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The Techstars Detroit Class of 2019 is the fifth mentorship-driven accelerator program to run in Detroit. 

This is our first program to run with the new name of Techstars Detroit. The name change reflects Techstars’ long term commitment to the region, along with an acknowledgment of the expanding mobility landscape. The word “mobility” no longer fully encompasses all of the businesses transforming how people and goods move around— it has become a label that is too limiting to encompass the future we see unfolding. We have refined our thesis to encompass this future:

    • We are investing in startups transforming the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. 
    • We are investing in founders building businesses that can leverage the strengths of Detroit to succeed.

Supporting this program in 2019 are a diverse set of corporate partners including Lear Innovation Ventures, Ford X, AAA, Avanta Ventures, USAA, Nationwide, Honda Innovations, and PlanetM.

This year’s class represents this broad change through a diversity of teams and technologies. 40% of the teams have female founders and 60% are international companies. Business models are a mix of consumer, enterprise, and governmental spanning industries that intersect with automotive and Detroit. 

As we head to Demo Day on October 1st, our mission is to change founders’ perception of doing business in Detroit. We plan to bring hundreds of mentors from leading automotive, mobility, transportation, and venture capital firms to the program. We will be evolving our Demo Day format to meet the needs of an industry craving deeper relationships with startups. Our new format will focus on driving more meaningful relationships between industry and startups.

With that, today we are excited to introduce the Techstars Detroit Class of 2019.

Airspace Link (Detroit, MI)

Providing highways in the sky for safer drone operations


Alpha Drive (New York, NY) 

Platform for the validation of autonomous vehicle AI. 


Le Car (Novi, MI)

An AI-powered personal car concierge that matches you to your perfect vehicle fit


Octane (Fremont, CA) 

Octane is a mobile app that connects car enthusiasts to automotive events and to each other out on the road


PPAP Manager (Chihuahua, Mexico) 

A platform to streamline the approval of packets of documents required in the automotive industry, known as PPAP, to validate production parts


Ruksack (Toronto, Canada)

Connecting travellers with local travel experts to help them plan a perfect trip



Soundtrack AI (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Acoustics based & AI enabled Predictive Maintenance Platform


Teporto (Tel Aviv, Israel)

Teporto is enabling a new commute modality with its one-click smart platform for transportation companies that seamlessly adapts commuter service to commuters’ needs



Unlimited Engineering (Barcelona, Spain)

Unlimited develops modular Light Electric Vehicles as a fun, cheap and convenient solution to last mile trips that are overserved by cars and public transportation


Zown (Toronto, Canada)

Open up your real estate property to the new mobility marketplace


Ted Serbinski
(@tedserbinski) Ted is the Managing Director of the Metlife Digital Accelerator, Powered by Techstars. Ted is an entrepreneur and early stage investor, previously serving as Managing Director of Techstars Detroit.