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The Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy is an intensive three-month program where we invite 10 companies to join us in Denver to accelerate their companies, their impact, and create a more sustainable future for us all. There are so many companies doing great work in the sustainability space, we want to do what we can to help them all. Over 9 weeks you’re invited to join us for a Taste of Techstars Sustainability. This is a unique opportunity to get a feel for our program while accelerating your business through 9 hours of interactive sessions. We will cover key topics to help you grow yourself, your business and your impact. 

Attend a few or all of the sessions for free. Sign up here.

The topics include:

Improve your Elevator Pitch (March 3rd) – A couple of minutes may be all the time you have to get the attention and curiosity of an investor or prospective customer. This means you must be able to describe your customers, the problem they have, and the solution your product provides. 

Make More Progress (March 10th)– It is easy to fall into the trap of doing work that doesn’t move the business forward. You need to set focused goals, identify the expected results, and learn based on what happens. 

Engage with Mentors (March 17th) – Mentor meetings are opportunities to address challenges and gain insights that could change the course of your company. In this section, you will learn techniques for holding productive mentor meetings and optimizing interactions to move your business forward.

Work with The Nature Conservancy (March 24th) – The Nature Conservancy (TNC) is engaged in this program every step of the way. In this session, you will meet the team at TNC and hear from key mentors involved in the accelerator. We will also cover how TNC likes to engage with startups.

Support Each Other (March 31st)– Starting a company can be extremely lonely, especially for the CEO. Becoming a part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs is critical to your success. Learn from a panel of Techstars Sustainability alumni about their support network. 

Hone your Leadership (April 7th) – Effective leadership is essential to make a startup work. Leading people is a combination of knowing yourself, communicating a vision and inspiring others while in extreme uncertainty and under pressure.

Prepare to Fundraise (April 14th) – Fundraising isn’t easy for any entrepreneur. It’s a complex, opaque, and often lengthy process. By having a strategy in place before you talk to investors, it can help improve your odds of raising capital.

Understand Investors (April 21st)– Before you decide to raise money, it’s critical to understand the expectations investors have. Learn from a panel of Sustainability Investors about what they look for in companies and founders.  

Ask Us Anything (April 28th) – This is your chance to ask us questions about sustainability, our program or company building.

We are rooted in hope, urgency, and action. Please join us to enable a world where people and nature can thrive together.

If you like what you learn and are interested in joining us and 9 other companies in Denver for the full accelerator program, we invite you to apply for our 2020 Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. Applications are open February 17th – May 10th and the program runs September 8th through the beginning of December in Denver Colorado. Apply here.

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Zach Nies Zach Nies
Zach Nies is the Managing Director of Techstars Sustainability Accelerator, in partnership with The Nature Conservancy. He was previously the VP of Education at Techstars and a member of the faculty at the University of Colorado at Boulder. His whole career has been dedicated to entrepreneurship at startups and inside large companies. He is using that experience guided by his core value of Learn, Do, Teach, Learn to help companies of all sizes successfully bring new products and services to market. Prior to being VP of Education, Zach was a Managing Director for the Techstars Boulder program. Before joining Techstars, Zach was a Chief Technologist at Rally Software where he helped the company grow to a successful IPO. At Quark Software, he was Chief Software Architect and helped develop lead product development that accounted for hundreds of millions in revenue.