Introducing the Community Leader Directory

Greetings Techstars Community Leaders, today we’re excited to introduce a new tool that will help you connect with others like you. From Organizers or Facilitators across the globe, to Curators or Coaches in your own backyard, we consistently heard that you wanted a way to better discover each other.

Now when you log in to SWOOP, you’ll see a new menu under your picture in the top right. This will give you access to the new “Techstars Community Leader Directory.” The menu gives you a few options; Your Profile, Directory, and Edit Profile. We’ll talk about each of these in this post and show you how to put them to use.

With so many great messaging platforms already out there and an even broader variety of preferences, we focused this tool on helping you simply find others based on a few important attributes. We look at it as a simple online ‘phonebook’ for the community.

For those inclined to jump in and figure it out themselves, jump over to SWOOP and give it a go! If you have questions, come back here and read the rest of this introduction.

The Directory

By accessing the Directory, you’ll be able to find and connect with other Community Leaders to collaborate on anything from Techstars Startup Weekend, to best practices on community activities, or even just to say hello or find a friendly face while traveling.

Example: Getting to know facilitators from around the globe

By filtering to Facilitators under Roles and to ‘Girls’ under Vertical. You can easily narrow down the results to a few people with expertise in these kinds of events! You can even further narrow your results by location, by choosing a Country and/or City. Say hi to Kacey and Marion!

If you happen to know who you’re looking for and just want to get in touch, a simple text search is available, too. Here’s us finding everyone’s favorite Techstars Startup Weekend Director, Hey JB!

The Profiles

Once you’ve found someone, there’s even more information available on their full profile page. Click their name to bring up their full profile. If they’ve opted in (more on that below), this is where you’ll find their email address and other details.

At the top, you’ll find contact info and social networks, the different roles a person plays in the community, as well as their location. A bio area is followed by other key details and their event history. These details can be really useful in determining how to work together or learning more about the person before reaching out.

Here’s my profile as an example:

Listing & Updating Your Profile

Remember the days when you had to email your Regional Manager to update details on your profile? Those days are now behind us.

First, if you want to participate in the Directory you’ll need to opt in. We made this step so you could make your own decision on whether you’d like to appear in the Directory or not. You have 3 options for how you can participate in the Directory:

  1. Not at all (do nothing, you will not be listed in the Directory. You’ll still be visible to Techstars employees as you are today.)
  2. Listed, but not showing your email address
  3. Listed, and showing your email address

To opt in, click ‘Edit Profile’ and you’ll be taken to a screen that will allow you to edit all your profile details and opt in to the service. The very first item you will see is the ‘Contact Me’ area, check the boxes according to how you’d like to participate.

Check both boxes to be listed and open to email contact, select only the first to appear in the Directory, but not have your email listed.

From there, you can keep going down the page to edit your profile, bringing whatever you need to up to date. Just remember to click the ‘Update Profile’ button at the bottom after you make any change, and you’re good to go.

Do and Don’ts:

For this to remain useful for everyone, we ask that you respect a few basic ground rules when using the Directory:

  • Do use the Directory to connect with individuals locally and abroad.
  • Don’t scrape information from the Directory
  • Don’t use the Directory for promotional or advertising purposes

We’re really excited to introduce this tool and hope it makes it easier to connect with other wonderful people like you around the world. If you have any questions or need support, email

Happy connecting!

The Coolest Gifts from Your Favorite Techstars’ Startups

What if we told you, you can not only get someone you care about an awesome and unique gift this season, but you could also keep it in the Techstars family and ‘shop startup’ this season? With the Techstars Holiday Gift Guide, you can!

We’ve put together a list of Techstars’ companies that have some cool products for sale and sorted them into a few categories to make things a little easier. We even have you covered on the cards (Check out Lovepop) if you want to say something nice to someone in an epic way.

In the guide you’ll find everything from fitness products, to everyone’s favorite droid, to candy, devices for the connected home, and even something for your pets.

Jump to a category below or dive right into the guide.

Happy Holiday Shopping from Techstars!

Growing a Global Ecosystem: Techstars Impact Report 2015

We’ve already moved quickly into 2016, but wanted to pause for a moment and look back at the year that set the stage for what’s happening now. The theme of growing stronger together took on a new and exciting meaning throughout the course of 2015. With the help and support of a community of now over one million people dedicated to entrepreneurship, this global ecosystem has hit some incredible milestones:

  • UP Global officially became part of the Techstars family as Techstars Startup Programs
  • The Techstars Foundation launched
  • The Ventures team made some big bets
  • 10 new Accelerators opened around the world from Atlanta to Tel Aviv to Cape Town
  • Sphero gave life to the most popular new Star Wars character, BB-8
  • Owlet’s infant wearable stole the show at CES
  • FounderCon broke attendance records as it headed home to Boulder
  • Techstars Startup Programs’ Community Leaders put on over a thousand events in more than 600 cities

You’ll find these stories, numbers, and more in this year’s Impact Report. We created this report because we wanted to:

  1. Highlight the accomplishments of the global ecosystem (that’s you);
  2. Get you (or an aspiring entrepreneur you know) excited about joining us around the world;
  3. Thank you, most importantly!

Take a look, give yourself a pat on the back, and then share it with a fellow entrepreneurial spirit!

Thank you for making us part of your Entrepreneurial Journey, we’re humbled to continue it with you into what’s already been a great 2016!

View fullscreen (more fun)



CES Recap | Meet the Startups, Award Winners, and More

“Several years ago the show outgrew the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and started using part of the Sands Expo Center several blocks away. They called it Eureka Park and made the exhibit space less expensive in a bid to attract startups to the show. It worked. And it’s bigger than ever with startups filling both levels of the Sands.”

CES is now a startup show.


Gamechangers @ CES | What’s Your Game & How Are You Changing It?


Did you miss CES? More importantly, did you miss all the awesome Techstars teams representing from the main floor to Eureka Park and everywhere in between?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We visited all the teams we could track down, took a few pictures, and collected the information for you all in one convenient location.

Startups were the main attraction this year, putting Eureka Park on the map for all CES attendees. People from far and wide came to see how startups are changing their respective games. We wanted to know the same thing, so we went and asked.

Open the interactive below and browse through every Techstars company or alum represented at CES!

Gamechangers @ CES | What’s Your Game & How Are You Changing It?

Busy booth bees!

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Don’t miss our super in-depth CES 2016 Recap coming tomorrow! Follow us on Twitter.

CES | The Winner(s) of the “Lifestyle and Digital Health” Pitch Competition at Eureka Park are…



— Abby Knight (@abbyknight19) January 9, 2016

logo (1)The Winner Is:


Congratulations to all the teams that pitched in our third and final Pitch Competition here at the Startup Stage at Eureka Park! Lifestyle and Digital Health teams from all over gathered to try to pitch our judges. Nervana takes home $120K in Azure Cloud Services and a Sphero 2.0.

So proud of our entire team; just got word that we won the pitch competition !! Big things happening!!



The Runner-Up Is:logo (2)


Nervana won the Pitch Competition, but 14 year old Taylor or RecMed won our hearts with his pitch for RecMed. Learn more about his company in the video below.

RecMed’s goal is to ensure first aid kits are always nearby – no matter where you are. Perfectly packaged for kids and adults alike, RecMed First Aid Kits offer a revolutionary new way to purchase critical emergency supplies when you need them the most!

We’re wrapping up from Vegas tomorrow, but there is still time to come visit Techstars teams in Eureka Park and see our awesome engagement with Ford Mobility in the main hall.

Meet the Startup Next Teams @ CES

Startups are all the rage here at CES 2016. Specifically, Eureka Park is the home of all the startup action and where you’ll find Startup Next teams as well as some really exciting Techstars Accelerator alums (more on those teams coming soon!). In all, there are over 40 teams associated with either a Techstars Accelerator class or one of the Startup Programs!

[bctt tweet=”Meet the @StartupNext teams that are taking over Eureka Park at #StartupStage #CES2016 #innovation #startups”]

We’re excited these Startup Next teams have the opportunity to show the world their stuff here at the global stage that is CES and if you’ve never met them before, please take a look through and see some of the fascinating things they are building and doing.

Follow all the #StartupStage action on Twitter.

CES | The Winner of the “IoT and Wearables” Pitch Competition at Eureka Park is…

The Winner Is:


Congratulations to all the teams that pitched in our second Pitch Competition here at the Startup Stage at Eureka Park! IoT and wearable teams from all over gathered to try to win the love of our judges in just 60 seconds. After pitches, questions, and a lot of fun, Sphericam was left on top, be sure to check them out!



“Sphericam is the world’s only full spherical professional 360º video camera that records in 4K. You can film everything around you and play it back in amazing resolution on your PC, tablet, or VR headset.”

If you’re at CES, come by today’s (final) pitch competition on Lifestyle and Digital Health at 3pm in the Sands or come by Eureka Park’s Startup Stage for everything startup at CES! (more info). If you’re not able to make it, follow our programming on Twitter.

CES | The Winner of the “Mobility and Transportation” Pitch Competition at Eureka Park is…

The Winner Is:



Congratulations to all the teams that pitched today, a close contest left TJ Evarts standing with his innovative and life-saving wheel. Learn more about SMARTwheel below or visit their site and see what Shark Tank had to say about this product and team.


SMARTwheel is technology with a mission—to make the roads safe by helping to prevent distracted driving. Our goal is to see SMARTwheel in cars everywhere, where it can do what it’s meant to do: save lives.

SMARTwheel was recognized as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence product category at Consumer Electronics Show’s Unveiled event in NYC.

If you’re at CES, come by tomorrow’s pitch competition on IoT and Wearables at 3pm in the Sands or come by Eureka Park’s Startup Stage for everything startup at CES! (more info). If you’re not able to make it, follow our programming on Twitter.

Startup Stocking Stuffer Guide: Unique Gifts From The Coolest Startups

Startup Stocking Stuffer Guide: Unique Gifts From The Coolest Startups

I just really like alliteration, so please know that I recognize not everyone celebrates with stockings or Christmas, feel free to adapt the title in your own mind to fit your holiday of choice :). Awaken your gift giving force powers with BB-8, newest star of Star Wars from Sphero, a team out of Techstars’ program with Disney.

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