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It was 2013, I was running the Techstars NYC program and was on the lookout for great founders to accept into the next class.

I remember meeting Nick and Josh in an interview for the Techstars accelerator program in New York in 2013. I walked away thinking, “Wow, these are two driven entrepreneurs, that are also dear friends that want to change the way we eat. They have a big idea, they have respect for each other, and they have a tremendous ability to execute. I’m sold. Let’s get them into the program.”

That was four years ago. When they started at Techstars, they had a small refrigerated warehouse and a handful of employees. They barely had any customers yet, but they did have a big vision of what this could be. And four years later, they have sold Plated to Albertsons.

That 2013 NYC class has developed into a great one, with companies like Bluecore, Sketchfab, Jukely, Dash, WeeSpring, Faithstreet, Placemeter and more. Collectively the class has raised over $131M, not including this major acquisition. We worked hard together, we played hard together – and while we can’t take any credit for all the hard work that Plated has done the last four years, we were all part of that initial Plated journey.  

So to Nick, Josh and the entire Plated team – from your entire Techstars family – we salute you. Congratulations on a well-deserved outcome. And to the rest of the companies in that 2013 NYC class – who’s next?!?! Don’t make me throw ping pong balls at you!


Nicole Glaros
Chief Innovation Officer at Techstars. She’s been with Techstars since its early days in 2009, has run 8 programs and has close to 90 companies in her portfolio. Follow Nicole at www.nearlynicole.com