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As we near the end of 2016, many Techstars’ alumni are celebrating exciting funding news from the past few months.

Congratulations to:

We are now well over 100 Techstars accelerator companies that have been acquired. Those gold shirts are really adding up!

In addition, here are the companies that have recently received significant investments.


SendGrid (Boulder ‘09), a leading delivery platform for customer communication that drives engagement and growth, recently raised $33M in Series D funding.


Leanplum (Seattle ‘12), a complete mobile marketing platform, announced a $29M Series C round in mid-October.


Zipline (Seattle ‘11), recently raised $25M in Series B funding. Zipline builds drones and delivers crucial medical supplies to remote locations that are not accessible by land.


Amino Apps (Boston ’14), announced a raise of $19M in Series B this December. Amino Apps is a mobile only platform for passionate niche communities.


Owlet (R/GA ‘13), the creator of the Owlet Smart Sock, a baby monitor that allows parents to better understand their child’s health needs, recently raised $15M to continue product development and clinical studies.


Ovia (Boston ‘12), recently announced a $10M raise to become the leading provider of women’s health apps. Ovia (formerly Ovuline) is a fertility monitoring tool for women who want to maximize their chance to get pregnant.


IrisVR (NYC ‘15), the company that allows architects and designers to turn their 3D plans and blueprints into virtual reality experiences, raised $8M in Series A funding in late October.


Lovepop (Boston ‘15), raised a $6M Series A in late November. Lovepop creates laser-cut 3D paper designs inside a seemingly normal greeting card.


Stasis Labs (Healthcare ‘16), the company that built a health monitoring system that allows doctors to catch declining patients and intervene before a critical event, raised $5M in seed funding in mid-November.


Apptentive (Seattle ’12), a Seattle-based mobile customer engagement software company, recently raised $3.6M round to help hire new employees.


Ravelin (Barclays London ‘15), raised £3M (~$3.6M) in Series A funding this past October. Ravelin provides fraud detection for the on-demand economy.


Spoiler Alert (Boston ‘16), the Boston-based startup focused on eliminating food waste recently raised $2.5M. Spoiler Alert offers an online platform that enables food businesses to manage surplus and organic waste.


Spatial (Mobility ‘16), a location api that uses artificial intelligence to answer questions only a local would know, recently raised $2M.


Garmentory (Seattle ‘14), a boutique fashion e-commerce platform, raised $2M in late November to take on larger retailers. Garmentory hosts an online marketplace that connects boutiques and designers with customers.


StyleSage (Austin ‘15), recently raised $2M in seed funding to help amplify sales and expand into other markets. StyleSage helps fashion brands and retailers maximize sales and and optimize merchandising and planning using data-driven insights.


Maxwell Financial (Boulder ’16), the company that is reinventing how the $8.5T residential mortgage industry works, raised $1.95M in funding to continue to recruit top engineering talent in Denver.


LogicGate (Chicago ‘16), empowers businesses to transform disorganized risk and compliance processes into enterprise-grade applications without writing a single line of code. They recently raised a $1.9M seed round.


Codementor (Seattle ‘13), an on-demand marketplace for software developers, recently announced a $1.6M raise. Codementor connects you with experienced mentors for instant coding help via screen sharing, video and text chat.


Blueprint Registry (Retail ‘16), announced a $1M seed round this past November. Blueprint Registry is an innovative life-event registry platform where you can shop or register for products based on your home’s blueprint.


Remesh (Barclays NYC, ‘15), an enterprise platform that uses artificial intelligence to turn collective wisdom into intuitive, decision-making data in real time. Remesh raised $1M in early November to continue to expand.

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David Cohen
(@davidcohen) Founder & Managing Partner of Techstars, previously founder of several technology companies. David is an active startup advocate, advisor, board member, and technology advisor who comments on these topics on his blog at DavidGCohen.com