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Hello startup founders, CEOs, CTOs, employees and contractors in Europe and abroad!

Techstars London is currently organising its fifth program that will start on the 20th of June. Our aim is to spread the word among startups, share the #givefirst values, and tell you more about Techstars’ approach to entrepreneurship.

In order to do that, we have organised the following webinars and Q&A sessions and are delighted to invite you to join us:

I will be hosting these 45 minute webinars and will cover what Techstars is, how the program works, what the value is for companies and founders, and present some of the Techstars London success stories. And, of course, some tips on how (not) to apply.

The summer program starts on the 20th of June with a Demo Day in September. The applications are open and you can apply online here.

Max Kelly Max Kelly
Managing Director of the Techstars London Accelerator. Prior to Techstars, Max spent 12 years at Virgin where he was responsible for the strategy of the group and for starting new companies. @maxkellyuk