The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, Announces its 2nd Year Participants!

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, powered by Techstars, is proud to announce 10 startups from around the world working on innovations to help make the cities of the future smarter! With groups coming from Asia, North America and Europe, the trends this year are sustainability and new mobility. From water and waste management technologies to mobility platforms and AI-powered data analytics and infrastructure monitoring systems, the new participants also provide human-centric approaches to improving, managing, communicating and measuring sustainability to improve the quality of our lives. 

As our corporate partner, Arcadis drives innovation in all of these areas, with clients globally including municipalities and governments, infrastructure operators and industrial clients, the program participants will explore new applications alongside Arcadis offices worldwide.

Niricson Software

Predictive asset management for infrastructure, enabled by a combination of robotics and computer vision technology.


Mobilizing communities to provide valuable insight & micro-data about climate impacts.

Long range Computer Vision platform featuring passive detailed recognition, mobility and localization data – applications in indoor spaces.


Smart lockers application for logistics and new mobility solutions.

Data For Good

Sustainability rating system, benchmark and data analytics platform for companies and products.

Agilicity (Modelur)

Parametric urban design software with automated and interactive 3D zoning.


Machine Learning & big data to analyze, map and predict human and traffic movements in cities – applications in open spaces.


Open-source platform for resource mapping and analytics as the essential trigger for a circular economy.


Marketplace platform for digital Real Estate assets. Connecting real estate assets, capital markets and visualisation tools.




Cobalt Water Global

AI & modeling for sustainable urban water management. Main product focuses on helping water utilities reduce nitrous oxide (N2O, a large contributor to global warming) from wastewater treatment plants.

The 80+ carefully curated mentors from Arcadis and the Techstars network will join the startups during the 3 months of true business building and business growth, which will conclude on Demo Day on May 28, 2020 in Amsterdam.

Arcadis commences its sourcing roadshow with Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, “LIVE!”

Beginning in Los Angeles, CA with a panel of thought leaders on co-living, Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator staff  is touring the globe with live events, meet & greets and one-on-one informational sessions to promote the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars.   The LA panel event, entitled “Living in Smart Cities” will include Patrick van Hoof, Global Director of Digital Innovation at Arcadis, Techstars Arcadis 2019 alum Christine McDannell of Kndrd, and Jeremiah Adler, operator of LA’s leading Co-Living business, UP(st)ART.

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, is part of Arcadis’ Digital Innovation Hub in Amsterdam, where new digital solutions for smart infrastructure design and operations are being developed. For our roadshow, we are specifically interested in meeting entrepreneurs using leading edge technologies for built and natural environments, mobility, resilience and sustainability, worldwide.  Our next program will take place from March 2nd, 2020 until May 28th, 2020, with an application deadline of October 13th, 2019.

The roadshow will continue with events in San Francisco and other U.S. cities, then continue throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.  Below is a list of scheduled events and meeting opportunities during the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars “LIVE!” Roadshow.

We’d like the opportunity to meet you at one of these events, or schedule virtual office hours if your location is outside of our travels!

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars “LIVE!”  SCHEDULE:

3 Sep Los Angeles

OFFICE HOURS (Meet Techstars MD, David Mendez, 20 minute slots)
WeWork Hollywood

LIVING IN SMART CITIES – Panel Event + Social
Hour (Arcadis, Kndrd, UP(st)ART)
WeWork Hollywood

4 Sep San Francisco

OFFICE HOURS (Meet Techstars MD, David Mendez, 20 minute slots)

Accelerator Program INFO
SESSION / PANEL (Arcadis) / Meet & Greet (along with Techstars Seattle)

6 Sep Atlanta

OFFICE HOURS (Meet Techstars MD, David Mendez, 20 minute slots)
Techstars Atlanta

6 Sep Boston

OFFICE HOURS (Meet Patrick van Hoof, Global Director Digital Innovation, Arcadis)
Arcadis Boston
Request a meeting:

9 Sep Stockholm

OFFICE HOURS (Meet Techstars MD, David Mendez, 20 minute slots)
WeWork Stockholm

Accelerator Programs INFO SESSION / Meet & Greet (Arcadis along with Techstars Turin)
Sponsored by Butterfly Ventures
WeWork Stockholm

18 Sep Paris

Meet & Greet
Location TBD

25 Sep Amsterdam

Panel: Innovation in the City of Amsterdam
Location TBD

1 Oct Sydney

Panel: Living in Smart Cities followed by Networking Hall
Chadwick, Sydney

Location: TBD
Request Info:

3 Oct Singapore

Panel: Living in Smart Cities followed by Networking
Request Info:

Should you not be able to attend any of these Road Show events, we’d still like to chat with you! Please book Virtual Office Hours!

Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars FAQs

The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars provides accelerator portfolio companies with access to financial, human and intellectual capital to fuel the success of their business.  

Upon acceptance to the program, Arcadis offers every company a $100,000 convertible note.

Arcadis also contributes $20,000, which is commonly used as a stipend to support living expenses during the program, and in return receives 6% equity of the company (on a fully diluted basis, issued as common stock, to be shared between Arcadis and Techstars, which is represented by only Techstars on the cap table for simplicity’s sake) until the company raises a priced equity financing of US $250,000 or more (a “Qualified Financing”).

When you join the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars you also receive:

    • Access to Arcadis and Techstars resources for life.
    • Acceleration in a 90-day mentor-based accelerator program with personal mentorship and office space to accelerate your business.
    • Lifetime access to the Techstars worldwide network of entrepreneurs including more than 10,000 mentors; 11,000 investors; 1,900 alumni companies  and 280 staff members.
    • Access to over $300k of cash equivalent, accounting and legal support –plus other credits and perks worth more than $1M.
    • Demo Day exposure and other investor connections.

In the unlikely event that a participating company is dissatisfied with their experience in the Accelerator, we offer an equity back guarantee, the only one of its kind in the industry.

Historically, on average, companies from Techstars accelerators go on to raise more than $1M of outside capital after the program. We believe our stats speak for themselves.

What kind of companies do you fund?

We fund technology-oriented companies, typically software or web-based companies, but we’ve funded companies that don’t quite fit that mold as well. We’re also looking for companies that can have national or worldwide reach. For this year’s class of the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator we are most interested in companies that are addressing solutions in the following areas:

PLACES – ”Belong”:  Developing and regenerating neighborhoods, facilities and workspaces to create a thriving and sustainable built and natural environment. 

MOBILITY – “Move”:  Designing and orchestrating the enabling infrastructure, transportation and logistic networks of the future.

RESILIENCE – “Protect”:  Protecting and recovering from existing emerging risks – human and environmental – to safety, security and business continuity.

RESOURCES – “Live”:  Empowering cities and entrepreneurs to close resource loops across energy, water, food and air (reducing pollution and waste), responsibly producing and consuming goods and services and protecting the environment.

Do you fund companies that are competitive with each other?

We do our best to avoid accepting competitive companies into the same program class. However, with the growing number of Techstars companies and startups that Arcadis is involved with, it is possible that there may be competitive companies in the broader network. In the event there are companies in the Arcadis or Techstars portfolio that’s competitive, we work tirelessly to ensure there is no exchange of sensitive data.

Why does the accelerator want stock in my new company?

Like you, we’re entrepreneurs. We think that the value of the learning, networking, and mentoring provided by the program is of tremendous value. Our program will provide you with the healthiest possible start and greatly improve your chances for success and sustainability. Once we invest, we support your success by introducing you to right contacts who can help your business grow, assisting you with strategy, connecting you with more investors, and generally helping you win along your entrepreneurial journey. That’s a good deal for both of us.

Who are the most notable companies from other Techstars programs?

There are too many to name.Check out to see our top 50 companies by enterprise value and their current status.

Is my company “too far along” to apply to the Accelerator?

Probably not. We’ve had companies start with $1M+ in funding (read about one), and fully developed products, who have still seen significant value participating in a Techstars accelerator through help with business model development, introductions, financing and more.

Some of our alumni who raised over $1M before entering a Techstars accelerators include CartFresh, ChoreMonster, Cloudability, Contently, CoolChip, Cuseum, EMOTIV, FEM, Fortified Bicycle, GrabCAD, Grapevine, Hot, Imperson, LISNR, MakersKit, Medicast,  Plated, Rally, Revolar, Rocketbook, Seed&Spark, Silversheet, Sphero, Stasis Labs, StatMuse,ThriveHive, Ubooly and more.

We’ve even had companies go through a Techstars program once (Sphero, Boulder ‘10), sell millions of units, get up to $40M in funding, and then go through another one of the Techstars programs (Disney Accelerator ‘14). It depends on a number of factors including the product/service, the market, the program and the business strategy.

Likewise, nothing is too early. We’ve accepted companies with no more than an idea, a dream, and maybe a dog. Ask any past founder by contacting them at founders@ their domain name – they’ll be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Hear what other founders have to say on this topic.

After I apply, I’m thinking of emailing mentors to get them interested in what I’m doing. Good idea?

No. We receive thousands of applications per year, which is why we have an application process. Systematically emailing some or all of our mentors in order to try to influence them before being accepted into the program will hurt you more than it will help you . The mentors are dedicated to helping the companies that we select, but are they are not a part of the selection process.

Do I have to be in the Techstars location for the entire 3 month period?

Yes. We require that you be primarily based on site during the program (unless you are participating in Techstars Anywhere, our mostly-virtual program). This benefits you because you can take advantage of the numerous learning opportunities, networking and coaching that will be provided. The amount of serendipity, unannounced drop-in mentors, and camaraderie that is developed during the program is staggering.

The accelerator is a major commitment, and we expect you to be around most of the time. However, it’s your company and you call the shots, so traveling as necessary for business or family requirements is okay by us.

Do I have to stay in that city when the program ends after 3 months?

No. It’s your company, so live wherever you want to. Many companies do decide to relocate to the city where they went through their Techstars program because of the vast local network that they can continue to tap into once the program concludes.

Can I apply if our company or founders are not from the Netherlands? Can you help with Visa/immigration issues?

Yes. Anyone from anywhere can apply, and we’ve funded many companies across the world in the past. You do have to be legally in the Netherlands during the program, of course. Once accepted, we can help with legal/immigration issues by leveraging our contacts and network to help. However, we cannot help with them in advance of acceptance to the accelerator.

What else do Arcadis and Techstars provide? 

We provide working and meeting spaces, as well as a nice lounge all with high-speed and reliable wireless internet access. Here’s a full list of perks that participating companies automatically receive, worth $1M. We’ll help you get everything covered with minimal expense. We just want you to focus on creating a great product while you’re here, and not have to worry about all the other stuff.

How can we get funded after the program ends?

Near the end of the three-month program, we’ll organize a Demo Day where angel investors and venture capitalists will check out your technology and listen to your pitch. We’ll coach you so you’re as effective as possible, and do everything we can to help get you follow on funding. We may also fund your company further through Techstars Ventures, the venture capital arm of Techstars. So far, about 75% companies have received follow-on funding and/or immediately became profitable after the program ended. On average, Techstars’ companies raise $1M post demo day.

What sort of control am I giving up by granting equity?

Arcadis and Techstars want to be viewed as co-founders, and with our minority equity investment, we have no control rights.  We won’t ask for a board seat or for any uncommon investor rights. You will still run the show. We serve in a mentorship role with your company.

I’m a single founder. Can I get accepted into the program, or do you only look for teams?

While we don’t screen applications just because they have a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We look for great, balanced teams who have a full range of skills. We strongly advise you to seek co-founders who balance your skillset. For example, if you’re a strong developer, you might consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience. If you’re a great business evangelist with no developer, it’s very unlikely we’ll accept you into the program, so go find a rock star developer to join you.

I’m a single founder. How can I find a co-founder?

Check out options like CoFoundersLab. We also suggest your local tech meetups, and a healthy dose of networking. Check out some of our events as we occasionally have founder meetups.

Where will we live while we’re there?

That’s up to you – we don’t provide a place to live. If you’re accepted into the program, we immediately assign someone on our end to help you find housing. How do you choose which companies to accept into the program?

We will choose great founders who are proposing products that fit our mandate for the program. The best things you can do to strengthen your application are:

    • Round out your team with business, technical, and other necessary skills.
    • Make progress on your prototype or product and reference it in the application.
    • Show us you’ve really thought about your business and have gotten off your butt to do something about it.
    • Demonstrate early traction or provide data points to validate your core assumptions.

Here are some tips about how to get accepted in the program:

Is my age a factor in your selection process?


When will I hear back about my application?

We try our best to notify applicants at least 1 month before the program starts.

What time specifically do applications close?

All applications close at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on the date indicated on our application page.

Can I apply to more than one program?

Yes, you can apply to more than one program. Within your application, you can choose which programs you would like to apply to. Should you talk to more than one Managing Director, you should feel comfortable discussing that you have applied to more than one program.

Do I need to send in a business plan?

Nope. Just fill out the online application – that’s all you need for us. In fact, we probably don’t want to see your business plan if you have one.

When is the deadline to apply and what’s the overall timeline?

Check the schedule for details. Once you have submitted, you can’t edit the fields. That’s okay! You can always add notes, video URLs, and progress details in the notes section.

Do I have to work out of the accelerator office?

Yes. We provide the space and our locations are fully equipped with traditional and lounge-like working space. We believe there is a great deal of value in being in the space together because the other companies and mentors interacting there present a great opportunity. Here is one great story about how working the space led to a huge opportunity.

What will a typical day be like for a founder?

It’s your company, so you’ll be hard at work on your product. About two or three nights a week, we’ll organize informal educational sessions with our mentors. We also expect many of the mentors to drop into Techstars at various times throughout the program.

In general, you’ll be working on your product each day, just like all of the other founders in the program. We don’t tell you what to do or when, but we create an environment that is conducive to helping your startup every day. And we’ll make sure you have lots of experienced mentors around to help you.

Here are some posts from Founders about what it’s like in program:

Also, be sure to check out our “Where are they Now?” video series which chronicles life post-program for our founders.

I’m concerned that if I apply, you won’t protect my intellectual property. Should I be worried about this?

We’re certainly not in the business of stealing ideas, and we treat application data as confidential information. Each year, we see thousands of applications and many of them include similar ideas. For this and other practical reasons, please don’t ask us to sign an NDA. Our application does not ask for your “secret sauce” and there is no reason you have to disclose this to us if you’re not comfortable doing so. 

What if I’m not happy with my Techstars experience?

Check out our Equity Back Guarantee. We firmly believe in the value of the Techstars accelerator program and in the long-term value of our network. This makes it easy to take this step to “put our equity where our mouth is.”

Do you ever offer internships to people interested in Techstars?

Yes, apply to be an Associate. You can cross-apply to multiple program locations as well.

My team outsources software development. Are we still qualified to apply?

Yes. We think it’s best not to outsource what you are, but it obviously works in some cases. We’re happy to consider any application. Just remember that we’re primarily focused on the team.

You talk a lot about the Techstars family and being a part of Arcadis and Techstars for life. Is there anything I could do to get kicked out of the Techstars network?

As long as you adhere to our Code of Conduct, all should be well.

Applications to the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars are Now Open

Located in central Amsterdam, the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars will start on 2nd of March 2020 and Demo Day will be on 28th May 2020. We are looking for exceptional founders, thought leaders and tech innovators addressing Smart City applications, in the broadest sense of the word. Patrick van Hoof, Arcadis Global Director Digital Innovation, and I are pleased to provide the following information about the ongoing program.

After a successful inaugural program in early 2019, we are excited to proceed with our second year. 10 companies from across the world participated in the first year of the program and are now driving innovation worldwide! Throughout Europe, Asia and North America, these companies continue to grow, establishing customer relationships with global leaders such as Arcadis, Airbus, and Mitsubishi,  and are participating in large infrastructure projects with municipalities across the world including Amsterdam, San Antonio, TX and Abu Dhabi. We are excited and anxiously looking forward to inviting the next group of 10 promising entrepreneurs into our second class of the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars!

Our corporate partner Arcadis is a global leader in design and engineering for natural and built assets, and is leading the sector in digital innovation. The Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, is part of Arcadis’ Digital Innovation Hub in Amsterdam, where new digital solutions are being developed. For this year’s program, we are specifically interested in founders using leading edge technology in the following areas in the Smart City sector:

    • PLACES/”Belong”:  Developing and regenerating neighborhoods, facilities and workspaces to create a thriving and sustainably built and natural environment. 
    • MOBILITY/”Move”:  Designing and orchestrating the enabling infrastructure, transportation and logistic networks of the future.
    • RESILIENCE/”Protect”:  Protecting and recovering from existing emerging risks – human and environmental – to safety, security and business continuity.
    • RESOURCES/”Live”:  Empowering cities and entrepreneurs to close resource loops across energy, water, food and air (reducing pollution and waste), responsibly producing and consuming goods and services and protecting the environment.

Meet the Team

We are holding office hours in Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC, London, Berlin, Munich, Singapore and Sydney, and remotely via video conferences. Submit an application to get started engaging with the team. Applications close on October 13, so be sure to schedule a time before the calendar fills. 

    We also recommend you follow us on Twitter for specific updates, events and announcements.  Connect with us here: @ArcadisGlobal, @Techstars, @davethevc, @patvanhoof

    Why apply to the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars?

    The best way to find out about our program is to speak with those who have gone through it. Several of our first program founders have made themselves available to tell you about their experiences. Please reach out to any of the following Arcadis City of 2030 alums:

    Reason #1:  Access to Amazing Mentors

    Our program is mentorship-driven and we find the people that have the network and expertise to help you succeed.  The mentors are comprised of global Smart City professionals within Arcadis, as well as mentors in the local and international entrepreneurial community with subject matter expertise ranging from marketing, sales, technology, fundraising, communications, HR, legal, finance and other basic building blocks for startups. Additional resources come from different areas of Arcadis, and many, like the Global CEO of Arcadis, Peter Oosterveer, the Group Executive of Innovation & Transformation, Stephan Ritter, and Patrick van Hoof himself, spend time with the companies throughout the program to provide the highest level of guidance and access to Arcadis businesses and customers worldwide.  Other key mentors such as Adam Chassin (former executive from Uber, AOL, Yahoo! and Amazon) and Mary Francia (international technology executive, formerly with Alcatel-Lucent and Philips) provide an external perspective on global business development.

    Reason #2:  Grow & Accelerate your Business

    We help the companies in our program make tangible progress and accelerate their business.  Historically, many of our companies enter Demo Day with a slate of multiple pilot projects as well as commercial agreements with Arcadis and other global enterprises that were established through program efforts.  

    Reason #3:  Successful Fundraising

    The program culminates with Demo Day where founders present their progress and accelerated businesses to a curated group of investors, customers, partners and ecosystem leaders. This opportunitycreates the momentum your startup needs to kick off a successful Seed or Series A funding round. Check out our first program’s demo day!

    Reason #4:  Gain Access to a Network, For Life

    Combined, Techstars and Arcadis’ networks provide access to an extensive network of entrepreneurs and SmartCity innovators around the world.  When you join Techstars, you join Techstars “for life”. Joined with the relationships you’ll establish with Arcadis’ businesses worldwide, you become part of a network that will help you go faster and accelerate your current and future businesses.

    Reason #5:  Be at the centre of one of the fastest growing innovation epicentres in Europe

    Amsterdam has always been one of the most welcoming cities in Europe, and recently the city has become one of the most important startup hubs in Europe.  Many multinational corporations like Arcadis call Amsterdam home, and many other enterprises are establishing a presence in this vibrant city. The City of Amsterdam is also a friend of Arcadis; the highest city officials and other senior leaders have visited the accelerator program to meet the companies, subsequently kicking off conversations for a number of projects. 

    We hope you apply to join us in this journey towards the City of 2030!


    David & Patrick!

    The Technology Leaders of the City of 2030: Meet the Inaugural Class of Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars

    What is the City of 2030? What does it look like? What do we know about it?

    These are questions that, as managing director of the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars, I’m excited to answer. We started out with the Arcadis vision for the program, aligning with the evolution of their business into the digital age, and into the future with a human-centric view of what the City of 2030 would look like. Following that vision, we began sourcing startups worldwide.

    It soon became clear that the truest answer to all these questions was, “You tell us.” We saw that the amazing startups applying to the program all had their own answers—and we realized that these are the very companies that will shape the visions that come true.

    I’m thrilled to announce the inaugural class of the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars! These 10 companies are the ones that will create the future, that will drive the innovations that get us there, and—together with Arcadis and Techstars—that will define the City of 2030. They are coming to join us from six countries, including The Netherlands, United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, and Australia.

    Meet the technology leaders of the City of 2030:


    Munich, Germany

    Changing the construction industry through digitalization.


    Texas, USA

    Strengthening communities and empowering local businesses through the interaction of citizens with local government.


    Iowa, USA

    Intelligence for Next Generation Infrastructure.


    Barcelona, Spain

    Combining open source and blockchain technology to decentralize mobility.


    California, USA

    Technology to put the LIVING in CoLiving.

    Mela Works

    London, United Kingdom

    Real-time and mobile project management system for construction projects.


    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    3D interactive modeling platform that transforms buildings, infrastructure, natural environment and future projects as “click-on” 3D objects.


    California, USA

    Creating digitally connected meditation space powered by premier content, AI, and biofeedback.


    Melbourne, Australia

    An urban performance platform integrating IoT, location intelligence, and data analytics to enhance climate change resilience and livability.

    Urban Data Eye

    Madrid, Spain

    Data capture of public spaces for the diagnosis of its health and maximum profitability.

    David Mendez Joins Techstars as Managing Director of the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars

    Earlier in 2018, Techstars and Arcadis announced their new partnership and the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars in Amsterdam. I am very excited to serve as the Managing Director for this program!

    From Corporate to Startup

    After almost 10 years in the corporate world with DuPont, GE, and Conoco, I got my first taste of entrepreneurship when I cofounded a supply chain software company in Silicon Valley. After we sold the company, I was recruited to NYC to become a Managing Director for a new operational advisory firm and venture capital fund focused on media technologies. This firm not only taught me the basics of VC investing, but also provided me the opportunity to spend a year in London to work with a few portfolio companies there.

    When I returned to the U.S., I went out on my own again, and spent years digging deep into the operations at various startups as an advisor and operational partner. Working with a plethora of exciting startups and helping them in areas of funding, business development, and basic operations was an extremely rewarding experience, and the relationships I’ve maintained with many of the founders are still strong today!   

    My VC Career

    In 2013 I cofounded a VC firm, Capital A Partners alongside my Stockholm-based partner, with the mission of investing in early stage Nordic-based startups in order to bridge them to the U.S. market. A big part of our role involved working with founders to help them establish a presence in the U.S. Even outside of our portfolio, we quickly became the go-to fund in the Nordics for founders needing help in the U.S. The fund was deployed over the following few years: we have experienced four exits to date, and we continue to manage the diverse portfolio.

    We then became partners with a seed stage venture firm, Butterfly Ventures, based in Finland, and began investing through their third fund early in 2017.  Continuing my venture capital career, I also was brought in as an advisor for an early stage fund, Good Growth Capital, based between South Carolina and Boston. Being involved with these funds has allowed me to be involved with over 40 startups and even more founders.

    The Future

    Investing in mainly B2B technologies, with a few consumer oddities along the way, it became clear to me that the industrial and infrastructure sector is where a tremendous amount of innovation is taking place now—and where I see it continuing in the immediate future. In areas of IoT, and even with AR and VR, the opportunities to apply new technologies and concepts to manufacturing, engineering, and design has expanded categories such as sustainability, digitization, and human-computer interaction (HCI).

    To me, it feels like my entire career—my global investing experience, working with over 40 startups in just a few years, the new areas of opportunity in sustainability, digitization, and HCI, combined with the global network I’ve established during the past years—all come together in the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator, Powered by Techstars. I can’t wait to hear your innovative ideas for developing technologies that will revolutionize how people live, work, and travel in cities—both now, and in the future!

    Apply today to the Arcadis City of 2030 Accelerator—applications close November 11, 2018!