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Congratulations to all the teams that pitched today, a close contest left TJ Evarts standing with his innovative and life-saving wheel. Learn more about SMARTwheel below or visit their site and see what Shark Tank had to say about this product and team.


SMARTwheel is technology with a mission—to make the roads safe by helping to prevent distracted driving. Our goal is to see SMARTwheel in cars everywhere, where it can do what it’s meant to do: save lives.

SMARTwheel was recognized as a CES 2016 Innovation Awards honoree in the Vehicle Intelligence product category at Consumer Electronics Show’s Unveiled event in NYC.

If you’re at CES, come by tomorrow’s pitch competition on IoT and Wearables at 3pm in the Sands or come by Eureka Park’s Startup Stage for everything startup at CES! (more info). If you’re not able to make it, follow our programming on Twitter.

Mitchell Cuevas
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