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We are excited to announce the nine companies that are joining the 2019 class of the MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars that kicks off today, July 15, in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

We looked at thousands of companies across the globe and interviewed hundreds to select our 2019 class. This year’s companies are joining from around the world, including London, Barcelona, NYC, San Francisco, Boston, Atlanta, and Durham. Our entrepreneurs are innovating in a wide range of insurtech areas, including mental health, smoking cessation, cancer detection, dental, claims processing, and more. 

The companies will be based in Raleigh-Durham for the 13-week accelerator, which will be held in a new space on MetLife’s Global Technology Campus. Over the course of the program, the companies will work closely with Techstars, MetLife, and their mentors to gain traction and reach their specific company goals. Our program will cap off with Demo Day on Thursday, October 10th, 2019.

Here are the companies in the 2019 MetLife Digital Accelerator powered by Techstars:

BlockClaim (London, UK)

BlockClaim empowers insurers to settle claims in as little as 24 hours by providing data driven insights.


Bonbouton (New York, NY)

Bonbouton is a smart insole that detects foot ulcers, a common cause of diabetes-related amputations.


The Difference (New York, NY)

The Difference provides on-demand therapy via phone or smart speaker.


Lazarus (Cambridge, MA)

Lazarus uses historical patient data and deep learning to help predict the early onset of cancer


Kover.ai (San Francisco, CA)

Kover.ai uses smart contracts to create autonomous insurances that run with near-zero overhead.


Slighter (Dover, DE)

Slighter is a smart cigarette lighter that tracks smoking habits and trains users to reduce gradually until they quit.


Slope Software (Atlanta, GA)

SLOPE helps actuaries build and analyze complex financial models in a fraction of the time using only a web browser.


Smiletronix (Barcelona, Spain)

Smiletronix completes a dental health scan anytime, anywhere in under a minute with their personal handheld device and app.


Zogo Finance (Durham, NC)

Zogo pays kids to learn personal finance by partnering with financial institutions.



Mee-Jung Jang Mee-Jung Jang
Mee-Jung Jang is the Managing Director of the MetLife Digital Accelerator, Powered by Techstars. She has been investing in early-stage startups across a variety of industries at Jefferson Investors. Previously, she has been the founder/CEO of a tech startup, a quant hedge fund analyst, a corporate IP attorney, and a published book author in South Korea. Mee-Jung majored in computer science and economics at Harvard and received her JD from Yale. She’s currently a Fellow in the Kauffman Fellows Program.