve got a family. We believe that great founders can come from anywhere, and we’re here to support those founders as only Techstars can.

Please join us for these online info sessions. We also have a limited number of office hours appointments available. You can apply for office hours here.

Keep building, and Do More Faster!

Introducing Techstars Class 117, the Techstars Anywhere Class of 2018

Just over a year ago, we thought we’d try something new. What if instead of making founders relocate for three months to participate in one of our world class mentorship driven Techstars accelerators, we used technology to bring Techstars to them? They could participate from, well, #anywhere! And with that thought in mind, Techstars Anywhere, our (mostly) virtual accelerator was born.

This year, we opened applications for Techstars Anywhere to the public for the first time and had an amazing response from founders around the globe. In fact, 52% of our applications were from outside of the United States. As we worked to find the 10 founding teams that would be part of this class, we ended up focused on time zones within the United States and Canada to ensure that the companies could participate to the fullest. It was an incredibly competitive applicant pool that resulted in a less than 1 percent acceptance rate.

We refer to Techstars Anywhere as our (mostly) virtual accelerator because while most of the time is spent remotely, we think it’s important to spend time together in person too. For this program we spent the last week together in Los Angeles and we’ll be meeting up again in Boulder and then in San Francisco. The rest of the program we leverage the amazing Techstars network to provide remote access to the best mentors and investors in the world.

Here’s a photo of Techstars Anywhere in Los Angeles last week with Techstars Alum and founder of SendGrid, Isaac Saldana:

As we get ready to dive in to meeting with mentors and helping these 10 founding teams succeed, it’s my pleasure to introduce the Techstars Anywhere Class of 2018, Techstars Class 117:

StoryTap, from Vancouver, BC, creates the easiest way for marketers to get quality authentic brand directed video testimonials from their customers.

Trust & Will, from San Diego, CA, is modernizing estate planning for millennials. Create a complete and legal will in 15 minutes or less.

Flikshop, from Washington, DC, turns photos from your phone into physical postcards to help families stay connected to their incarcerated loved ones.

DNSFilter, from Washington DC, provides IT professionals with a cloud based solution that allows them to manage their user’s online experience and protect them from security threats. out of Boston, MA, uses AI to help teams identify, evaluate and hire the best engineers based on both technical and cultural fit.

Queen of Raw, from New York, is a marketplace connecting designers with manufacturers’ unused raw materials, increasing profit, reducing waste, and revolutionizing supply chains.

BioInteractive Technologies, also from Vancouver BC, makes a wristband that allows users to control any connected device, hands free.

TokenClub, from Halifax, Nova Scotia, offers a monthly subscription to curated and vetted ICO tokens.

Goodr, from Atlanta, GA, is a sustainable waste management company that leverages technology to redirect surplus food from food service providers to the millions of people who are food insecure.

Lynq, from New York, provides long distance location anywhere in the world – stay connected for miles without phones, networks, maps or infrastructure.

Techstars Anywhere: We’re Looking for Magic…Wherever You Are Building It

Techstars is excited to announce that we’re expanding the Techstars Anywhere startup accelerator to a full 10 company class and will be launching our second Techstars Anywhere class in January of 2018. Applications open July 24, 2017. I will continue to be the managing director and Karina Costa will continue as program director.

In February of 2017, we launched our beta class of Techstars Anywhere, our first virtual accelerator. We invested in four great companies who for various reasons relocating or co-working wasn’t the best option for them. They were an AI company with a distributed remote team, an Ag Tech team who worked a farm (in Brooklyn!), a founder with five kids, and a solo CEO from San Diego. Together, they comprised the beta class of Techstars Anywhere and they thrived. They learned from Techstars, and we learned from them.

Techstars Anywhere is a full Techstars mentorship-driven accelerator program in every sense. Founders will work closely with a world class team of mentors to #domorefaster in an intense 13 week accelerator program. With no geographical boundaries, Techstars Anywhere leverages the Worldwide Network of Techstars to bring an individually tailored mentorship approach to companies in any industry, technology or market.

Several times during the program, we’ll travel to different Techstars accelerator locations to meet local alumni, mentors, investors, and to develop the peer relationships that are so important to Techstars founders. While the accelerator schedule will be on the Mountain time zone, participating companies can be located anywhere.

Our investment in each company will be exactly the same as every Techstars Accelerator program: 6% of common stock in exchange for the program, the mentorship, and $20k. Every company will also have access to the standard $100k Techstars convertible note. Every offer we make is backed by Techstars’ Equity Back Guarantee.

Arthur C. Clarke’s third law famously says that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If you’re building technology that feels like magic, we’d love to meet you. Sign up for our email list to get updates on Techstars Anywhere meetups, webinars, and news on the application process.

If you’ve got questions, please join us for an open AMA session on August 2. Click here to RSVP.

Applications will open on July 24th. Techstars Anywhere 2018 will kick off in late January. See our FAQ here.

Celebrating Community at San Diego Startup Week

My family moved to San Diego when my grandfather enlisted in the Navy during World War II. After the war, he opened a gas station in Pacific Beach. It wasn’t a tech company, but he was an entrepreneur. And he built his small business with the support of his community.

Today, nearly 70 years later, San Diego is a thriving tech hub, attracting over one billion dollars in venture capital last year. With great universities like UCSD churning out top tier tech talent, and big companies like Illumina and Qualcomm attracting the best engineers to San Diego, the quality of companies starting up and growing in San Diego is at an all time high.

Home to startups in genomics, life sciences, pharma, biotech, cyber security, drones, robotics, and software, the thing that makes San Diego a great place to start a company is the community. If you ask San Diego entrepreneurs what they like best about growing a company here, they’ll tell you that everyone is welcome and San Diego embodies #givefirst.

San Diego Startup Week, a week of entrepreneurial-focused panels and networking events, celebrates and supports this amazing community of entrepreneurs, hackers, makers, and doers that have chosen to set up shop in America’s Finest City.

Over the past few years, San Diego Startup Week has grown from a few hundred people at a handful of events to this year nearly 5,000 attendees attending over 150 events in 15 separate tracks making it one of the largest Startup Week celebrations in the world.

This year, San Diego Startup Week is happening June 19th – 23rd. Techstars is proud to support the San Diego startup community and partner with the organizers of San Diego Startup Week to host a full day of events on Tuesday, June 20th featuring Techstars founders, mentors, Managing Directors, and staff.

Techstars Presents at San Diego Startup Week:

9:30 AM – Power of Networks and Community
John Hill, Network Catalyst, Techstars

10:45 AM – The Art of the Elevator Pitch
Ryan Kuder, Managing Director, Techstars Anywhere

12:15 PM – How to Leverage Big Brands
Panel Moderator: Ryan Kuder
Cody Simms, Executive Director, Techstars
Matt Kozlov, Managing Director, Techstars

1:30 PM – Finding and Engaging with Great Mentors (and Why it’s Important)
Panel Moderator: Ryan Kuder
Techstars founders: Duncan Street, Emily Rotolo
Mentors: Anna Barber, Mark Bowles

3:15 PM – Techstars Mentor Madness
Unfortunately, we’ve got limited space for the Techstars Mentor Madness event. If you’re interested in meeting with Techstars Mentors and Managing Directors, please apply here.
Managing Directors: Anna Barbara, Cody Simms, Matt Kozlov, Ryan Kuder
Mentors: Mark Bowles, Allison Long Pettine, Bach Le, Dave Titus, Ping Wang, Jon Belmonte, Eric Otterson, Bryan Hall

4:30 PM – AMA with Techstars MDs
Panel Moderator: Matt Helt
Anna Barber, Matt Kozlov, Ryan Kuder, Cody Simms

We hope you’ll join us to celebrate the San Diego startup community at one of the 150 events planned for the week. Find out more, and check out the full schedule at

Techstars Anywhere: Bringing Techstars to the Founder

Techstars is always about learning, innovating and experimenting.

This year, with 25 accelerator programs worldwide, Techstars will make around 275 investments in startups. Along the way, we’ll look at thousands of companies and talk to as many founders.

One of the things we’ve learned over the past ten years, is that our model of requiring companies to pack up and move somewhere works amazingly well, but it also means that there are some really great companies that we just can’t work with. Maybe they’ve got family obligations. Maybe the teams are distributed. Maybe it’s an exceptionally talented solo founder working with contractors on an early prototype. Or maybe the business just requires the founders to be in a particular place or on-site. 

Bringing Techstars to the Founder

Given today’s distributed nature of work and collaboration, we can provide a full Techstars experience to these founders by giving them Techstars Anywhere, a new offering built on the Techstars accelerator platform and driven by the exceptional Techstars network of founders, mentors, and investors around the globe. We make decisions based on our Founder First mentality and with this in mind, we are bringing Techstars to the founder. We identified a need in the market – and we’ve built this product to address the need.

This week, we’re launching Techstars Anywhere (BETA), our first virtual Techstars accelerator program designed for companies for whom a co-location requirement is not feasible, but for whom a Techstars accelerator experience could be a game changer.

The Anywhere team (me, our Chief Innovation Officer, Nicole Glaros, and Program Director, Karina Costa) are a bit of a startup ourselves. Karina has run virtual mentoring programs previously and we’ve learned a lot about how to make it work. We’ve developed a hypothesis about how to deliver an outstanding accelerator experience online – one that is free from geographic constraints and with flexibility built in. We’re excited to launch our beta with four great companies, carefully selected to help us learn and refine our model.

Learning and Iterating with this Prototype

It’s important to note that we fully expect to learn things we didn’t know before. Having worked with over 1,000 startups in our accelerators already, we know that once you expose an early product or a prototype to your first customers, you learn a lot. And it’s important to us that when it comes to investing in companies in a new and innovative way, that we are the ones who assume the risk if things go wrong–not the founders.

That’s why we offer our Equity Back Guarantee to ensure that if the experience we think we expect to deliver isn’t what we actually deliver, our founders have an opportunity to take back their equity, no questions asked. Techstars is the only accelerator program that does this.

Four Hand Picked Companies

During our most recent application cycle, we worked closely with all of our U.S.-based accelerator programs to try to identify founders who we thought would benefit from a virtual accelerator — great companies for whom a virtual experience could add MORE value than an in-person one.

We’ve hand-picked these four companies and we’ll be using the next thirteen weeks to build an industry and geographically relevant network around them, introduce them to amazing mentors from across the country, and help them prepare their companies for growth.

Presenting the inaugural class of Techstars Anywhere (BETA):

Smallhold is an urban agriculture technology company based in Brooklyn, NY. Founders Andrew and Adam have developed an innovative way to more efficiently grow mushrooms and other crops in a distributed farming network and distribute those crops to restaurants and markets around New York. They spend most of their days working on their farm and in their lab. Techstars Anywhere will allow them to tend to their crops while leveraging a full Techstars program with dirt on their hands. builds AI that can take notes for you during your meetings and phone calls. While they work together occasionally, most of the time CEO Shishir is at a coworking space in New York while cofounder Chris works from home in Philadelphia. They’re a distributed team that can keep their current pace, in two cities, without breaking their routine.

Qeepsake helps parents keep a baby book for their kids by answering age appropriate and topical questions about their kids via text message. Everyday, Qeepsake texts parents a question like, “What’s Charlie’s favorite food?” CEO Jeff and his wife Stephanie started the company based on a very real need he had–Jeff is the father of 5 kids in Boston, MA. Jeff works from home to be close to his family. His co-founder Duncan is based across the country in San Diego, California. (Duncan has no kids if you were wondering).

What Tax Form founder Emily is a solo founder based in San Diego. What Tax Form takes the WTF out of employee onboarding paperwork by providing a clean and simple interface to generate the most common new employee tax related documents. Emily works with a team of full and part time employees and contractors. Techstars Anywhere will allow Emily to have a full Techstars experience while allowing her to stay near her contractors and employees who normally wouldn’t relocate with her for an accelerator program.

Our goal is that these great companies learn an enormous amount from their Techstars Anywhere experience. And we hope to learn from them, too. Just like any good startup, we’ll be testing and iterating on tools and processes to ensure we’re constantly focused on creating a better product for our customers — the founders.

The entire Techstars team is excited about innovating new ways to better serve founders, and Techstars Anywhere is another step on our journey to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Announcing the First Class of the Virgin Media Accelerator Powered by Techstars

I’m excited to announce the first class of companies accepted to the Virgin Media Accelerator, powered by Techstars, in London. Companies from 71 countries around the world applied to come to London for the summer to be a part of this inaugural class to work side by side with world class mentors from Virgin Media and the Techstars London startup community.

When we launched the Virgin Media Accelerator, we set out to find companies that complemented not only Virgin Media’s business, but its brand as well. We worked to find and recruit companies who had technologies, businesses, and founders that are a good fit for Virgin Media and who had the potential to become world changing companies for their industries.

We’re excited about the potential these companies and founders have to become industry leaders. By leveraging the expertise, mentorship and resources that Virgin Media and Techstars have to offer, we are anticipating big things to come!

The ten companies in the first class of the Virgin Media Accelerator, powered by Techstars, are:

Ecoisme |

Ecoisme is an IoT device that can detect the unique electrical signature of your home’s appliances and electrical devices allowing you to monitor energy usage on a device by device level which lets homeowners and businesses conserve energy and cut costs.

From Poland | @ecoisme

GoalShouter |

GoalShouter allows supporters of non-professional football clubs (and other sports teams) to record and report stats during every match which provides fans who are not at the match to follow along in real-time, creating a tighter connection between the club and it’s supporters.

From Italy | @GoalShouterITA

KonnectAgain |

KonnectAgain is a corporate alumni network for companies to keep engaged and up to date with their ex-employees. KonnectAgain helps create active groups of alumni which allow the company to share news, recruit, and foster community among their former employees.

From Ireland | @KonnectAgain

Synervoz |

Synervoz develops always-on voice communications software. Its flagship app, TurnMeUp, uses voice activity detection to automatically adjust volumes when somebody speaks, allowing people to listen to music and talk at the same time while wearing headphones.

From Toronto, CA | @turnmeupapp

Rally Networks |

Rally is a rapid device charging network that helps developers and enterprises drive mobile app downloads and high-value ad engagements. Customers at retail locations can charge their phone for free after downloading an app or engaging with an interactive ad.

From Los Angeles, CA | @rally_networks

Repairly |

Repairly connects people with local engineers to fix their electrical devices on-demand. Customers are assured the lowest price from the highest quality providers with quick turnaround.

From UK | @repairly

Sponsokit |

Sponsokit matches sponsors and brands with YouTubers to produce custom videos that place the right products in front of the right consumers. It’s the easiest way for brands to find the right YouTuber for whatever campaign they’re planning.

From Germany | @sponsokit

Stepsize |

Stepsize’s desktop app and website helps programmers to find, reuse, and collaborate on code snippets so that they can be more productive. Stepsize’s mission is to make software development more accessible, efficient and powerful.

From UK | @StepsizeHQ

TelToo |

TelToo saves video content publishers up to 80% on bandwidth costs by creating a seamless P2P CDN for video distribution. There’s no software for users to download or plugins to install. Just watch the video. TelToo does the rest.

From Spain | @teltoo_cdn

Wizdish |

The WizDish ROVR is an omni-directional Virtual Reality treadmill that allows you to navigate VR worlds simply by walking. By allowing users to move around using a real world walking motion ROVR creates a much more engaging experience than using game console style controllers to navigate in Virtual Reality.

From UK | @wizdish