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On Thursday 8/17, Natty Zola, Managing Director of Techstars Boulder, is hosting a webinar on Techstars to highlight the Techstars accelerators and talk about the Boulder program specifically. The webinar will last about 45 minutes and you can RSVP here.


What is Techstars?
What is Techstars Boulder?
Results and benefits.
Why Boulder?
How it works.
What we look for.
Tips for applying.
Key dates.

Please RSVP – we hope you can join us! If you can’t attend, it will be recorded. Reach out to natty [at] techstars.com for a link to the recording.

Natty Zola Natty Zola
Natty Zola is a Managing Director for the Techstars Boulder Accelerator. Natty is passionate about helping startups find product market fit, accelerate their growth, and develop company culture. @NattyZ