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Today we kick off Techstars Class 144 – our 2018 Target + Techstars Retail Accelerator program and welcome the 10 new retail-specific startups to Minneapolis to learn from the best in the industry.  Similar to previous years, we have a diverse set of founders from all over the world, focused on strategic areas of interest to Target within the retail industry.

This will be our third class to run through the program and we’re planning to build upon the success of the previous two years  Earlier this year AddStructure was acquired by Bazaarvoice, Upsie raised $1.7M, and Local Crate is planning a national rollout to Target stores. Collectively, our Target + Techstars Retail startups have raised over $50M to date.

Target continues to be an incredible partner for our Techstars Retail program. Their retail knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. More importantly, their #givefirst attitude is displayed by the amount of time and effort they dedicate to supporting and mentoring our startups.

2018 is going to be another amazing year for Techstars, Target and the Twin Cities Startup Community!

Here are the Techstars Retail Accelerator in partnership with Target startups:

Clicktivated seamlessly connects viewers to products and information inside video with a simple click/touch.

Detroit, MI

Cooklist transforms the grocery shopping experience by enabling users to choose recipes instead products.

Dallas, TX

Flashfood is a sustainable marketplace to reduce food waste.

Toronto, Ontario

ProcessBolt is a collaborative, easy and modern way to conduct your vendor risk management.

Twin Cities, MN

Runerra is the best way for you to get what you need, when you need it. Errands run by neighbors for neighbors.

Twin Cities, MN

Satisfi Labs creates end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions for enterprise brands who want an easier way to communicate the right information, at the right place, in real-time to their customers.

New York City, NY

Sozie connects shoppers with the same body shape and style to share outfits in the store and online.

London, United Kingdom

Staffless.ai creates solutions that make it possible for you to open a store or start a service with less staff and better service.

Miami, FL & Sweden

To the Market connects businesses and consumers to ethically-made, social impact premium products created by vulnerable communities from around the world.

New York City, NY

Type W is automating the collection of sell-through data for vendors.

Los Angeles, CA


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Ryan Broshar
(@rbroshar) Ryan is the Managing Director for Techstars Retail, in partnership with Target in Minneapolis. He is an entrepreneur at heart who has been working in and with startups for his entire career. Ryan is also the Founder and MD for Matchstick Ventures, and Co-Founder of Beta.MN and Twin Cities Startup Week. @rbroshar