"The August Fest" is a prize sponsor!

We are happy to share that Kiran, the founder of “The August Fest”, will provide complimentary delegate passes to one of the winning teams of the Startup Weekend Social Innovation edition.

Thank you, Kiran!

Why I am organizing the Startup Weekend Social Innovation Bangalore 2015

My journey with Startup Weekend started in May 2014, when I stumbled on this website – http://bangalore.startupweekend.org/. I was in-between jobs, and had woken up very early on 2nd May. While browsing the internet, I saw that an interesting, new event was to be held that evening, at a fairly exorbitant ticket price. I purchased two tickets – one for my brother and the other for myself.

That evening, I was seated in the Dayanand Sagar Auditorium. Over the next two days, I bonded with many interesting people. On Sunday evening, I was delivering the final pitch for my team. And by the end of the event, I was overjoyed to learn that our team had been placed as a winner!

I had left Bangalore in October 2010. Startup Weekend became the means by which I could re-integrate into my hometown. So much had changed over the last 4 years, that I needed a safe haven where I could mingle and find my identity. 

We didn’t really cash in on the winning prize, which was co-working space at Jaaga plus mentoring. However, soon enough in late June, I was attending a Startup Weekend Creative Edition as a volunteer. My friend, Avani introduced me to Shevika, and sowed the idea of organizing a Startup Weekend Social Innovation themed edition at Bangalore. 

Soon after, we met at Jaaga and had signed up to co-organize the event!

In August, I was invited to be a coach at the Startup Weekend Education event. You can see how it was progressing. Participant -> Volunteer -> Coach and very soon -> Organizer.

Before turning organizer, I signed up to participate at the UP Global India Community Leader Summit 2014 on 27th and 28th September. At the Golden Palms Hotel and Spa, we deep-dived into various aspects of Startup Weekend. It was energizing and enriching.

Nathan, Shevika and I put our heads together for our event. We decided to kickoff with a meetup in December at BeaglesLoft. And it was a super success. You can read the blog with all the details here.

In May 2015, we will be hosting the main event. We are working out the logistics and all else that is required to make the event happen. It’s our way to give back to the thriving Startup eco-system at Bangalore. 

Sizzling energy at Social Innovation meetup

On 6th December 2014, we organized a meetup at Beaglesloft. As the participants started trickling in, we realized that word had gotten around pretty far.

Nathan performed the introductions. Next, Sreechand from Essmart Global gave an overview of the problem statement. Mukesh Gupta started the Design Thinking Workshop after that.

Next, the teams applied Design Thinking principles, which ended in each of them presenting solutions at the end. Sreechand then shared what Essmart has actually done to solve the problem.

All in all, the meetup was a success thanks to the amazing participants and facilitators!

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Be there at the Social Innovation Meetup – 6th December 2014

We are delighted to invite you and your friends to the Social Innovation Meetup on 6th December between 5:30 and 9 p.m at BeaglesLoft.
The first event will be held in association with BeaglesLoft, the playground for innovators in the heart of Bangalore. It will involve:
  • Ice breaker and networking
  • Intro to a problem (“last mile distribution”) by a leading social Startup (Essmart Global)
  • Design thinking workshop/Group work
  • Presentation of solutions/prototypes
  • “Assignment” asking the groups to do research into a problem close to them —> leads to second event.
All of the details of the meetup are available at:  http://www.meetup.com/Bangalore-Social-Innovation-Meetup/events/218957632/
Our main objective is to facilitate cross-pollination between people from the Development/NGO sector, Start-up folks and Corporates.
We also want to keep our participants engaged beyond the normal Startup-Weekend style formats.
We think that it is especially important when dealing with complicated social problems that there is both a “lead-in” and “follow-up” phase so that participants have the time to really delve into the problem they are trying to solve before they attempt to build anything.
Then, once they finish the Startup Weekend they are given the support network and guidance needed to keep their project alive.
The main event page is here!