After the Show Was Over- Some Facts & Videos From the Weekend

The 2016 Startup Weekend for Health Brisbane was another awesome event.

Videos were produced for the event that celebrated team journeys through the weekend for teams SIDLET (baby sleep pattern diagnostics), Mind your Mob (Assisting in Mental Health for Indigenous Australians), Working Mouse (a corporate team using the Weekend for employee training purposes) as well as interviews with participants, facilitators and mentors.

Check them out at  Youtube Startup Weekend for Health Brisbane Playlist

176 Tickets were sold inclusive of participants, organisers, volunteers, mentors, sponsor ticket and attendees for Friday and Sunday night pitching. 78 people participated as part of the Startup teams.

Participants came from a variety of backgrounds, including clinicians, researchers, students, non-technical and entrepreneurs. Most had NOT been to a startup weekend before and this was a fantastic opportunity to experience first hand the power of collaboration that comes with the Startup Weekend format.


ON the Friday, there were 33 idea pitches resulting in 12 teams being formed.

Pitch List

Most teams remained together throughout the weekend with a few adjustments.

The 12 teams pitched their new businesses on Friday night to an audience of approximately 130 people.

Final Pitches

Congratulations to the winners from the weekend, including:

  • Overall winner – Nom Nom Snap  – An app to derive nutrition information from photos of food.
  • Most innovative business – Sidlet – Infant Sleep Patterns
  • Most validated initiative – Mind Your Mob – indigenous Mental Health


We had some awesome sponsorship support. Many, many thanks to:

Sponsors T Shirt

Thanks to the 20 mentors who provided their free time to assist in the event. We bow down to your wisdom and support!


Many thanks to our judges Dr. Chris Zapalla (President of AMA Queensland), Mr. Steven Dahl (CEO, Smart Clinics), Dr. Judy Halliday (UniQuest) and Dr. Clarence Tan (Singularity University).

Judges judging


We raised some money as well – Four organisers / mentors also raised money for Leukaemia research at the event by participating in the World’s Greatest Shave initiative and shaving their heads on the Sunday, raising $4,500.

A Group Shave

Thanks to all the participants, mentors, organisers and sponsors for your brilliant support of this event!!

Bernie Woodcroft, Lead Organiser

CM CRC supporting Startup Weekend Health Brisbane and making big data work for health

CM CRC Callout
Startup Weekend for Health Brisbane

CM CRC supporting the Startup Weekend Health Brisbane and why big data is important in health.  Click here.

Samih Nabulsi explaining why Cook Medical is supporting the Startup Weekend for Health.

Cook Medical

Cook Medical’s General Manager Samih Nabulsi explaining why Cook Medical is supporting the next Startup Weekend for Health

IP Australia promotes the value of Startup Weekend for Health

IP Australia

Global Business Challenge and Health innovation

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 3.00.47 pmVideo of Dr Peter Bevan highlighting the challenge of health innovation

Dr Peter Bevan from QUT is organising the next Global Business Challenge later in 2016.  It focuses on Health as well. Check it out here

Compete for the chance to win $AUD 325,000 in cash and prizes AND a host other possible benefits.

Maybe your health startup weekend idea can flourish and take out the Global Business Challenge!

If you are interested in the GBC, you should register so you can also be viewed by teams who may want to collaborate with you. Registration is free.  You just need to complete the 1 pager tech register page for you tech on the GBC website.

Video wrap of Australia's First Startup Weekend for Health

So what is a health startup weekend all about?  Check out this montage from Australia’s First Startup Weekend held March 2015 in Brisbane Australia.

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Listen to team interviews and learn what Australia's 1st Startup Weekend was all about

Hack and Heckle podcasts spent some time interviewing all of the teams at Australia’s First Startup Weekend for Health to get some great insights into their experience across the 54 hours, and to hear their new business ideas.

Also hear from Queensland Shark Tank shark Steve Baxter (36m:35s), who popped in to see what new ideas were coming through, Aaron Birkby, chief facilitator (40:00), and Bernie Woodcroft (45:30) lead organiser for the Weekend.

Thanks to Darren Rogan, CTO Mindstar and founder at Hack and Heckle podcast for pulling this together.

Goto Hack and Heckle – Startup Weekend for Health podcast episode

Australia's First Startup Weekend for Health – it's a wrap

SW Group 1

Australia’s very first Startup Weekend for Health was awesome.  Thanks to all of the passion, commitment and talent from all of the participants, mentors and organisers and of course our generous sponsors.

There are some winners of course, but the biggest outcome was the variety of health of ideas brought to the Weekend and how participants made the most of the opportunity to link up with new people who bring entirely different skills to the table.

The range of startup ideas was impressive – devices that manage pressure sores in incapacitated patients, clinical patient dashboards for hospitals, emergency department kiosks,  apps that link observed behaviours, locations and personal medical history to induce behavioural change and improve health outcomes, mental health systems, a device that reduces risks of misreading drug labels, a population health system that reduces health risks through personal water testing, a cloud system for heart monitoring and a system that enhances the connection of new parents with their neo-natal care babies.

All mashed together in 54 hours of intense creative activity.

The event featured kickoff speeches from some Queensland luminaries – Professor Ian Frazer, inventor of the Gardasil vaccine, and Dr Geoff Garrett, Queensland’s Chief Scientist.

P1060384 P1060390


Prizes.  So here’s how it all ended up…

Overall Winner and Best Validation – Dr Know – Reminders for health checkups

Best Business / Execution – Happy Bum  – System for managing pressure sores

  • Prize – Presentation / Q+A with Queensland Health’s CTO Colin McCrirrick and his executive team + Guest pitch spot at HealthTechMeetup group’s next meeting on April 14 at Cook Medical.

Best Pitch and Best CollaboronautTriosk – Kiosk for Emergency Department triage.

  • Prizes – Guest pitch spot at HealthTechMeetup group’s next meeting on April 14 at Cook Medical
  • Collaboranaut is a phrase stolen from Queensland’s Chief Scientist and is awarded to the team or person who through their actions across the weekend bring together disparate skills and approaches to take on the stars.

Team SAVE was also awarded the opportunity for a presentation + Q+A with Queensland Health’s CTO Colin McCrirrick and his executive team, as well as automatic entry into ilab’s Germinate Selection Bootcamp.

Team MediChecker was awarded free strategy consultation with Cole Wilkinson of Pitcher Partners

Team HeartBit was awarded automatic entry into ilab’s Germinate Selection Bootcamp.

Honourable mentions also to Respire, Don’t Eat Here, MindHealth and Purity.

Some photos can be found at  

SW guru and facilitator extraordinaire Aaron Birkby did a great radio interview about the weekend on ABC Gold Coast

Raw video from Dee Deng (Hire-Hive) is in the tin ready for editing.  Stay tuned for its release coming in few weeks.

If you want you are interested in taking your entrepreneurial startups passion further, then you can check out the following:

All hail our sponsors!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.23.53 am

The Translational Research Institute where we were hosted in fantastic facility.  Great auditorium, excellent works space and wonderful atrium area to chill out.

The State Government of Queensland who made a great contribution from the Startup Queensland Fund

Intuit Quickbooks, fantastic national sponsor of Startup Weekends

elance, another of our fantastic Startup Weekend national sponsors

Cook Medical, IP Australia, ilab Startup Accleerator,  MindstarMedAxs , QUT IHBI / BlueBoxAustralian eHealth Research CentreSuncorp, Altezza, Pitcher Partners and the Australian Medical Association Queensland








Startup Weekend for Health Brisbane has its own mobile app!

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.23.47 pm

Life will made easier for participants in the upcoming Startup Weekend for Health in Brisbane with the release of our very own mobile app – for both Android and Apple no less.

This will be fantastic mobile tool for participants to see updates to schedules, check out mentor backgrounds, finding your way to and inside the TRI venue, tweeting updates etc.
Make sure you share with your friends and colleagues.
We are very privileged to have this tool built for us by our awesome health sponsor – Mindstar. Make sure you talk with Darren Rogan of Mindstar who will be at the event helping out as a mentor.
For Apple ios, click here.  Google Android, click here.  or search for Startup Weekend Health in the app stores.

How do I protect my idea at the Weekend?

This is a great question and we get it quite a lot.  It demonstrates passion and personal commitment to innovation. While the topic will get discussed  more fully at the Friday night introduction, here is some things to consider to give it perspective.

  1. Whoever pitches the idea needs to make their IP intentions clear to the team over the weekend.  It is really up to the idea owner to negotiate and be transparent with their team members.
  2. Most ideas have already been thought of somewhere in the world and it is those entrepreneurs that can execute well with laser customer / patient focus that will succeed.   The focus of the weekend is on executing and validating a business, not so much on the an invention or discovery specifically.
  3. There is of course a range of research knowledge and invention where inadvertent public disclosure can be a really big deal.  One way participants can deal with this at a Weekend is to wrap that knowledge inside a “secret sauce” package.  Just pitch that the package does something special without revealing any IP inside, and then focus the team on the weekend to use that package to build a business upon. Sometimes easier said than done 🙂
  4. There is also a possibility for you to bring along your own Non-disclosure Agreement and convince folk that want to join your idea to to signup.  As organisers however, we will not be able to be a party to those Agreements or represent them as being appropriate and you may scare off possible collaborators.
  5. If in the end, you are really worried, then just don’t pitch the idea.  Bring along a different idea or join another team and learn through collaborating on their idea.  You will learn heaps about the startup process either way that you can then apply to your original idea later.

As a final comment, there is no formal protection for IP by the organisers at the Weekend.  It is a public event,  the pitches will be made to a public audience and you will be working in an open space with collaborators and mentors.  Keep any secret sauce up your sleeve.

Please note that we have IP Australia as a Gold Sponsor at Brisbane’s Startup Weekend for Health and they will be mentoring as well to help answer specific questions at the weekend.