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Hello fellow founders!

Techstars Lisbon in partnership with Semapa Next is looking for amazing teams that are solving big problems in the manufacturing, environmental, transportation, logistics, travel and leisure industries. While our applications are open, we prepared several ways to engage with you – from in-person meetups to 1-on-1 office hours to online webinars.  

First and foremost, we want to meet in-person as many of you as possible – so I will be visiting cities across North America, Europe, and Asia doing office hours with local startups, hosting presentations and generally trying to connect with as many great entrepreneurs, community leaders, investors and others as possible. Have a look at the locations below and sign up for the meetups in your city:

Recent past events

Future events

Alongside these events, I love to talk with startups about product-market fit, growth hacking, business model design, funding strategies and more. I’m offering mentoring via one-on-one meetings every week in Lisbon and in each city I’m traveling to until November 11th when applications close. So let me know if you’d like to chat – just sign up below for more.

  •       Techstars Lisbon Office Hours – Request here

We also organized webinars with Q&A sessions to share with you why Lisbon is a great place to grow your company:

  •       Monday, October 1st, 5:00 PM GMT – Webinar #1 – Sign up here
  •       Friday, October 19th, 6:00 PM GMT – Webinar #2 – Sign up here

I will be hosting these 60 minute webinars, which will cover what Techstars is, how the program works, what the value is for companies and founders (including help with funding), and, of course, some tips on how to apply.

The Lisbon program starts on the 4th of March with a Demo Day in May. The applications are open now and you get yours started online now!

Hugo Augusto Hugo Augusto
Hugo Augusto Hugo is the Managing Director of Techstars Lisbon Accelerator in partnership with Semapa Next. Previously, Hugo founded and exited a tech company based in Chicago. Google Demo Day alumnus. Kellogg MBA. Always Founder first. Entrepreneurship Lecturer. Follow on twitter @HugoLisbon