Map for Startup Weekend Bloomington 2015

Hey everybody!

Here is a handy map for the weekend with both bus and driving directions.


If you plan on riding the bus, the 6, 6L, and 9 all have stops close by.  If you’re coming from campus, you’ll want to get off in front of Sushi Bar, just before the bypass.  Then you’ll walk catty-corner to the CIB and walk in either entrance on the east or west side.  Coming from the west has an easier time because the bus stops directly in front of the CIB.

If you are driving, there is plenty of parking directly in front of the CIB as well as the secondary lot just east.  Parking enforcement will not patrol these two lots, so you are free to park in any valid parking spot, i.e. not a handicap spot or on the curb.

Should you have any questions about parking, just message us on Facebook or Twitter, or email the organizers at

Can’t wait to see everyone!