Announcing the Techstars Seattle Accelerator Class of 2019

In 2010 we welcomed our first group of 10 companies to the Techstars Seattle Accelerator. This year, we’re opening our doors to our 10th class, bringing us to a total of 100 companies that have now joined us here in Seattle to accelerate their startup journey.

We’re proud to have played a small part in the success of previous program participants like Remitly, Outreach, Skilljar, and Bizible. Collectively, Techstars Seattle Accelerator alumni have raised over $700 million, and now employ thousands of talented people here in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. We fully expect this year’s group to add to that tradition of success and impact in the years to come.

As in recent years, this year’s class includes founders from a variety of backgrounds and underrepresented groups including female, African-American, Latinx and first-generation immigrant founders. We are proud of our program’s diversity and the small role we’re able to to play in the broader effort to increase access and success for diverse founders of venture-backed startups.

Our mission is to support world-class founders who are either based here in the Pacific Northwest, or who believe this is the best place in the world to build their company. This year we’ve attracted fantastic founding teams from Miami, Texas, Europe, Canada and India, in addition to our terrific local teams.

Techstars Seattle Accelerator would not have made it to its second class, much less its 10th, without the incredible support of so many people in our regional ecosystem, from the mentors and investors who coach the companies on their path to success, to the fund investors and program sponsors who have provided the capital needed to sustain the program over time. We are so grateful for your continued support and partnership over these past many years.

We’ll be sharing more about each of these companies in the weeks leading up to demo day on May 7th, but for now please join us in welcoming the Techstars Seattle Class of 2019!


Interactive, customized machine learning training for industry engineers.


Testing automation for complex SaaS tech stacks, made simple.


Identity & consumer intelligence for Asia-Pacific, built on Blockchain.


Augmenting the human brain with always-on personal assistants.


Transforming access to credit and savings for the underbanked.


Customer experience platform for the $1 Trillion freight forwarding industry.


Access to the decentralized future.

Adding real-time intelligence to online communications.

The Tribl Network

Meeting familiar strangers.

Toggl AR

The YouTube of AR content.

Presenting the 2018 Techstars Seattle Class

Techstars Seattle just kicked off its ninth year with ten new companies representing the best of the Pacific Northwest innovation ecosystem. Founders in this year’s class are bringing new solutions to hard problems in automotive, agriculture, e-commerce, enterprise SaaS, corporate innovation, recruiting, education and gaming.

We’re also excited to announce that this diverse mix of companies is led by our most diverse mix of founders ever, with three woman-led companies, three African-American founders (and three teams from Canada!;)). We strongly believe that diverse founding teams build better companies, and are thrilled to be partnering with founders from our broadest-ever range of cultural and professional backgrounds to drive exceptional business results.

Here’s a complete list of the Techstars Seattle Class of 2018, listed in alphabetical order, and including a brief description of the problem they’re focused on solving:

Educative — Self-directed, adaptive technical skills training platform for professional software developers.

Downstream — Helping consumer brands on leading e-commerce platforms maximize sell-through by combining catalog optimization, on-platform paid search, and integrated analytics

Ganaz — Labor marketplace and workforce management platform for seasonal agriculture, connecting good growers with good workers.

Halo — Car-connected mobile marketing automation and customer retention platform connecting automotive dealers, car owners and third-party service providers.

Launchboard — Innovation project management platform for the agile enterprise.

LegalPad — Bridging the gap between law and technology by focusing on repeatable business legal tasks and workflows that are ripe for automation.

Locumunity — Labor marketplace for temporary staffing of doctors and other licensed medical professionals.

Rainway — Remote game-streaming solution allowing gamers to stream their favorite PC games to any device.

Spocket — Wholesale marketplace connecting drop-ship-capable suppliers with online retail entrepreneurs.

WeSolv — Project-based talent discovery and diversity recruiting solution for enterprise customers.

Techstars Seattle is the Pacific Northwest’s oldest and most-selective startup accelerator. Our alumni, including category leaders like Remitly, Outreach, Leanplum, and Zipline, have collectively raised over half a billion dollars, and now employ over a thousand people in the Northwest and beyond. We’re incredibly grateful for the long-standing support of the Pacific Northwest innovation community and — with their help — hope to make our 2018 class the best one yet.

Announcing the 2017 Class of Techstars Seattle

We are thrilled to announce the nine companies that will be joining the Techstars Seattle 2017 program. This is our eighth Techstars Seattle class, and as in previous years we’ve selected a diverse set of companies from around the Pacific Northwest that reflect the best of our regional innovation ecosystem.

This year’s class includes solutions in e-commerce, biotech, enterprise SaaS, pharma, HR, marketplaces and energy. Our 2017 companies will enjoy access to an incredible group of local mentors, investors and alumni founders from some our region’s most successful growth companies, including Bizible, Outreach and Remitly.

The program began on Monday, January 23rd and culminates with a Demo Night on April 19th, where the companies will pitch their solutions and seek investment from top angel investors and venture capitalists. Make sure you save the date and reserve a ticket!

We are excited to welcome the 2017 Class to the Techstars Seattle community and look forward to keeping you updated on their progress.


Coastline Market: Connecting retail buyers directly to commercial fishermen in local geographies.


CuePath Innovation: Medication monitoring service and platform based on a popular multidrug blister pack.

Hazel: Making work better for everyone.


LevelTen Energy: A renewable energy transaction platform connecting C&I power buyers to PPAs from utility-scale wind, solar, and storage projects.

Silene Biotech: Cell preservation today for tomorrow’s personalized therapies and diagnostics.


Swym Corporation: Helping e-commerce brands craft seamless cross-channel experiences.


Stackery: Dev and ops on the same page.


Valid 8: The first independent financial analytics platform.


VendorHawk: SaaS optimization for the modern enterprise.


Announcing Techstars Seattle Class of 2016!

We are excited to announce the nine companies that will be joining the Techstars Seattle 2016 program. This is our seventh year of Techstars Seattle — past classes have helped launch the success of companies like Remitly, Outreach, Bizible, Leanplum and Apptentive — and our program offers accepted companies access to the strongest ecosystem of investors, mentors, founders and corporate partners in the Pacific Northwest.

As with past classes, our 2016 class embodies the best of our regional innovation ecosystem, tapping unique centers of excellence like space / satellite communications, data visualization, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs / drones), online gaming, retail and enterprise SaaS. The program begins on Monday, February 22 and culminates with a Community Demo Day on May 18th, where the companies will pitch their solution and seek investments from top Pacific Northwest angel investors and venture capitalists.

The nine companies in the Techstars Seattle Class of 2016 are listed below:

Beam: connecting gamers through interactive live streaming

DroneSeed: replanting forests safer and 10X cheaper. Using drones.

Fig Loans: affordable credit for low income families.

Keepe: efficient marketplace connecting Property Managers & Contractors.

Kepler Communications: real-time access to space borne data.

Reflect: embedded analytics for your app.

Shyft: shift swapping made easy.

Subcurrent: a Slack bot for collecting simple and powerful feedback at work.

Validated: free shipping for yourself!