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Meet Vijay Bangaru. Vijay is one of the amazing mentors in the Techstars network. He started mentoring in 2013 with GoodApril and was part of the team at MapQuest who acquired Everlater (Boulder ’09).

Vijay is the former CEO of Splick.it, a mobile commerce startup. He’s currently involved in advising early stage companies and investors, and is a technology and product executive with a solid record of entrepreneurship building innovative new products at Google, Microsoft, and MapQuest. He’s currently running an engineering group building multi-tenant cloud infrastructure and new Infrastructure-as-a-Service products as a Senior Director of Engineering for Oracle Public Cloud.

“Ultimately at the end of the day it’s your decision. Your decision is probably the right one because you’re in it 90 hours a week.” – Vijay Bangaru

Watch a 60 second Mentor Spotlight video on Vijay below!

Thank you, Vijay, for your dedication and passion for helping entrepreneurs!

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