Editions Month is Back!

We’re excited to share that Editions Month is back for 2016! During the month of May, Startup Weekend will focus its efforts in showcasing new industries and audiences in local entrepreneurial communities. From specific industries and productive sectors, to new audiences and minorities, we are calling all of our communities to join and be part of this celebration.



Startup Weekend events have proven to be one of the strongest forces driving entrepreneurs, and year over year, we have seen an increased interest in using this methodology to inspire industry experts and underrepresented audiences to join the entrepreneurial movement.

In 2015, our amazing community helped put together over 60 themed events, from Women’s Edition to Food, Energy, Immigration, and Latino Markets, that impacted 64 cities in 28 countries.

This year, we’re aiming to help run 70 edition events, and we would love to see you stepping up and supporting your community find new avenues to get inspired and begin their entrepreneurial journey!

We’re also putting together an exciting contest for Organizers! The prize? The top teams will receive funds in their  community chests that will be available to support your next event, attend a conference with your team, or even better, to join us during a 2016 Regional Summit!

If you’ve been wondering what would it look like to bring a specific audience together and get them to experiment with startup ideas, this is the right moment to do it! Join us during the month of May, and be part of Editions Month 2016.

You can apply to organize an event here, and your Regional Manager will reach out to you shortly!