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We’re thrilled to announce the 10 companies in the 2018 Techstars Boulder class.

This is our 12th class since starting in 2007. The newest class has a diverse mix of incredible founders:

  • This year’s class includes companies primarily based in Colorado, California, South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennessee, United Kingdom, and France.
  • We have founders representing seven countries and 40% of our CEOs are under-represented in the early stage startup ecosystem.
  • There are many different business models including marketplaces, consumer mobile, B2B SaaS, and ECommerce.

While there is a lot of diversity in the class, they are united by their leaders who all value mentorship, can build great teams, empower people, go fast and have high standards of integrity. They are obsessed, driven, and inspiring people. If this class is known for anything, it’s these characteristics.

As we enter our 12th program in Boulder, the core of our program remains the same. We connect our companies with a fantastic local mentor community and an ever-growing worldwide network to help entrepreneurs succeed. We are digging deeper on the concept of building companies from the inside out, our way of accelerating the people that are the core of the company. We cultivate cutting-edge practices and principles to help the companies go fast and turn motion into progress. And of course, we help the companies meet key investors who can join the journey and help the companies get to their next milestones.

2018 Techstars Boulder:

AVVAY – Helps creative talent find and book locations that enable their projects and events to come to life

Jon Howard, Nick de Partee, Josh Colbert, Nick Dominguez Nashville, TN

BubbleIQ Enables customer support, IT and HR teams to better serve customers and employees by connecting helpdesk systems to enterprise chat tools

Fletcher Richman, Tristan Rubadeau, Komran Rashidov – Boulder, CO

DynepicEmpowers app, hardware, wearable, and smart toy makers to easily create and deploy kid-safe, privacy-certified, personalized and social features

Krissa Watry, Jett Black – Charleston, SC

FlexEnables fitness enthusiasts to get a bodyweight workout experience as exciting as a boutique studio class from the convenience of their own home

Elliott Perry, Matthew Quinn – London, UK

Geospiza – Helps emergency managers and elected officials save lives in disaster by harnessing big data and translating it into forward leaning decision support

Sarah Tuneberg, Craig Kalick – Denver, CO

GoallyEmpowers kids with developmental challenges like ADHD and autism to lead more independent and stress free lives

Sasidhar Movva, Daragh Brangan, Ed Johnson – Denver, CO

KrakConnects participants in rebellious sports, like skateboarding and rock climbing, with community and products to deepen their connection with the sport

Kevin Straszburger, Mathilde Baillet, Maxime Cattet, Seiji Fouquet – Paris, FR

Ordermark – Helps restaurants adopt and streamline online ordering to attract and serve larger audiences

Alex Canter, Mike Jacobs, Paul Allen – Los Angeles, CA

Player’s Health – Helps sports organizations manage risk and control liability by providing risk management services and on demand insurance

Tyrre Burks – Minneapolis, MN

Walkthrough – Helps agents & home buyers replace the time-consuming process of touring properties with a simple and affordable virtual reality experience

Pascal Wagner, Jeremy Thiesen – Denver, CO

Natty Zola Natty Zola
Natty Zola is a Managing Director for the Techstars Boulder Accelerator. Natty is passionate about helping startups find product market fit, accelerate their growth, and develop company culture. @NattyZ