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Announcing Techstars Class 152, the 2018 class of the SAP.iO Foundry, Powered by Techstars Accelerator in Berlin! The programme is focused on B2B and enterprise SaaS companies, with a sub focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We are excited to announce the ten companies that will be joining Techstars for our second SAP.iO Foundry, Powered by Techstars Accelerator in Berlin. We kicked things off this week on September 10th and are looking forward to three months of awesomeness, capped off by Demo Day on December 5th. As with last year, the programme has attracted companies from all around the world, including South Korea, India, Ukraine, South Africa, Russia, Ireland, the UK, and even Germany 🙂

Techstars is the worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed, and strong partners and mentors help make this happen. SAP.iO Foundry programs provide mentorship, access to SAP APIs, SAP technologies, and opportunities for exposure to SAP customers.

We’re so grateful for your support and continued guidance over the past two years. We couldn’t do it without you. We love the amazing startup ecosystem in this city and we know 2018 is going to be a great year for SAP.iO Foundry, Techstars and Berlin.

Without further ado, here are the SAP.iO Foundry, Powered by Techstars 2018 companies:​


Axiom lets you automate business processes, and share them with others, via an AI browser assistant.


BeeInstant innovates the approach to monitoring process by empowering engineers to maximise system performance while minimising the cost.


Clarisights gives marketers end-to-end access to data across their entire marketing stack in a single place.


For data buyers across the globe, Datarade helps to find quality data that drives results.


Kono is the AI-driven scheduling service for enterprises, solving the tedious and time-consuming process of scheduling meetings.


Recotap is a one-tap, AI-driven personalization engine for content publishers.


SegmentStream has created a customer data platform that integrates and unifies all customer information and data stream across the entire marketing ecosystem.


Softcube enables retailers to automatically create effective and high-performing video ads using AI that cover entire product catalogs.


For research teams who want to turn conversations into insights, Voyc.ai visualizes and organizes your conversations, enabling more confident decisions up to 90% faster.


weview is a video platform for consumer generated product reviews that is democratizing consumers’ purchase decisions through information sharing.



Connor Murphy Connor Murphy
Connor is the Managing Director for SAP.iO Foundry, Powered by Techstars. He is an experienced Investor, Technology Entrepreneur, Management Consultant and Board Director. @ConnorPM