Startup Office Space

We’ve visited a lot of startup office spaces and with Techstars companies reaching locations all over the globe, it’s been fun to see the unique and resourceful ways office space is being used.  You’re probably curious to get the real lowdown on what founders are doing to make their spaces more efficient, what perks they have, what they’re paying in rent… well, here it is.  The facts in one-minute videos!  Special thanks to ContentlyNext Big Sound and Simple Energy for letting us film in your offices.

Are you looking for office space?  PivotDesk, a Techstars company, is building a marketplace for office sharing.  While trying to build a great company, so much time is wasted on finding and leasing space. PivotDesk makes it possible to pair companies with office space in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

We hope you get some helpful tips from these videos and always love to hear what other startups are doing to best utilize their space.

Startup Stories – Nestio “Surround yourself with good people”

In this Startup Stories we were so happy to film Caren Maio, CEO of Nestio, NYC’s most accurate residential listings database.  Nestio went through Techstars in 2011 and was even filmed in Bloomberg’s television series, Techstars.  We hear a lot about how important the people are who make up a company.  The idea may change but it’s important to build a great team of people and continue to hire based on the company culture.  Nestio is a good example of this.  The idea evolved, the company grew, things got even better thanks to the people behind it.  David Cohen has said he would invest in Caren’s career because she is so talented, energetic, and an obvious leader.  Fred Wilson also said about Caren “She listens, she’s smart, she gets it quickly… you know you’re connecting…” when interviewed on Bloomberg.

Watch this video below to hear what Caren has to say about being surrounded with good people.

Idea Makers

At Techstars, we’re all about the people.  The network is made up of thousands of amazing founders, mentors, investors, and sponsors.  With so many experienced entrepreneurs in the network, we can learn a lot from each other. Below are just a few Techstars founders sharing a little wisdom in one-minute videos.  Watch more videos on Techstars founders here.

Idea Makers Trailer

Emily LaFave, Co-founder of Foodzie

Alex White, CEO and Co-founder of Next Big Sound

Dorian Ferlauto, CEO of Elihuu

Brad McNamara, FreightFarms

[Video] Startup Stories on Hammerhead “A software company unafraid of hardware”

We’ve had a bunch of Startup Stories  coming out and here’s a new one! In this video we learn more about Hammerhead, a company who went through the R/GA Accelerator Powered by Techstars. By the way applications are open and the deadline is August 25th, 2014… so APPLY!

Hammerhead is creating something amazing for cyclists.  Seriously amazing!  The Hammerhead is a tool that takes complex navigation information and it shows you where to ride using light signals.  They’re creating a way to discover great, safe, bike routes possible anywhere in the world.  You can pre-order the Hammerhead now, shipping this fall.  Watch the video below to learn how they utilize software and hardware to create an amazing experience.

Startup Stories – Enertiv “Transforming an Industry”

Here’s a new video from our Startup Stories series on Enertiv, recent grad of the R/GA accelerator.  Applications are open for this year’s connected devices program, so apply!  You have nothing to lose.

Enertiv provides a combination of hardware and software that allows buildings to monitor their energy consumption in real-time to save energy and money.  Commercial buildings in the U.S. waste 30% of the energy they consume which costs them $40 billion each year! It’s amazing to think of what positive impact Enertiv has made on the world.  Watch this short video to learn about how Enertiv is changing this massive problem.

Watch more Startup Stories here.

Meet some mentors!

Techstars is a mentorship driven program.  It’s that simple.  We have about 100 mentors for each of our programs and teams are paired with those they think best complement their business needs.  We’re incredibly thankful for our extensive network of mentors – with more than 1,000 – and the endless dedication they give to entrepreneurs in the Techstars program. These mentors are modern day super heroes and the relationships that founders build with their mentors can last a lifetime.

Here’s the first in a series of videos about our mentors. Check out the trailer to learn more about the program and get to know some of the Techstars mentors. Thank you!

Jeremy Shure, Head of Investor Relations and General Counsel of Pellucid Analytics

Sue Heilbronner, CEO of BoulderIdeas

Paul Berberian, CEO of Sphero

Brad Bernthal, Associate Professor of Law at Colorado Law School and Director of the Silicon Flatirons Center’s Entrepreneurship Initiative


Happy Father’s Day!

Even though we appreciate our dads all year round, it’s that special time when we get to show them off and celebrate everything they do.  Techstars is made up of a massive & amazing network of people, lots of them being parents.  We interviewed a few kids of Techstars founders to find out what they think their dads do for work.  Happy Father’s Day!

A special thanks to all of the awesome kids in this video, Emily, Rollie, Noni, Lucy, Megan, Eevee, Coby and Carly!

Happy Mother’s Day!

We know how hard it is to build a company.  We also know that it’s even harder to help children grow into compassionate, smart independent thinkers.  Thank you to all Moms and maternal figures for your hard work and dedication in raising children to become the best they can.  Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Techstars!

A special thanks to the Moms in this video, Ginger Cohen, Dianne Lorang, Jaye Zola, Marie Powers and Cecelia Feld.

Techstars TV

We love Techstars companies and making videos about them!  You can subscribe to our YouTube or Vimeo Channel but today we have some exciting news….

Introducing the new Techstars TV! Thanks to our friends from we have a beautiful home for all of our videos.  We hope you enjoy exploring!  Plus we have a video below showing examples of what Techstars companies are accomplishing and how they’re making a major positive impact on the world.

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[VIDEO] Startup Stories: DigitalOcean

Startup Stories is a series of short videos about Techstars companies focusing on a specific topics. In this video we learn about how DigitalOcean, from our 2012 program in Boulder, went from struggling in a saturated market to massive success.

“As we were raising capital for the company, one of the hardest challenges was to pitch the story to investors and have them believe in our vision.” – Ben Uretsky.

Deploy an SSD cloud server in 55 seconds over at DigitalOcean today. Watch more Techstars videos here. You can also subscribe to our YouTube or Vimeo Channel.