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From logistics to mining, aerospace to construction, health to retail, IoT touches everything we do. By 2025, IoT’s yearly economic impact will be more than $10 trillion. Tapping into this enormous opportunity, the Techstars IoT Accelerator is building an ecosystem for IoT entrepreneurs to flourish.

We have only touched the surface of a massive technology shift. This is why we partnered with industry titans: GE, SAP, Bosch, Verizon, PwC and Siemens (next 47), to create a collaborative environment for startups and corporates to learn and interact in real time.

The 12 startups selected to join the program work across multiple verticals, rewiring legacy industries and enabling meaningful innovation through IoT.

We are thrilled to announce the companies joining Techstars IoT:

Apollo is a conversational AI voice assistant device for any car.

Blik provides logistic companies process optimization in real-time with live data.

BuildSimHub is a 3D visual building energy modeling (BEM) collaboration and version control platform.

Makercase’s logistics platform allows brands to deploy cost efficient rental and ‘try before you buy’ services.

Module designs adaptable housing that changes as people’s needs do.

Muzzley is a single intelligent platform for connected devices, a complete Saas and PaaS solution for consumer IoT.

Omnio provides plug and play connectivity as a service for industrial devices enabling business to scale their IoT solutions.

RealSynth provides fully custom synthetic annotated image data for railways.

Seer Aerospace provides market-wide fleet intelligence for helicopters, business jets, and general aviation.

Strayos provides image processing and data analytics for mining and blasting companies.

Terrene enables customers to load any data from any sources and run predictive analytics on it.

Trexo Robotics builds exoskeletons that help people walk.

Jenny Fielding
Managing Director of Techstars New York. Prior to joining Techstars, Jenny headed up a corporate venture and digital innovation group at BBC Worldwide where she made strategic investments and led business development deals. @jefielding