Announcing the Barclays Tel Aviv Class of 2017

It’s time for Barclays Techstars Tel Aviv 2017!

Today is the first day of the 2017 Barclays Accelerator powered by Techstars program that will run for the next thirteen weeks.

We’ve expected that we’ll see the quality of companies applying to our accelerator increase from last year, but nothing could have prepared us for the absolutely stellar applications we received for Tel Aviv 2017. The companies joining us this year represent three different continents and a variety of business models and verticals.

With programs in London, Tel Aviv, New York and Cape Town, this has arguably become the most selective global Fintech Accelerator in the world with a growing list of alumni that are literally changing the face of financial services.

So here we are, excited to announce for the first time, the incoming class of Barclays Techstars Tel Aviv 2017:

Algosave provides Financial Institutions with innovative algorithm driven solutions to their Accounting – IFRS 9 & Regulatory Basel 3 requirements.

Exeq innovates the way people interact with their money, in pursuit of smarter, more personal banking.

FeezBack is an Automated Personal Finance assistant – we help users navigate the financial world by transforming complicated financial information into easy to use advice and personal recommendations.

Jenny is a conversational AI that brings a smart layer to a company’s existing Customer Service Infrastructure, aiming to make customer care more effective with smart automation.

Kard unlocks hidden credit card rewards with a free tool that can save you hundreds of dollars a year in points, miles and cash back.

Leo is a personal insurance assistant. Using AI technology and data, Leo provides a new, automatic insurance that meets the user’s needs in an easy and personalized way.

Ownerhood opens the real estate market by bringing crowdfunding to house-ownership.

Salaryo is a AI based flexible credit platform, offering financial stability for Millennials.

Robinhood replaces financial vendors by using its’ robot and smart BI engines to aggregate, compare and recommend upgrades for all existing portfolio.


Announcing The First Class of The Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars in Tel Aviv

We are incredibly excited to announce and welcome the first ever class of the Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars in Tel Aviv!

After success in London and NYC, we could not be more excited to be a part of the Israeli FinTech and Cyber communities. The number of fantastic companies we spoke to during our application process is symptomatic of extremely strong ecosystems.

This diverse, talented group of entrepreneurs has joined us from Israel and beyond – we have companies from London, Berlin & NYC coming to Tel Aviv for the 13 week program. They encompass a wide array of verticals within FinTech and Cyber – including international payments, remittance and malware detection. By combining Barclays 300+ years of financial services experience with the mentorship-driven model and entrepreneurial network of Techstars, we offer a game-changing advantage to our startups. We are in for a serious ride.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our mentors. Their time and support is essential for this accelerator. We couldn’t do it without you!

Without further ado, here are our companies:

B2B Pay: Free IBAN for international exporters to Europe. Collect payments in 34 European countries and get 80% cheaper fees.

Bstow: Round up your spare change on debit/credit card transactions to charity.

Civilize: Communication and Consumer Advocacy Platform for people in debt. is a sophisticated Business Intelligence platform, mining data from multiple online and offline sources.

Cyber DriveWare: We’ve made a new layer of traffic visible – the I/O layer. There we detect and block new malware in real-time.

FinancialJuice: A real-time breaking financial news and content discovery platform helping traders and investors find the very best financial content.

Samurai: Data driven decision support platform for market professionals.

Slidepiper: SlidePiper gives businesses total control over their important documents after they are shared externally.

Vala: offers online money transfer and remittance services by building a marketplace for remitters and local affiliates using sophisticated risk technology.  

Wisor: Build your own diversified, optimized portfolio for your mortgage.

Welcome to Glilot Capital and Lou Kerner as Key Mentors and Collaborators in Israel

It is with great pleasure to announce that Techstars is collaborating with Glilot Capital and Lou Kerner in our Barclays Accelerator Tel Aviv program.  

The Barclays Tel Aviv accelerator is focused on both FinTech and cybersecurity, two strengths of the Israeli ecosystem.  Glilot Capital brings added strength to the cyber side.  Kobi Samboursky, the partner at Glilot leading this collaboration from their side, is an entrepreneur’s investor.  Having founded a successful cyber company himself, Kobi understands the value of mentorship and network. As such, he has pulled in senior executives from the world’s leading cyber and defense companies like Check Point and Lockheed Martin as mentors in the program.  Along with Troels Oerting, Barclays’ CISO who is also highly involved in the program, this group of cyber mentors is formidable.

Lou Kerner is Managing Partner of The Social Internet Fund and a super connector between the Israeli and U.S. markets.  Based in New York City, Lou is also a partner at Flight VC, a federation of 23 AngelList Syndicates providing more than 10% of all the capital raised on the platform.  At Flight, Lou manages the Israeli Founder Syndicate which invests in tech companies founded by Israelis wherever they may be.  As such, he spends a considerable amount of time in Tel Aviv, connecting Israeli entrepreneurs to his large network in the States.

Some of you may have already read his widely shared blog post, “Why I am Doubling Down on Israel.” Lou has had an illustrious career on Wall Street and understands both the challenges and tremendous opportunities that FinTech can bring to the Israeli ecosystem.  

Everyday Techstars is building a larger and more robust network not only in Israel but around the world. Our belief is that entrepreneurs can build great companies anywhere —  so long as they have access to the right partners. Both Glilot Capital and Lou bring a powerful contribution to the Barclays Tel Aviv program.

The deadline for Barclays Techstars Tel Aviv applications is in less than 2 weeks. Apply now!