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Lots of great Techstars Music III applications so far! The deadline to apply is coming up on October 14th. The best companies are born from blood, sweat, and tears. For those working away, there are a few areas we’re particularly interested in exploring…

1/ New Music Experiences – Mobile devices allow us to bring music everywhere. Planes, trains, automobiles, and beyond. We now need to look beyond the app. How does music change, leveraging enabling technology like Alexa? Livestream? VR/AR?

2/ Creation & Collab – 54% music-making US households. 100s millions people play music worldwide. 1B+ consume music content daily. How do we better create, share, and consume music/video content?

3/ Marketing & eCommerce – Music merch alone represents > $3.1B annual sales. Going beyond that, we still have a problem connecting artists with fans to build community and commerce channels. FB, Insta, Snap, and Twitter are great. But what else can we do?

4/ Rights & Royalties – Mo money, mo problems. Artists demand more transparency and quicker payment schedules. Product developers demand easier content access and licensing. Solve these problems, and you unlock even bigger opportunities.

5/ Content Infrastructure – 5B people now have mobile devices. Though hardware, connectivity, and data plans aren’t created equal. How do we build better infrastructure to render and deliver media to fans around the world?

6/ Machine Learning & AI – Companion AI for music is here. See @ampermusic @popgunlabs @pacemaker. Where can AI/ML help creators? Post-production? Voice? Video? What else can we build with the ever-increasing mountains of data available to us?

7/ Healthcare – Music is starting to be used in treatment for physical, emotional, and cognitive issues – from elderly Alzheimer’s patients, to military vets dealing with PTSD / depression, autism, and beyond. Early days, with massive opportunity for double bottom line impact.

8/ Artist Discovery & Curation –The are ±3M artists on Spotify. 73k artists generate 95% streams. Lots of undiscovered gems. How can we programmatically surface great talent, to the fans who would love them?

9/ Security & Crowd Management –Music is communal and best shared live. 70M+ US fans attended concerts last year. We want to keep them safe, engaged, and happy. How do we do that, leveraging best-in-class physical and digital security?

10/ Social Platforms & Games – “The next big thing will start out looking like a toy.” This is especially true with music experiences, as it has major impact on culture. See @Harmonix’s @RockBand and Musical.ly @tiktok_us. What can we build that packages music and social / gaming experiences?

Building something in these interest areas? Maybe something else that touches music, live events, or media? Love to chat. Text me @ 323-538-3935.

→ Apply to Techstars Music here, by October 14th.



Bob Moczydlowsky Bob Moczydlowsky
Bob Moczydlowsky has dedicated his entire career to connecting artists and fans through technology. Prior to Techstars he worked at Twitter, Topspin Media and Yahoo! Music, and he teaches in the Masters of Entertainment Industry Management program at Carnegie Mellon University. He is now Managing Director of the Techstars Music Accelerator. Reach out to him via Twitter, @bobmoz.