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Hunted! Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt Joins Global Startup Battle As Judge


We’re extremely excited to welcome Ryan Hoover, Founder and CEO of Product Hunt to the Champion’s Track as a judge. He will join:

  • Mary Grove, Google for Entrepreneurs
  • David Brown, Techstars
  • Danielle Morrill, Mattermark
  • Wade Foster, Zapier
  • Leslie Jump, Startup Angels
  • Jonathan Ortmans, Global Entrepreneurship Network
  • Rand Fishkin, Moz
  • Tallis Gomes, Easy Taxi
  • Frank Gruber, Tech Cocktail

Product Hunt is a key way to discover new tools and services and a must-read for entrepreneurs. Frank Denbow of Startup Threads (A Startup Weekend company and highly “hunted” Product Hunt startup says, “As an entrepreneur, I follow both Product Hunt and Startup Weekend really closely, they share a common desire to build community around innovation, having Ryan as a judge is a perfect fit and a win for the startup community.”

Please join us in welcoming Ryan to Global Startup Battle by using this click to tweet!

Welcome to @StartupBattle @rrhoover, we’re happy you’re here! #GSB2015 @ProductHunt @StartupWeekend @Techstars

Global Startup Battle 2015 is well underway, follow the action at and jump into the Hashtag Battle. There’s still time to find a Startup Weekend to join as well!

Can’t make Startup Weekend, but want to compete? Here’s how.


A New Startup Weekend Website Just In Time For Global Startup Battle!

We’re excited to announce a new online home for Startup Weekend. The new site is something we’ve been working toward for a while and today we’re finally setting it free.

Just in time for Global Startup Battle, the world’s biggest startup competition, the new site is here to make it much easier to find a Startup Weekend. You can now search by Region, Edition, or by using the Map view.


pasted image 0

GSB 2015 will feature:

  • 5 Themed Tracks to compete in, including a new Open Track that invites teams from everywhere to join the fun for the first time ever
  • Huge prizes to help your startup move forward
  • Big name judges
  • A global hashtag battle

Learn more about the competition and how you can participate at

Find an event near you and be a part of the rally for innovation!

An initiative created by Startup Weekend, Global Startup Battle aims to generate a stronger global community of entrepreneurs through the largest startup competition in the world. During the weekend prior to and following Global Entrepreneurship Week, hundreds of Startup Weekend and other Techstars Community Programs are hosted around the world. Winning teams from each event move forward to compete with one another via a global video competition. Global Startup Battle enriches the global entrepreneurial community by creating a sense of inclusion between startup teams around the world.

These Are the Events You’re Looking For

The first thing you’ll notice is that when you land on the site, it already knows where you are and suggests you check out events nearby. No searching or filtering, simple click ‘Go!’ and you’ll be shown a list of events close to you.

near me 2Click ‘More Info’ to learn more about the event or simply proceed to getting tickets. That’s just two clicks to get you an event!

Near Me

We imagine this is how most people will use the event finder, but for those that know what they’re looking for, we added some other ways to slice and dice:

Search and View by….

By Region:

Perhaps you’re a Facilitator traveling to another part of the world and want to see what’s happening. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur on vacation and want to connect with the local scene. Whatever the case, you can use the Region view, you can easily zoom into a part of the world and find an event.

By Region

By Edition/Theme:

Looking for a specific type of event? Particularly interested in Education or maybe Space events? Our Editions view will help you find events related to a specific topic or industry.

By Edition

By Map:

Visual person? Just want to see what the global landscape looks like? Feeling nostalgic? This new and improved map will help you find an event anywhere in the world. You can also have it show historical events or just what is upcoming.

By Map

Have another way you’d like to see the events organized? Let us know by sending an email to with #swredesign in the subject line and it will go right to the project team for consideration and prioritization.

See you at Startup Weekend soon!

The Wait Is Finally Over, Introducing the New Online Home of Startup Weekend

Calling all Organizers, Facilitators, Coaches, Mentors, Judges, Attendees, Alumni and Entrepreneurs everywhere: We can’t begin to describe how excited we are to finally introduce a brand new website for Startup Weekend!

For all of those that dealt with that awful map, the confusing clouds, Nickelodeon color scheme, or were made anxious by the strange clock machine thing, we thank you for pushing through. Today, we have a site that we believe is worthy of representing all of you amazing members of the Startup Weekend community.

Let’s take a brief moment to say goodbye to our old friend. But before we do, I have a few questions I’ve been dying to ask for too long:

  1. We haven’t used this logo in like….2 years?
  2. Social icon style circa 2011?
  3. Why clouds exactly? Why is the Google one different? Is it going to rain?!
  4. Really? I have to click one of those little arrows until I hopefully come across an event near me?
  5. What the heck is this little machine? The beakers seem afraid of it.

X. Don’t even try to go there and use that map, headaches ensue.

Alright, I’ll ease up. The truth is, that site got us to this point. For these years of service, we thank you. Now, drumroll please…

The Long Anticipated New Site Is Here:


GO Button


What makes this site awesome?

Completely revamped Search function! Check out Steven Chau’s post covering the new ways you can filter and view events.

  • Auto geo-locate
  • Filters by Edition, by ‘Region’
  • Visual Map (this one really works!)

Optimized content. Admittedly, we tried to do too much in one place with the old site. The result was a confusing experience. With this new site, we focused on building something that did ONE thing really well: Help entrepreneurs find events, and thus, their community. Instead of 5-10 clicks to find what they’re looking for, they can do it in 1 or 2. We’re excited to offer a place that clearly describes why Startup Weekend is valuable to entrepreneurs and supports our Organizers in selling tickets more easily.

Glorious Design. The design and tech team here at Techstars have done a fantastic job of bringing Startup Weekend into 2015 while maintaining the lovability of the brand. It is easy to navigate, nice to look at, and just plain works. Go ahead, take a look around!

For Organizers and Facilitators:

Visit to check out the Organizer specific section of the new site.

  • No change for event listings: Events will still be managed through CLT as normal, you do not have to do anything different for your event to show up on the new site.
  • A/B testing is underway. Over time we will continue perfecting and tweaking the copy on the site to support ticket sales. If you have suggestions or something you think we should test, please email The more quickly this site gets potential attendees to your event page, the better.
  • Translations: For this initial launch, we’re not supporting translations. However, we plan to and will be adding them in priority order based on site use. Currently, French follows English with 5.60% of visitors, then Portuguese with 3.84%, and then Spanish at 3.35% (data since 2013).
  • Everything is still there! It may just have a new home. One of the key efforts in making this site better was rethinking the structure of information. If you’re looking for a page and can’t find it, we’re here to help, but we think the new layout will make things much easier to find.

What’s Next?

  • Bug fixes and improvements. We could use any help you’re able to give in helping us squash bugs and give us insight from testing in the field. In true startup form, this site is not perfect, we wanted to get it out there and start gathering information we can use to improve it.
  • Community Sites: We’re working through the strategy with Community Sites (currently on That includes how they will look, where they will live, how you will manage information on them, and even the backend we’re using. This is a huge undertaking with implications throughout the Organization, so we’re being very methodical. For now, we won’t be making any changes, but we do plan on nailing down a roadmap for that going into 2016.

Let us know what you think of the new site in the Organizer or Facilitator Facebook Group or email us at and use #swredesign in the subject line. We’re excited to continue improving this as an effective tool for all of us and as a helpful, welcoming starting point for entrepreneurs everywhere.

 The People Behind the New Site:


Startup Weekend and Haier M-Lab team up to power Startup Weekend Youth Maker in China

Today Startup Weekend (part of Techstars Community Programs) is excited to announce we have partnered with Haier M-Lab in China. Startup Weekend and Haier M-Lab are combining forces to launch a China-wide initiative: Startup Weekend Youth Maker.

youth-maker-background (1)

Startup Weekend Youth Maker is bringing Startup Weekend and hardware innovation to Chinese universities. Starting this fall 2015, events will be held across the country for university students. It aims to bring more makers and entrepreneurs into mentorship-driven, hardware innovation.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.11.58 PM

Haier is considered one of China’s most innovative companies, according to a 2014 report by Fast Company. Headquartered in Qingdao, China, Haier has world’s largest market share in white goods (large electrical goods used domestically such as refrigerators and washing machines, etc.). The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells a wide-range of products such as air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones and more.

M-Lab is an innovation project from Haier that serves as incubation platform for early stage projects and entrepreneurs at Chinese universities. Haier M-Lab has both online and offline operations for cultivating these ecosystems. They value innovation, openness, and collaboration across the whole platform–making it a great fit for the Startup Weekend model.

M-Lab also integrates leading companies around the world, maker spaces, venture capitalists, supply chain resources and sales channels (online and offline). Thus, it is able to provide a multidisciplinary, ideation and incubation system, including interactive experience with smart products, open source software, business plan creation, investment, prototyping, manufacturing, marketing, and much more.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 6.10.16 PM

Photos from the first Startup Weekend Maker Edition in Qingdao, China in May 2015. Simultaneous Startup Weekend Maker events were held in Paris and Brussels.

M-Lab and Startup Weekend have actually already successfully worked together on the first Startup Weekend Maker in Qingdao on May 29-31. Hosted at Haier’s corporate headquarters, the event brought together local participants, students and Haier employees. After 54 hours, multiple teams had successfully created prototypes. On Sunday they pitched their business visions to an expert panel of judges. These included Liu Daping (刘达平) from Yeelink, Wang Shenglin (⺩盛林) from Beijing Maker Space, Daniel Litster from Hynergy and several others. Several projects are still on-going.

At present, Haier continues to innovate and created amazing new products. It has multiple, innovation initiatives both internal and external. M-Lab is a new initiative focusing on internet of things and maker hardware projects.

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, representatives from Haier, Haier M-Lab, Startup Weekend and other partners held a joint media announcement event in one of Beijing’s innovation space. Innovation and startup experts discussed the challenges for startups and makers in China and differences with international startup scene.


Song Fen, Founder of Haier M-Lab, present past and future ambitions for China’s Youth Makers.


Mark Koester, Regional Development for Greater China for Techstars Community Program, presents the history of Startup Weekend and the Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Startup Weekend Youth Maker will combine Startup Weekend’s classic 54-hour model of ideation, team formation and business development with hardware prototyping. Teams and participants will get expert mentorship from Haier and community partners. Post-event, M-Lab will bring new opportunities for top projects. They plan to provide on-going mentorship, funding, incubation and access to Haier’s resources.

Beyond the weekend and even beyond China, the hope is to bring top Chinese project to the US via programs like Startup Next and one day even to Techstars’ hardware and robotics Accelerators.

Starting this September, we will be hosting Startup Weekend Youth Maker at universities in the following cities: Beijing, Hangzhou, Harbin, Jinan, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Qingdao among others. M-Lab also joins as one of Startup Weekend’s China national sponsors. Haier joins Servcorp, Qingcloud and EFC in their support of Startup Weekend in China. With this support, community programs will continue to grow in the Greater China Region.

Startup Weekend (part of Techstars Community Programs) is proud to partner with Haier M-Lab to help build communities, strengthen ecosystems and to educate the next generation of Youth Makers.


Team from Haier M-Lab celebrating their successful media event for Youth Maker and Startup Weekend Youth Maker

More about Haier’s innovative spirit:

As a company, Haier’s origins date back to the early 1920s. It has a long history of dedication to innovation. Haier’s former leader Zhang Ruimin is well-known in China for his dramatic act of corporate rejuvenation for the company.

Arriving in 1984, Zhang focused on improving quality. After discovering major quality problems in their inventory of refrigerators, he took a bold step. He famously had the several faulty refrigerators lined up on the factory floor. Sledgehammers were distributed to the employees, and Zhang ordered them to destroy the refrigerators. This symbolic act sparked a company rebirth.

U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry Visits Startup Weekend ASEAN To Encourage Young Entrepreneurs 

8/5/2015, Kuala Lumpur – JW Marriott


“You can make all the difference in the world…and we’re counting on you to do it,” Secretary Kerry said while speaking to an excited group of Startup Weekenders yesterday. The entrepreneurs came from all over Southeast Asia to participate in Generation Startup Weekend (aka Startup Weekend ASEAN), an effort led by Techstars Community Programs and its partners at Magic, YSEALI, and the U.S. State Department to bolster entrepreneurship in Malaysia and the ASEAN region as a whole.

The energy in the room was extraordinary, with entrepreneurs cheering on almost every one of Kerry’s points and excitedly telling him about the startups they were currently working on. He showed a genuine interest in the projects and was particularly excited about a handful of teams and individuals:

  • Navnidh Bhalla (Singapore) and Hans Ivander (Indonesia) from Forest Fire Solution a Drone Technology designed to help firefighters battling large fires
  • Louise Ivan Payawal (Philippines) from Apollo Asia a Solar and Kinetic Energy Powered Wireless Charging solution. They formed a team with members from four different countries which included Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia and actually ended up winning the Startup Weekend.
  • Brian Soo Hon Wye (Malaysia) from NomNom a Social Mobile Food Application
  • Patricia Wong (Malaysia) from Hearts2Offer a Youth Volunteer Portal Top 9 SW ASEAN. Her team consisted of members from three different countries which included Myanmar, Brunei and Malaysia.
  • Nazreen Mohamad (Malaysia) from Readiscuss an Online Social Debate Portal

Kerry went on to explain how important it is for this generation to drive entrepreneurship forward and that there is an incredible opportunity to change the world for the better upon us.

“Life is defined by making life better for others and giving back to one’s community,” Kerry said toward the end of his comments.

He closed by reminding everyone not to listen to the cynics, not to ever be embarrassed or think twice about being excited about something, to go for it and pursue what you want.

As Kerry and his group filed out, the entrepreneurs returned to Startup Weekend which has now concluded. The winners from the Apollo Asia team will take part in the first Techstars Community Summit for Community Leaders starting on Friday August 7th. They also won a sponsored trip to the United States to meet U.S. entrepreneurs and technology incubators.

You can learn more about the Summit taking place this weekend here.

Techstars and UP Global Have Joined Forces!

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Thanks for stopping by! Here you’ll find a ton of information all about the exciting news that Techstars and UP Global have come together to strengthen and support startup communities around the world. We have FAQs, live chat, and forums for you to post Ideas, Concerns, or Questions.

We’ll also keep this area updated with all the stories, links, blog posts, and more that will go up throughout the day and next couple weeks.

View the recording from the LIVE address with: 

  • David Cohen and David Brown, Co-Founders and Managing Partners of Techstars
  • Marc Nager, now Chief Community Officer of Techstars
  • Brad Feld, Co-Founder of Techstars and Managing Director at Foundry Group
  • Trey Bowles, Dallas Community Leader

View our past Q&A sessions!

  • With Marc Nager, David Brown – View
  • With Marc Nager – View
  • With Marc Nager, David Brown – View
  • With Marc Nager, David Brown, David Cohen, Scott Case, and Brad Feld – View

Press and Links:


Community – U.S. Community Leader Agreement FAQ

What is the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?
How can I use the Techstars brand in relation to my event or program?
What events does the CLA apply to?
Do I need to re-sign the CLA for each new event or year I organize?

What regions does this apply to?
What happens if I don’t accept the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?

Why does the Community Leader Agreement only apply to the United States?

Do facilitators from outside the U.S. who facilitate in the U.S. need to sign the Community Leader Agreement?

How do I review and accept the Community Leader Agreement (CLA)?
If I make use of resources/processes I've developed previously and independently while organizing or running an event, am I relinquishing the rights to my work?
What about the Terms of Service (TOS) for using things like Community Leader Tools (CLT)?

Community – General

Why did Techstars acquire UP Global?
What aspects of UP Global will remain the same? What will change?
What are the major things that will change?
How does this make business sense for Techstars?
How does this make business sense for UP Global?
Does the mission change? How does this affect the efforts to support worldwide entrepreneurship?
What will happen to Startup Weekend?
Where will the profits from Startup Weekend go?
What will happen to Startup Week?
What will happen to Startup Next?
What will happen to Startup Digest?
Will Global Startup Battle still happen in 2015?
What will happen to Startup America?
What will happen to the Education Entrepreneurs community and programs?
What will happen to the UP Global brand?
Will Techstars open more programs in UP Global locations?
Will the current program structure of Techstars be affected?
Is Techstars now the only accelerator option for Startup Weekend and Startup Next teams?
Is UP Global being acquired because of financial constraints? Is this related to the recent layoffs?
How will Techstars and Startup Weekend work together in joint locations?
UP Global works with many other partners and organizations, so why Techstars?
Will the current UP Global sponsors be making the transition?
Was the UP Global Community sold to Techstars?
Why is UP Global turning from a nonprofit into a for-profit?
How does this acquisition affect UP Global international offices?

Community – Community Leaders

How will the acquisition affect current Community Leaders?
As a Community Leader, how will this help me continue to build my community? Are there new resources available?
As a Community Leader, how can I get involved in Techstars?
If, while organizing or running an event, I make use of resources/processes I've developed previously and independently, am I relinquishing the rights to my work?
As an UP Global Community Leader, what will my access be to the Techstars network?
As an UP Global Community Leader, will their be any new branding requirements from Techstars?
What will happen with UP Global tech assets (SWOOP, Blog posts, Community sites)?
As a Community Leader, do I now become an employee of Techstars?
As an UP Global Community Leader, do I have any new responsibilities? Do I have to promote the Techstars brand and programs?
As an UP Global Community Leader, how does this affect my interaction with local competitors of Techstars?
What will happen to the Community Chest model?
Why should I continue to serve as a Community Leader now that you’re a for-profit organization?
Now that programs are no longer part of a nonprofit organization, can I profit from being a Community Leader?
What if I have more questions or would like to talk to someone?
As an UP Global Community Leader, will my point of contact change?
As an UP Global Community Leader, if I'm not based in a location where Techstars is present, will that affect the support I receive? How?
How will this affect the global and regional summits UP Global has historically hosted?

Community – Attendees

As an attendee at an UP Global program, will there be anything different?

Community – HQ

Will there be layoffs?

General Public FAQ

Why did Techstars acquire UP Global? How are you better together?
How does this affect each organization’s mission/vision?
How does the for-profit / nonprofit designation work?
How does this make business sense for Techstars?
How does this merger extend the Techstars reach globally?
How does this make business sense for UP Global?
What aspects of UP Global will remain the same? What will change?
What aspects of Techstars will remain the same? What will change?
Where will the joint entity be headquartered?
Will Startup Weekend or Startup Week change?
Will Startup Next change?
Will Techstars open more programs in UP Global locations?
How will the acquisition affect employees?
What will the relationship with Google for Entrepreneurs and other partners be?
What will the new leadership team look like?
Will UP Global teams (from Startup Weekend, Startup Next) now be funneled into Techstars?
Where does the money from Startup Weekend now go?
Will Techstars now own my Startup Weekend idea?
Will Techstars change the UP Global business model for Startup Weekend?
Will Startup Weekend locations now be restricted in any way?
How will the two communities integrate with each other?
What is happening to the UP Global Board of Directors?
How does the acquisition affect the efforts to support worldwide entrepreneurship?
What are the combined milestones over the next year for the joint entity?
How do I get involved in Techstars?
What happens to the UP Global brand?
Will the current program structure of Techstars be affected?

Techstars and UP Global Come Together to Strengthen and Support Startup Communities Around the World

Today, we’re excited to announce that UP Global is becoming part of Techstars.

Replay the LIVE address from Marc Nager, David Brown, David Cohen, Brad Feld, and Trey Bowles

General Announcement

Together we will help accelerate the pace of innovation by strengthening the path for entrepreneurs, providing better support for entrepreneurial communities, and helping to grow the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

From the earliest days of its founding, Startup Weekend has been strongly linked to Techstars. Andrew Hyde founded Startup Weekend in 2007 as the first employee of Techstars and ran the very first event with the teams from the first Techstars class. As the years progressed, Startup Weekend and its community grew into UP Global and scaled out of the Techstars Seattle basement to our own office just across the street. As of Summer 2014, we once again share offices in Startup Hall.

But beyond time and place, we share a common mission of bringing entrepreneurship to more people and more places. Our organizations have worked toward this mission in different ways, but for these past 7 years we’ve both been working to improve the global state of entrepreneurship with a ‘give first’ mentality and a focus on experiential learning.

We can now offer a full range of programs in complete support of the Entrepreneur’s Journey and connect two of the biggest networks in the startup world. The result is a global ecosystem of community leaders, founders, mentors, investors, and corporate partners who will now work even closer together to support entrepreneurs and their communities.

The Techstars and UP teams have strong cultural alignment and we’re excited to find ways to put our now collective toolset to work for community leaders and entrepreneurs everywhere.

As we begin working together, we’re excited and grateful that Google For Entrepreneurs will continue to power Startup Weekend and Startup Next globally, and many of our current partners will be making the transition to supporting our programs as part of Techstars.

The newly combined organization is global in reach, diverse in makeup, broad in team expertise, and rich in startup experience.

This year alone:

  • Startup Digest curators will send out over 20 million emails with over 182,000 startup events
  • Startup Week will reach nearly 75,000 attendees across 75 events
  • Startup Weekend will run approximately 1,000 events in more than 120 countries to help founders build their teams and get their ideas off the ground
  • Startup Next will support teams applying for accelerators in nearly 50 cities
  • Techstars and the Global Accelerator Network will provide capital and intensive mentorship to over 1,000 companies
  • Techstars Ventures (now managing more than $300M in capital) will provide funding options at both seed and Series A stages.

Why did we do this?

The simple answer is we believe we can do more together:

  • In addition to being culturally aligned and driven by the same mission, we’ve found that our business models are also very complementary. At UP, we’ve been working to find a model that allows us to participate in the value teams from our programs create and funnel it back into the mission. As part of Techstars, a for-profit company with investing expertise, we can do that. For Techstars, more quality teams coming out of communities worldwide, increases the value of the accelerator program and venture fund.
  • Our expertise and and programs are complementary. We support grassroots community building efforts and Techstars picks up where our current suite of programs end, taking teams from those communities to new heights. Techstars has worked hard to build startup community where they operate and are excited to tap the expertise of UP team and Community Leaders that have supported the growth of more startup communities than any other Organization in the world.
  • We felt that this was the best way to provide better support to Community Leaders running programs and remain sustainable in the long term.

Why now?

As an Organization, we have been exploring long-term sustainability options for the past year. We looked hard at each potential path with a goal of being less reliant on sponsorship dollars and to adapt to a market that has grown and changed since we started out 7 years ago.

We’ve had a close relationship with Techstars since Day 1 and as we sought their advice, a natural alignment started to emerge, the result of which is today’s news. Their community centric approach, as well as their desire to keep the programs and team intact, easily made this the most exciting option. We feel that becoming part of Techstars gives us the tools we need to pursue our mission more completely and allows us to provide new opportunities to our growing community on a timeline we could never have hit alone.


You may have a few, this is definitely big and exciting news. If we didn’t answer your question here, please check out our extensive FAQs over on the Announcement Hub. If it’s not there, we are offering live chat, email, and a contact form to get in touch with us. There, you can also post your ideas, concerns, or questions not answered in the FAQs. Over the next week, we’ll also be hosting Q&A sessions with various leaders of both Organizations so you can ask questions in real-time.

Read Marc’s letter to the community.


Techstars and UP Global: What It Means For Community Leaders









We hope today’s big news has you as excited as we are. We believe that Techstars and UP Global are stronger together, and that, with your continued help, we will all provide better support for entrepreneurial communities and help grow the worldwide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As the people who make everything work, we want to make sure you have all the information you may be looking for.

Here are the top resources for you as we continue our mission together:

Join the Facebook Groups! If you’re not already a part, join the conversation:

AMA Series – Join us for live question and answer sessions!

Highlights of changes for Community Leaders:

  • Like many of our international entities, the US headquarters will become a for-profit entity (as it becomes part of the Techstars organization.) For most of the world, this won’t change anything, but if you’ve been raising sponsorship under the nonprofit banner, we’ll be putting together some resources to help you communicate the new value propositions of sponsoring events. If you’re raising funds now, feel free to reach out to your Regional Manager for immediate support.
  • As a for-profit, we’ll be able to invest in successful Startup Weekend teams via Techstars programming and reinvest that value back into the mission over the long-term.
  • With that, that UP Global brand will be retired in favor of the Techstars umbrella. Program brands like Startup Weekend, Startup Digest, Startup Next, and Startup Week will NOT change. Our international offices will rebrand to be part of Techstars over time.
  • The Startup America Partnership brand, which was combined with Startup Weekend to create UP Global in 2013, will be returned to the Case Foundation, who will explore opportunities for future programming under the Startup America name.
  • Google for Entrepreneurs will continue to support Startup Weekend  and Startup Next globally and our current global, program, and regional partners will all be coming with us as we continue operation under Techstars.
  • Startup Next will now be free! The fees previously associated with acceptance will be eliminated – enabling more entrepreneurs to take advantage of this resource to help them scale.
  • We will be implementing ways for Community Leaders to nominate teams that are a good fit for Techstars accelerator programs. This doesn’t guarantee acceptance, but we trust our leaders to help quality teams get exposure and new opportunities.
  • As we’re able to, we’re excited to connect the two networks for mentor opportunities, open positions at Techstars and Startup Weekend companies, shared space for venues, and more. Have an idea or want to connect in a specific way? Let us know.
  • CEO Marc Nager will become part of the executive team at Techstars serving as Chief Community Officer. The whole UP Global team will become Techstars employees serving in the same or very similar roles, and the current UP Global board will continue supporting our efforts in different ways as the formal board is dissolved.

We’re extremely excited to continue working on our mission alongside Techstars and to continue serving you and startup communities everywhere. We’re confident that what we can do together is going to very powerful and look forward to providing you better, more complete support.

As always, you can also reach out to your Regional Manager or get in touch with us at