A Conversation with Andreas Wuerfel

This week, we welcomed 10 new teams into the METRO Accelerator for Hospitality, Powered by Techstars family. As per usual, the METRO events team found a uniquely fitting venue to cater the occasion.

We were hosted in B.HORN, a cool little restaurant bar in Neukölln, an up and coming and exciting part of Berlin.

I caught up with Andreas Wuerfel, the CEO of HoReCa Digital Inc to chat about what HoReCa Digital and METRO are doing in the world of startups. Andreas is the guy who is responsible for building the alumni support community around the METRO Accelerator programs.

These 10 new Hospitality focused startups are joining the fourth class of the METRO Accelerator and Techstars partnership.

We now have two separate programs together with METRO in Berlin. One for retail, which just finished its first class last week and a program for hospitality, which just kicked off.

METRO and Techstars have made investments in over 40 companies in the HoReCa (Hotel/Restaurant/Catering) space. For them, it’s “the ability to have conversations early on” with their customers to find out what technologies they need to succeed and to really help build out the next wave of platforms that will manage the world of hotels, restaurants and catering.

Techstars has applications open for 12 programs around the world 🚀

From Boulder to Dubai, Austin to Boston, NYC to Seattle and Anywhere in between, including Techstars Anywhere, our mostly-virtual accelerator!

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Europe: 540+ VCs and €23.8B in the Last Two Years

321 Seed Stage, 256 Series A and 111 Series B Investors in Europe..

After months of collecting, comparing and making sense of investor data in Europe, we are shipping the latest version of our Investors in Europe map, but this time with a twist….


Click for high definition version which you can download

With thanks to our friends at DHL Innovation Center, we’re mailing this map to 1,000 companies throughout Europe, including all the VCs featured and to as many incubators, accelerators and Startup Hubs we can find.

This map represents the VC landscape of European investors investing in European companies from Seed stage to Series B. The list of investors has been stored in a very simple Google spreadsheet which can be seen, used and shared here.

How to Use the Map

The size of the circles on the map represents the number of VCs in a particular location and the colour of the circles represent the amount of capital raised by startups who are based in these locations and ecosystems.



What does the data tell us?

“The only places that a startup can go on a fundraising road trip in Europe is in London and Berlin” – Pawel Chudzinski, Point Nine Capital

Pawel said this on a panel he was speaking on at FounderCon (Techstars alumni event) in June. I believe he was referring to startups raising larger Seed and Series A rounds and were looking to travel to meet investors with deeper pockets!

We’ve counted 321 VCs in Europe investing at Seed Stage with 59 located in London, 32 in Berlin, 19 in Paris, 16 in Barcelona and 13 in Stockholm.

When it comes to Series A, we’ve got 256 VCs in Europe writing cheques. Again, London is coming out on top with 62 VCs followed by Berlin with 24, Paris with 18, Amsterdam with 17 and Munich with 15.

For later stage growth capital, we’ve identified 111 Series B investors fueling the next generation of great internet companies. Where do you think they are based? You guessed it; again, London comes out on top with 36 Series B VCs, Berlin next with 13, followed by Paris with 12, Munich with 10 and Stockholm with five.

The Legacy of London and the Rise of Paris and Berlin

Just looking at the map, the first thing you’ll notice is how big the investor and startup ecosystem is in London. It’s hands down bigger than anywhere else, with the most amount of activity in previous years. It will be interesting to monitor this over the next couple of years to see if there are any major changes in how/where startups are raising capital, and whether or not London remains the capital in the European startup ecosystem.

We’ve seen a huge rise of activity in Berlin and Paris and the ever growing strength of the Nordics. And on top of that, throwing in the knock on effects to come from Brexit into the mix.

What do you think is going to change? Leave comments in the comment section below, we would love to hear your thoughts!

Note: European startups continue to raise capital from the U.S. The following infographic from Dealroom shows the source of VC funding by rounds size and the percentage contribution from each country.


With the help of Dealroom’s data, we’ve identified €23.8B that has been invested in European startups since 2014 from early stage investments to later stage, growth rounds.

For early stage startups, it’s definitely possible to raise angel / seed money from local investors, in most places in Europe. Use the map and the Google Sheet to find out who’s in your neighbourhood and who’s investing at your stage and in your sector. For larger Seed rounds and Series A – you might need to jump on a plane and go visit VCs in London or Berlin, or if you’re from the Nordics, take a trip to Stockholm or Helsinki.

All throughout Europe you can find money and VCs, but in terms of writing cheques, VCs in London, Berlin and Paris are standing out.

Perhaps this comes down to fewer successful founders in these other areas, which usually means less investment money in the ecosystem. Perhaps we’re still suffering from a more conservative approach to investment in Europe, but I’m sure mindsets are going to change over the next five years or so as a new generation of investors emerge and as companies successfully return money to their investors.

Thank Yous

A big thanks again to Dealroom and Tech.eu who’ve been incredibly helpful when it comes to putting more data behind our research project. They really helped us bring this map to the next level, showing trends in the European tech scene over the last couple of years.

A very special thank you to Scurri whose platform made it very simple to organise and manage the fleet of 1,000 shipments across Europe. And finally, last but certainly not least, a very big thank you to the DHL Innovation Center and the DHL Trend Research team who got excited about shipping this map all over Europe and wanted to be part of it.


They’re based near DHL HQ in Bonn, Germany, dealing with topics such as AR, Robots, and Self-Driving Vehicles, and if you’re in that part of the world, reach out to them and go visit their super cool facility.

If you’re a VC and we’ve missed you on the map and sheet, please feel free to leave comments on the Google Sheet here. We’ll look into your company and will add you as soon as possible.


Techstars’ Digital ‘Investors in Europe’ Map

Today we invite you to check out the digital version of our ‘Investors in Europe’ map, helping you find VCs who invest in European startups. A big thanks to Dealroom for helping us digitize the work we started last year, making useful European Investor information even more accessible to entrepreneurs and investors all over the world.

You can check out the digital map here.

Note that it also includes some U.S. and other investors located in different parts of the world who also invest in the European startups.

At the end of last year we published a large amount of data on the VC scene in Europe. At the time we had up to date information on just over 300 VCs investing in European companies. We got this data from our own networks, demo days and events that we’ve run. We stored it in this public Google Sheet and gave everyone comment rights. We launched it alongside a rich infographic map that visually represented where these VCs in Europe are located.

Version 1 of our Investors in Europe Map. Version 2 coming soon.


VCs all over the world responded incredibly well and were super eager to update their information. Those who we missed, got in touch to get on the Google sheet and map and the whole community got behind us and pushed it out into their networks.

This was our first step to liberating useful data for startups and investors in the European tech ecosystem. We want to Give First and help startups and investors save time by doing some of that research for them. Right now you can go to the Google sheet, make a copy and filter the sheet to find relevant investors for your needs.

With the outreach from the community and from doing some deeper research, we’ve now identified over 501+ Investors investing in European startups.

Digital Version of our Investors in Europe Map

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 3.23.11 PM

According to Dealroom, since 2014 startups in Europe have raised €23B+ with a whopping €17B+ raised in London, Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Tel Aviv. This really goes to show where the money is and where deals are being done.

The top five cities in which investors have offices in Europe according to our research are as follows:

  1. London
  2. Stockholm
  3. Berlin
  4. Paris
  5. Helsinki

You can find the Google sheet of included investors here. We’re always looking for VCs we’ve missed, so if you spot one missing, please let us know.

We’re very thankful to Dealroom who’ve produced a digital version of this map and have hosted it on the Techstars domain. You can find it over at https://map.techstars.com/map.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you as a startup to identify potential investors in specific regions with certain sector focuses and for you as an investor to identify other investors for potential collaborations or to do a competitor analysis.

Version 2 is Coming

Version 2 of the investor map will be a landscape map focusing on Europe and Israel and will show the number of VCs (size of the circles) in each city and how much funding startups in each city have raised (color of the circles) since 2014.

We are printing it and sending it to the 501+ investors who are on the map and to every coworking space, incubator, accelerator and hubs that host startups in Europe.

If you fall into one of these subsets and would like a printed map sent to you, let us know over here.